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"Lets discuss the situation"

Posted on Tue Feb 13th, 2018 @ 6:43am by Lieutenant Jaeih t’Noramei-McKinley & Lieutenant Wynter

Mission: Episode 1: Face to Face B - Temporal Crew
Location: Elysium Village
Timeline: 6 months after the crash.

A few days had passed since the rather surprising interlude and .. well let’s be honest, sex in the lake she had, had with Wynter. And Jaeih had been wandering about the Village helping with the small issues of Maintenance. But her mind kept wandering back to the afternoon in the lake... and the man she had shared it with. So it was not surprising when she found herself standing outside the cabin he had claimed for himself. Raising a hand she knocked.

Wynter had been relaxing in his cabin, well if he was honest with himself trying to relax as his mind continually seemed to wander to a certain brunette whom he’d been for a swim with and what they had gotten up to. He sat up slowly once he heard the knock on his door. “Come in.” He called almost absently.

Jaeih entered. And shut the door behind her. She stood in the dim light and smiled faintly “Hi” she said.

He smiled softly as he stood and moved towards her. “to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit Jaeih?”

Jaeih deliberately put her hands into her pockets. “Oh I was just passing by.”

“Ah.” Wynter replied. “Would you care for a drink? Or maybe we could talk about our connection?”

“Talk sounds like an idea.. There is a mental connection between us isn’t there?”

He sighed for a moment. “Seems it between the dreams, knowing what the other is thinking, and well knowing how you like sex.”

“And knowing how much you like it when someone kisses you in certain spots.” she replied back to him with a smirk. She stepped closer. “What do we do about it?”

“We can accept it embrace it get to know one another see what happens, or we can try to resist as I am almost sure we have been trying and well who knows what will happen. Then again who knows I mean I am almost sure you had a dream last night, that well I never thought someone such as yourself would want that.” He said.

“I don’t think that was my memory in that dream. I think it was yours.” she replied coolly. “I seem to get a lot of your memories...”

Wynter shrugged. “I get a fair share of yours as well, though it doesn’t sound like you’re against that thought.”

Her eyes narrowed at him. “A dream does not always suggest compliance with the dreams actions.”

“True, but it would suggest an interest, even if it is seated deep within the subconscious.”

“Doubtful” She sniffed. “But it surely shows your abilities doesn’t it.”

“What are you implying?”

She crossed her arms “Your memories shows you... doing a lot of things not spoken of in polite company, sexual and otherwise.”

Wynter sighed. “I am sure they do, I have done quite a few things that one does not speak of in service to the Federation.”

“The women didn’t seem to mind” she quipped and smirked.

He chuckled lightly. “I guess if you are in that group my record is safe, but yes on occasion I had to pump people for information.”

She studied him. “And have you used your abilities on me to find out more about me yet?”

He frowned slightly. “I feel as if I know a lot about You, but I haven’t actually delved into your mind, we do have rules.”


“When using psychic abilities one does not simply pry into another beings head. Permission is usually needed, though it has happened in some instances of severe stress.”

“So this link was caused by stress you think?” Jaeih asked curiously.

“Only event that I can think of that caused this is the crash, the problem is I have never had one last this long regardless.” Wynter replied.

“Well the situation for the majority of the crew is unique after all” Jaeih replied.

He sighed. “Jaeih I mean even when so have used my abilities when stressed this hasn’t happened. No haven’t had a link which was two way, now that could be your Romulan half latent telepathic potential, but no link where I haven’t consciously maintained it has lasted for six months. Hell they barely last a day, and all that happens is the other party is a bit disoriented.”

“So why would my Romulan heritage be an issue?” She frowned. “I have no idea how to create or even maintain a link. I was raised human.”

“You have latent ability was my thought. It very well may not be that it could be something else. I Don’t know.”

She stepped closer. “So how do we solve this?”

Wynter shrugged. “Study, practice. I am curious why you, I wish I had access to data from my father there might be an answer there. My question, is do you object to my knowing your thoughts. It is rather invasive even when allowed.”

“Are you really reading my open thoughts or is this just a trading of memories?” she wondered aloud.

He smiled for a moment. “I dare say both.”

Narrowing her eyes at him she didn’t speak and instead though ‘all right, how does this sound?’ at him.

He raised an eyebrow. “Clear as a bell, and I thought you weren’t interested in that least of all wanting to try it.”

“That was a test.” she replied vocally this time. “How do we stop it. If we wish to?”

“We can ignore it shut it out, but I Don’t know if we can close it. If we do that though we could end up with what happened a few days ago, just not as controlled.”

Jaeih smirked. “Wild unrestrained sex?” she quipped.

Wynter frowned. “Wild unrestrained, uncaring sex, quite possibly in public, that would probably last far longer than either of us are prepared for.”

“So what's your suggestion to solve this?” she asked.

“I Don’t have one.” He replied flatly. “We could try and be friends, but that opens us up to other potential problems. We could become lovers, but that smells of coercion.” He sighed. “Honestly the lake was fantastic, and you're an interesting person I would like to get to know, with and without the link we share.”

Jaeih studied him for a moment. “So we see where this goes?”

Wynter shrugged. “That is up to you, I am sure it feels like an intrusion, but I already know most of your deepest thoughts and some desires. Just up to you…”

She however only got surface thoughts “Funny its not an equal sharing. I get memories from you and surface thoughts...”

