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What Now? Part 1

Posted on Sat Sep 9th, 2017 @ 8:56am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Avalon & Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Aurelia Holmes & Lieutenant Commander Matias Grronkil & Lieutenant JG Shiannah Shannas & Captain Michael Andrews & Ensign Tasinder Solani & Lieutenant Jonathan Graystroke & Lieutenant Alfonse Stiegalle & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ken Waters & Sergeant James Raynar
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Mission: Episode 3: Such as we are made of, such we be
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 5 2200- onwards

Previously on the Elysium...

Beta shift. With the senior staff, having a private dinner, at the express wishes of the Captain, the Beta shift bridge crew was manned by junior officers and assistant department heads.

Officer of the watch, currently in charge was assistant chief of Security, Lieutenant Stiegalle. It had been an uneventful period. Nothing but the detested nebular behind them, and space before them.

So uneventful was the duty shift that the crew were not really expecting anything major to happen.

So when the ship bucked suddenly like a horse not wanting to be ridden, the bridge crew were tossed from their chairs, thrown to the deck plating and the lights went out, plunging the bridge, and the entire ship, into darkness.

Solani blinked several times before realising his eyes were open but the lights were out. He had sharp pains across his right leg like a rod of metal had been pierced through his thigh. He felt the warmth of blood dripping down his head and the metallic taste in his mouth. The blinking lights of the consoles let him see enough to locate a chair, with which he proceeded to drag himself up off the deck. His leg was most definitely broken and no weight could be put onto it. He glanced around, squinting in the darkness.

"Everyone..." he started but his voice was weak and didn't work properly. "Everyone okay?" he tried again.

Alfonse was at the Security Officers console when the lights went out, "Aw crap!!" he shouted as he landed on his backside. "Hey everybody, sound off so I can tell if everyone's ok. I got sore arse but other than that I'm fine, why haven't the emergency lights come on?" He steadied himself against the console, the darkness robbing him of his balance. "Come on now guy's, sound off".

"Solani here," Tas called out. "Injured but functional. No access to sensors or science systems." he informed them, tapping his blank console.

Ken Waters groaned from where he lie on the floor next to the conn. His first thought was for Captain Lalor -- Phoenix. He grit his teeth and forced the thought to the back of his mind. Right now it was time to do his job. He could be a concerned lover later. Ken pulled himself back into his seat and tapped futily at his console. "Flight control is out," he announced with a sigh. "We're drifting."

He noted Solani stated he was injured, "Ensign Solani, how badly at you injured? SCPO Waters, see what you can do with what you have. My console is out and for some reason the emergency backup systems haven't kicked in". Feeling his way slowly he tried to locate his way towards Solani, but just kept bumping into things.

Tas considered admitting how much the pain was tearing through his leg but decided that the ship needed a Science Officer more than brutal honesty. He replied, downplaying it. "Just a few scrapes. Trying to see what I can do to get sensors back." Solani crawled under his console and took off a panel. He began dismantling some of the power cells, seeing if he could identify damaged components to bypass.

As the lights slowly came back on, Alphonse could now see just what state the bridge was in. "Jesus H Christ, what the hell happened?" This was bad, and how it happened was a complete mystery.

"I can't tell," Solani groaned, lifting himself back to his console having finished his tinkering. "Sensors are down but I have basic access to our last scans before we hit...whatever we hit. High energy readings, total exposure across the entire bow, heavy radiation in the forward sections...I'd say we hit it pretty head on." he reported.


Emergency lighting came on slowly, as the emergency power filtered through.

Intelligence Ensign Aldek shook his head, rubbing at his high forehead where he'd bumped it during... whatever had happened to the Elysium. The tall Vulcan looked around the large Bridge of the Elysium as the emergency lighting strips came on giving the Bridge a half shadowed and eerie atmosphere. His long fingers tapped across the Intel Board though, as far as he could tell, the console was not functioning. Everyone was back on their feet and, as far as he could tell, no-one was seriously injured.

A flicker of light in the centre appeared, and Avalon appeared in transparency mode. "Ships systems are on emergency power." it announced.


