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Interesting Things Happen in Summer

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2018 @ 6:06pm by Lieutenant Jaeih t’Noramei-McKinley & Lieutenant Wynter

Mission: Episode 1: Face to Face B - Temporal Crew
Location: The Planet
Timeline: 6 months after the crash.

Wynter sat shirtless after a long run by the side of the lake relaxing and recovering in the cool shade of one of the pLakers trees. As he leaned back he watched the lake and reacted sharply to the vision he saw.

Jaeih had taken the afternoon off. It was their first summer here. And she wanted to swim. So she had dug out an old swim suit from what she had salvaged from her own cabin on the wreck and changed into it. It was basically a dark red, almost human blood red, in colour and was a halter top with bikini bottoms. She swam out to the low rocks in the lake and climbed up onto one of them. Then without looking dove off of them with a grin.

Wynter groaned as he watched Jaeih as thoughts of her danced throughout his subconscious. He shifted slowly in his spot before he became uncomfortable. He leaned back and sighed, at least he could admit that Jaeih was an extremely attractive woman, even when less than proper thoughts ran through his head.

Jaeih surfaced and frowned and looked around. She spotted him, almost too easily. Her mind seemed to know exactly where he was. She began to swim towards him slowly.

He watched her swim towards him, and at the back of his mind with the other thoughts he smiled. “Afternoon.” He called adding in his head beautiful before he even realized it.

Jaeih gave a brief smile. “Hello.” She said as she stood and waded from the lake. “I see you are taking advantage of the afternoon as well.”

“Gotta stay in shape, besides it is better than running around the decks of a ship.” He replied half wanting to kiss her, or more the other half struggling to keep decorum. “How is the water?”

“Its nice. Not as nice as if it were on like Risa, but still nice.” She paused. “Why don’t you join me?”

Wynter thought about it for all of a second. “Sure as long as you want the company, though all I have is this.” He indicated his shorts and sneakers..”Not sure I can swim in them.”

“Take your shoes off. Shorts will be fine.” She turned and headed back into the water “Or go naked I don’t care.”

He smirked for a moment thinking of a vision of her he didn’t even realize he was. “If I strip off, you going to join me?” he asked taking off his shoes.

Glancing over her shoulder she smiled. “Sure.”

Wynter bit back a groan as he started to strip with his back to her. Once done he folded his shorts and placed his shoes on them. “Ready when you are.”

Jaeih had removed her top and bottoms and they lay messily on the sand. Her back to him she smirked over her shoulder at him and moved out to deeper water.

He followed her out slowly even as she glimpsed him over her shoulder, and he took in her backside. A thought or two of wanting to touch it or more arcing across his subconscious.

“Enjoy the view” she called back and dove sleekly into the water. She surfaced a short distance and turned to face him, treading water. The water felt good against her skin and her eyes sought his.

Wynter swam out towards Jaeih, enjoying the feel of the water. It took him a moment, but he smiled softly. “Who wouldn’t” he replied thinking about kissing her.

“And what are you going to do about it?” she asked as she inched closer. “I know you are thinking about it.”

He raised an eyebrow as he slowly reached out to her. “Oh what have I been thinking?”

She smiled. “What every male thinks about when they see a naked woman. So are you going to act on it Wynter?”

He shrugged. “Depends on what your thoughts on that are.” He retorted his hands resting on her hips.

-In for a penny in for a pound - The old Maxim floated through her mind as she slid her arms around his neck and pressed her mouth to his.

Wynter responded slowly at first, but once his brain had processed her thoughts he pulled her against him and deepened the kiss. Thoughts of how good she felt passed through his head.

Jaeih wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed against him as they kissed. Breaking it she rested her forehead against his. “Does that give you an idea on my thoughts?”

“You want something I daresay, and if we’re going to be skinny dipping why not go all the way. Would you be in for a penny in for a pound with anyone else?” he asked as his head rested against her, and his hands slid around to her arse.

She knew his race was telepathic but she also knew she probably had latent abilities due to her romulan side. “Probably not.” she said softly. “No one else has been on my mind for a while now.”

He squeezed her arse wondering now at her words since it had been the same for him. “How long have I been on your mind?”

“Hmm a few months now” She said as she shifted in his arms. “Time to see if my dreams live up to reality.”

Wynter paused for a moment before he nipped at her neck. “Oh what have these dreams been like?”

Jaeih moaned softly. “They have been very interesting...”

“Oh do tell cause mine have been interesting as well.” He replied

Jaeih looked down into his eyes and after a moment said “I think this is good place to start...” And she nipped at his lower lip.

Wynter chuckled. “Really? Making out while skinny dipping on our first date? You going to move in on the second?” he teased before he latched his lips onto hers.

“I like my cabin the way it is” She said breaking the kiss. “But I will keep your offer in mind.” And then she kissed him again.


Lieutenant Wynter
Lieutenant Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley


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