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"We know what we are, but know not what we may be" - William Shakespeare

The U.S.S. Elysium is the first of her class and apart of Starfleet's Ninth (Obsidian) Fleet, under the Command of one the youngest CO in the Fleet, the Elysium's role is one of diplomacy, scientific discovery and support in times of need. Boasting the most advanced technology available to the Federation and being fully holographic capable with a Ship AI to assist with basic functions.

Elysium is home to some of the brightest minds in Starfleet as well as some unique positions, there is the Office of Internal Affairs and the elusive Department of Temporal Investigations which allows the Elysium to respond to any issue in her vicinity or threat to the timeline. There is also the first of 4 mobile branches of Starfleet Academy where cadets from all around the Federation can get hands-on experience aboard a fully operational Starfleet Vessel under the watchful gaze of an official representative of the Academy.

Our story so far...

Previously on the USS Elysium,

In 2394, and the Elysium was lost. But now, the Elysium returns home, without the Admiral. And the crew, led by Commander Phoenix Lalor, faced an uncertain future ahead. With a crew which is a mix of old and new faces, the Crew of the Elysium sets out to reclaim their place in the Fleet, and to show that the trust Sharr had placed in them was not misplaced. After a year of threats, mutiny, betrayal and weird encounters, the Elysium has survived their first 12 months under the Command of now Captain Lalor.

We join the Elysium as they enter a new year, 2396, though this New Year brings more challenges and more horrors...

Ship Awards

James T. Kirk CO of the Year - February 27, 2019 Awarded to Captin Lalor for the year of 2018

Character of the Year - February 27, 2019 - Awarded to Liselle Qwyyn for the year of 2018

William Riker XO of the Year - February 1, 2018 Awarded to Commander Gary Taylor for the year of 2017

Platinum Sim of the Year - January 31, 2018 - Platinum Sim of the year 2017

USS Elysium follows the Destruction of Romulus timeline in accordance with Fleet Council Measure 046.

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    Posted on Sun Aug 25th, 2019 @ 4:45pm by Captain Phoenix Lalor in General News


    The upcoming missions have been delayed due to personal reasons of one of the Mission planners. Thus, we will now be having a new mission as a filler.

    The Filler Mission is: http://uss-elysium.com/index.php/sim/missions/id/15

    » Please Welcome - New Player

    Posted on Sun Aug 18th, 2019 @ 9:28pm by Captain Phoenix Lalor in General News

    Good evening All,

    Please welcome Cali and her science officer Lieutenant Nevada McKay!

    Crew is currently on R&R but recall will happen soon!


    Captain Phoenix Lalor

    » Please Welcome Back - Returning player

    Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 6:57am by Captain Phoenix Lalor in Sim Announcement

    Good Morning,

    Please welcome back, returning player, DAN and his character: Lieutenant Commander Rosalyn Parish, our new chief counselor

    Some of you might remember Dan from his previous stints on the Elysium as Lieutenant Commander Ephriam Parish, our former Chief engineer, academy Commandant and long time friend of Liselle and Phoenix, when the three of them served under Admiral Sharr.

    We welcome him back with open arms and hope he sticks around - everyone be nice! Lets keep the counselor where we can see them!


    Captain Lalor

    » Manifest Changes

    Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 6:54am by Captain Phoenix Lalor in Sim Announcement

    Good Morning All,

    This morning, I split our Medical and Counseling Departments on the Manifest.

    This is to allow players to clearly see the definition between both departments on the Manifest.


    Captain Lalor

    » Sim Awards from Last Mission

    Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 6:47am by Captain Phoenix Lalor in Sim Announcement

    Good Morning,

    Just so everyone is aware, below are the awards from the Last mission:


    All crew get a Mission Star: If you participated in over 50% of the current mission as a player-character, you are entitled to a Bronze Mission Star.

    Crew Choice Award:
    * Lieutenant Commander Anje Brett - As nominated by the Crew, Commander Brett is an exceptional writer who flung herself into the mission and helped us immensely

    Collaborative Post Excellence -
    * Commander Gary Taylor - Yet another person who has worked his butt off interacting with a host of other characters, without his non stop activity I think this mission wouldn't have been as good as it was.
    * Commander Liselle Qwyyn - For her interaction with several characters. both of the Command Staff and Romulan. I feel she should be awarded for her sterling service, and great writing.
    Commander Aurelia Holmes -For her efforts in writing with a myriad of other writers to bring people home! As well as her interaction with Several characters during the mission and a killer badguy!
    * Lieutenant Commander Anje Brett - For her efforts in writing with a myriad of other writers to bring people home!

    Purple Heart:
    * Captain Azhul Naxea - For her injuries sustained in the rescue of Captain Phoenix Lalor, Commander Gary Taylor, Commander Aurelia Holmes and Commander Liselle Qwyyn

    Outstanding Volunteer Award -
    * Lieutenant Commander Anje Brett - For taking on the task of writing with Willow, Lia, Jeff and Jill and trying to keep them all in the right frame of mind!

    Meritorious Newcomer Award -
    * Captain Azhul Naxea -The captain has thrown herself into her work eagerly and has earned her stripes.

    Rose Award -

    * Lieutenant Kara Hoffman - How do you write romance at such a dire time? Easy, have people think you are cheating on your fiancee. The player of this character has shown a depth in their writing and skill in making people eager for a resolution and for the couple to reunite.
    * Lieutenant Gallia Norris -How do you write romance at such a dire time? Easy, have people think you concerned that your fiancee is cheating on you. The player of this character has shown a depth in their writing and skill in making people eager for a resolution and for the couple to reunite.