Michael was returning to the barracks when the ship rocked. He was in a crouch then power went out. As emergency power came on, he stood and got his balance. =^= Andrews to Raynar. What the hell was that, Jim?=^=

Jim Raynar was double checking the barracks. With 1LT Andrews at the SSD, he took it upon himself to act as 2IC of the marines. He was just finishing with the ship rocked and main power went out. The darkness didn't last long, as emergency power kicked in. =^=Sgt Raynar to Bridge. Have we been hit?=^=

Hearing Raynar's voice perked Alfonse up, =^="Hey Marine, what the hell did you do down there? As far as I can tell, we didn't hit anything and NO we weren't hit. You got any casualties down there?"=^= He was trying to sound upbeat, truth to tell he was scared out of his wits.


[Officers Quarters, Deck 17]

After being thrown from his bed and finding he had a few bumps and bruises but nothing that appeared too serious, Jonathan got himself dressed and stumbled into the corridor as the emergency lighting did a poor job of lighting the deck. Moving cautiously he made his way to the diplomatic office and entered. He moved as quickly as possible considering the low light and keyed his code into the department's computer, seeing if there was any information that might explain what had just happened. Unfortunately the computer held no data in regards to their current situation just the usual run of the mill low level political talk. He was tempted to contact the Captain but held off. She was probably busy with much more pressing matters. He would contact her once he, knew more of what was going on.


Shiannah shook herself awake, bleary eyed and threw the silk covers off her bed. She blinked in the half-light of the Emergency lighting strips overhead and along the base of the walls of her quarters. Tying her hair back she tapped coms from a wall mounted console though the whole thing seemed dead. As yet there were no warning klaxons or any sign that the ship was under attack at least not externally! she thought, shivering at the grim memories of the Elysium's previous voyage. "I don't need that much excitement" she muttered to herself and, once dressed she wondered what to do...


Jim recognized Stiegalle' s voice from the cargo bats investigation. =^= Lieutenant Stiegalle. Things are shaken up down here but 0 casualties=^= he said then Andrews' comm came in. =^= Sir, not sure what's going on. Bridge says no hits or bogeys=^=

Michael thought briefly. Too many unknown variables right now. =^= Jim, muster the men and start teams on a deck search. I'll be on the bridge=^= he replied. Then headed for the J-tubes.


Gary was making the long torturous trek to the bridge via the Jeffries tubes, Lia was behind him making the same trek. He had fallen into a routine of such putting one hand in front of the other and pushing with his legs from one rung to another. "How you doing Lia?" He shouted down to her as they slowly neared their destination.

Lia was breathing hard, but was still able to reply. "Oh just dandy Commander, I've lost a very important dress. I'm climbing down the side of a bloody mountain, and I feel like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. Other than that, it's been a wonderful evening. How are you doing?" She plodded on one rung at a time, as to what had happened that worried her somewhat.

Matias had taken off his uniform so he could more easily go down the Jeffries tubes to Engineering. He could always pick up a spare uniform there. He went like a wolf on the hunt.


Despite the climb, Gary was able to smile at Lia's comment. "Now, now. I'll buy you another dress Lia. I promise since I was the one who destroyed your current one. As for climbing down the side of a mountain, you are doing fine. We're almost to the bridge. I'm sorry about your discomfort. I'll make it up to you." He answered even though he wasn't exactly sure how. He decided to keep her talking, keep her mind off the journey. "The evening wasn't a complete loss Lia.You had a nice meal and you got a richly deserved promotion." He pointed out.

Trying not to giggle, Lia stopped and took a breath. "Are you for real? Gary what planet are you on?" She failed to stop the giggles, "Ah crap, what the hell. Can we just get to where we're going, before the rest of my clothes suffer".

From further down the tubes, a voice called out. "Enough flirting you two, get down here we need to open this hatch!"

Phoenix and others were gathered by an exit hatch. It was blocked and all attempts to open it had failed.

Gary heard the shout and sighed, "Coming Captain." Then softer so only maybe Lia could hear, "No one has time for romance anymore." As he picked up his pace to open the exit hatch Phoenix and others were at.

"Romance is not on the menu right now, but I'm going back to liberate them there crackers", Lia said as she gave Gary a dig in the ribs.

"I heard that." Gary acknowledged with a smirk.



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