“That will probably change over time.” He mused. “You aren't used to using your ability like I am, makes it much easier, and you probably broadcast without realizing it.”

“An ability that is dormant...” Jaeih shrugged. “I am untrained in it Wynter”

“So you need training and practice, but you also don’t guard your thoughts like I do, which is why you get snippets, and I get the whole kit and kaboodle.”

“Are you volunteering to train me Wynter?” Jaieh all but drawled it as she moved to stand inches from him.

His hands instinctively moved to her hips. “If you want me to I will, first lesson is to reach out with your mind and just feel for where you can go in the other person's mind. Just let the flow of the person's mind take you past their barriers.”

She frowned “But isn't that an invasion of their privacy?”

“Usually which is why you don’t do it without express permission. Unless the circumstances call for it. I am giving you my permission.”

“A brave man you are” she muttered and closing her eyes concentrated. It was hard. And she could feel sweat on her forehead but she found the link.

Wynter smiled - Well done, so what am I thinking?- he sent through the connection.

-That we should get comfortable... that standing is not the best way to do this- her reply was soft.

“Well done. Shall we sit down, or would you rather something else?” he asked

“Sitting is fine” Jaeih replied. “Unless you want something else?”

He shrugged. “How about we see what is on each other’s minds?” he said moving to sit.

She sat beside him on the wooden bench. “ok”

“Do you want to begin or shall I?” he asked once they were comfortable.

“You. You know how to do this better than I” Jaeih replied.

He nodded slowly, and let her feel as his mind wandered along the edges of her’s, until he found a thought he could enter through. “Really?”

She shrugged “It's a left over thought from the other day”

“Really?” he asked with a smirk. “Alright fine your turn.”

She concentrated and tried again. After a moment her eyes opened and she nudged him. “You have a vivid imagination”

He chuckled. “When one is an intelligence officer it helps especially when one is trying to get out of jams.”

“Seducing your way out?”

“Sometimes it helps to not stand out, sometimes it is the easiest way to get information, and sometimes when they are looking for an individual seducing someone does help one escape. Do you think I am doing that to you?”

“No. I think that if you went that way we would have been in bed since the beginning and I would not be aware of the link.”

He chuckled. “Who knows I may not have if I didn’t find you so damn attractive, and bright.”

“Flattery?” she queried “You've already been in my pants you know.”

“Just cause I’ve been in your pants doesn’t mean I need not flatter besides it is true. I also wouldn't mind getting into your pants again.”

“I figured that already” Jaeih replied with a smile. “Kinda hard to miss really”

“Oh that obvious is it?” Wynter retorted.

She leaned close and said in his ear “Yes”

He chuckled. “Fine, you see anything else?”

“No I don’t like to pry.” She admitted.

“How else will you learn?”

She considered that for a moment. “It feels strange.” she admitted

“How so?” he asked curious.

“Invading someone's mind. It feels wrong to me. But then... I am a very private person normally.”

“You aren’t invading what we are doing is mutual. I agree invading minds can feel wrong, but sometimes it is your only option. To be honest I usually just went to get language from others, I let my training help with the rest.” Wynter replied.

“Then you must be bored in my mind. I don’t have many different languages” She smiled.

“No , not in the least remember I am not on assignment, besides with you it seems like you’re always thinking of new things you want to try.”

She flushed in the dim light. “Maybe”

He chuckled at that. “Alright, it feels kind of naughty at times, but it also feels right.”

She gave him a shove. “Oh shush”

“What I meant the connection sheesh, what did you think I meant?”

She raised an eyebrow at him. “Your mind often wanders into the gutter.”

“Not before I met You, and your mind is worse than mine.” He sighed. “Hey I’m not the one whose mind is in the gutter now.”

She gave him a narrowed gaze and shrugged. “I saw what you did on missions.”

“What I did was in service to the Federation.” he sighed. “I won’t say it wasn’t interesting or fun, but it was for a purpose.”

Rolling her eyes she stretched, “If you say so”

“Jealous?” Wynter retorted.

“Of what?” She asked curiously

“It sounds like you’re jealous that you’re either not special to me or that I’ve done something that you wanted to be the first, or simply jealous at how many I remember.”

She rolled her eyes.”We barely know each other Wynter.” Jaeih replied.

“We are linked mentally we can read each other's memories, desires, what we like. I just feel jealousy, you might as well spit it out.”

“Are you sure you are not confused?” She asked softly. “I was not jealous, I was rather curious as to how you handled some of those positions.”

“Ah, lots of stretching, and practice.” He said.

She snorted and chose to change the subject. “So mental link... means what for us other than that?”

“Hard to say. Could mean emotions, desires, dreams. To be honest it could mean a number of things.” He replied matter of factly.

“Constant Sex?” she quipped.

He shrugged. “It very well could mean that we have a far more active sex life than others, it could also mean that the sex is more intense.”

She considered it. “I think I need to sleep on this a bit. Think more on it.”

Wynter nodded slowly. “Fair enough.”

“What did you want to just jump into bed again?”

“I wouldn’t say No, but that was not my plan. I figured take it slow, but be aware of well needs etcetera.”

Jaeih stood up and then after a thought she leaned over and brushed her lips across his. “Sleep well Wynter.” she whispered.

“You too Jaeih.” He said with a small smile

Jaeih smiled and left the cabin.


Lieutenant Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley
Operations Instructor /Gatherer
USS Elysium

Lieutenant Wynter
Intelligence Chief/Security
USS Elysium


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