    Zefram Cochrane Writing Award -
    * Commander Aurelia Holmes -Watching Lia's descent into the darkness was interesting and well written and showed depth of skill and character in the portrayal.
    * Commander Gary Taylor - The posts around Gary's imprisonment and escape were wonderfully written and expanded on the Character of Gary in different ways.
    * Commander Liselle Qwyyn -How do you make a Trill sweat? Well just ask this player. This player can write anything she puts her mind to and watching Liselle react to the circumstances that were dire was wonderful to watch.

    Outstanding Antagonist -
    * Commander Aurelia Holmes - For the creation and writing of Captain Mishka Valdran. A pain in the whatsit if there ever is one.

    Latest Mission Posts

    » Where'd everyone go and who's taking care of the baby???

    Mission: Mission 3: Masquerade
    Posted on Mon Oct 21st, 2019 @ 1:21pm by Lieutenant Gallia Norris & Captain Phoenix Lalor & Legate Anje Brett

    Charlie had no idea why she had taken Dorso home with her: his hair was too short, he was too big, way too unrefined, basically an ox in a uniform, even moreso than the Grundaks, who were actually evolved from old Earth oxen; totally not her type. She pulled back…

    » Zeta Group

    Mission: Mission 3: Masquerade
    Posted on Sat Oct 19th, 2019 @ 5:57pm by Avalon & Lieutenant Jason Morris & Lieutenant Nevada McKay & Lieutenant Wynter & Ensign S'hib & Consul Imik S'Niohun


    As six people were beamed into Holodeck 2, the program activated, and they found themselves standing in a square, surrounded by a hedge maze. Four exits were available with no other way out. Above them blazed the words "Tri-Wizard Maze"

    Imik stood looking around her, where was she? She…

    » Epsilon Group

    Mission: Mission 3: Masquerade
    Posted on Sat Oct 19th, 2019 @ 5:56pm by Avalon & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Commander Rosalyn Parish & Varis & Ensign T'Kek & Petty Officer 1st Class Fernando De La Rosa

    Into the office of temporal Investigations, on Deck 19, six members of the USS Elysium's Crew appeared, and found themselves locked into the room.

    Fernando had been in his quarters feeling very blue. Mona was gone. The fish tank he had so enjoyed with her was now a bitter reminder…

    » Delta Group

    Mission: Mission 3: Masquerade
    Posted on Sat Oct 19th, 2019 @ 5:56pm by Avalon & Miran Lalor HRH & Legate Anje Brett & Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D. & Petty Officer 2nd Class Kaywin-Li Fray & Lieutenant Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant JG River Waters & Crewman Samantha Justice

    The Transporter activated and six beams of light shimmered and in different cells, six officers appeared.
    The brig cells activated and all six were trapped.

    One moment Savar was in his office going over crew files the next he found himself in the brig, more precisely in a cell with…

    » Gamma group

    Mission: Mission 3: Masquerade
    Posted on Sat Oct 19th, 2019 @ 5:56pm by Cadet Freshman Grade Triston Montgomery & Avalon & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant JG Turak & Master Chief Petty Officer Ken Waters & Cadet Freshman Grade Ludmilla Brett


    Triston Montgomery
    Ken Waters
    Ludmilla Brett
    Arrianna Salannis an Vantar
    Danica Kovitz


    As six people were beamed into Holodeck 9, the program activated and they found themselves in a city street, the heat was oppressive and the smells coming from the alien populace made their noses burn.…

    Latest Personal Logs

    » Dabo girl Lia

    Posted on Mon Oct 21st, 2019 @ 6:53am by Commander Aurelia Holmes

    "Computer begin recording. Well I have been here a week and so far all Dr. Bashir has done is get me a job as a Dabo girl, his response to my question as to why made me wonder if he really can help. It seem he wants to see just…

    » Assistant Chief of Security Log

    Posted on Fri Sep 27th, 2019 @ 4:04am by Lieutenant Jason Morris

    *Computer turns recording on*

    Assistant Chief of Security Duty log, Lieutenant Jason Morris, USS Elysium.

    With the return of the senior officers I don't know where I stand with my dutys, I have had to take the position of Chief of Security before my bags were even unpacked and now…

    » Bored

    Posted on Fri Sep 13th, 2019 @ 6:55am by Lieutenant JG Turak

    As Turak returned to his quarters from a day filled with boredom, he said, "Computer, please start recording personal log for LTJG Turak. Todays personal log entry is returned from leave plus one day. Today was filled with the usual, I made my rounds throughout the ship and found that…

    » Returning From Leave on SB1

    Posted on Thu Sep 12th, 2019 @ 7:32am by Lieutenant JG Turak

    As Turak put his duffle down on his bed in his quarters onboard the Elysium, he said, "Computer, start recording personal log now." He paused a moment to reflect when he saw a picture of his Sarah on his night stand and smiled, then he came back to reality, "This…

    » What's Next?

    Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 2:54pm by Lieutenant Gallia Norris

    ::Begin Log::

    So bloody Starflate's been bouncin' meh pillar ta post, mah whole life's upside doon. Ah mean, they change mah department, thot's fine, thot was a win far meh becomin' a department head so arly on in mah career. But then Estelle gets sick an' Ah dinnae find out…