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Senior Staff Dinner

Posted on Sun Aug 27th, 2017 @ 8:54am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Lieutenant Jaeih t’Noramei-McKinley & Commander Liselle Qwyyn & Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Aurelia Holmes & Lieutenant Commander Matias Grronkil & Lieutenant Commander Tate Sullivan Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Commander Dyhei Liducca & Lieutenant Dante Xithia & Captain Michael Andrews

Mission: Episode 3: Such as we are made of, such we be
Location: Deck 4, Captain's Formal Dining Room
Timeline: MD5 20H00

Phoenix had needed to do this now. She needed to get her senior staff in a place where they could all relax and get to know each other. With a number of new faces, mingling with the not so new and the old timers, of which, she realized was two, her and Qwynn, she needed to get them to at least acknowledge each other.

So she invited Senior staff only, to the newly refurbished Captain's Formal Dining room. She had, had it changed from Starfleet formal to a more relaxed atmosphere, with less harsh lighting, and the chairs around the large circular wooden table were comfortable. At one end was a number of low couches around low coffee tables for pre dinner conversation. It was there, she sat, a glass of wine in her hand as she waited for the senior staff to appear.

Gary had received the summons to come to the Captain's Formal Dining Room. He was curious as to the reason, so after checking to make sure he looked presentable, wiping away invisible dust and smoothing wrinkles out of his uniform and checking to make sure he didn't have anything stuck between his teeth, he headed for his destination. Arriving, he entered and saw Phoenix already there with a glass of something in her hand. "Is it that bad Captain that you're drinking already?" He gently joked with her.

She smiled. "No it's not because of anything bad." She waved him to have a seat. "I figured it was time to have dinner with the senior staff. Without partners. Just the senior staff." The coffee tables were covered in pre-dinner snacks and on a sideboard were a number of different beverages.

Gary took a seat in one of the chairs across from her. "A get to know you dinner?" He prompted then continued, "Makes sense to me. Should be enlightening." As he leaned forward and took a couple of cheese covered crackers. "Have to say the arrangement is most impressive and lends itself to a more relaxed get-together."

"Indeed." She grinned. "And it has been a while for some since they have relaxed."

He plopped a cracker into his mouth, and after chewing and swallowing, "Good." He smiled at her, "Like you?" He ventured as he ate the other cracker.

"Among others" She admitted. "I never expected to be granted the full command of this ship. hell, I never expected Sharr to do what he did, but I have a crew that depends on me, and I am glad to be able to say that the crew is handling the changes well and that this time, for the senior staff to chill out and such is needed."

"You deserve to be Captain, Phoenix. You've handled the stress and the responsibility of being Captain, remarkably well." He was about to say more when the dining room doors hissed open and Dr. Sthilg entered.

For the ships doctor being called to the captains was a rather pleasant change from his after shift paperwork. Making sure his uniform was clean he ducked below the doors top and stepped into the formal dining room. " Captain, lieutenant commander it's good to sssee you. " He said politely.

Turning in his chair, Gary greeted the CMO, "Hello Doctor." He answered pleasantly.

Phoenix smiled at the Doctor. "Please come in, sit down and relax Doctor."

The gorn smiled as politely as his reptilian face could allow before he slowly lowered himself into one of the chairs. After making sure it would hold him he reached for a few of the crackers. " Well, you'll be pleasssed to know the crew isss in a very good ssstate of health." He said as one of the crackers vanished into his mouth.

Matias was next to come in. He was dressed in his finest as he got the invitation to the Formal Dining Room. He saw the crackers and took one.

Liselle followed soon after. She had spent an inordinate amount of time in front of the mirror to ensure her hair was absolutely perfect before arriving. Normally an hour or two before duty shift was enough time to ensure that her presentation was as perfect as could be, but in a more intimate setting like this, she was extra careful in addressing every last detail of her appearance. She stood awkwardly by the door, unsure of where to put herself.

"Those crackers are good Mr. Matias," Gary told the CEO then saw Liselle enter and stand by the door. "Liselle! Come on over here and join the crowd." He said to the Chief Flight Control Officer. "You have to try these crackers."

She smiled, despite herself, blushing with embarrassment and appreciation. You're a lucky girl, Lia, she thought. She walked over to the table and took a handful of crackers into one hand, though she didn't eat. Instead, Qwyyn turned to Phoenix. "Everything looks just lovely, Captain."

Lia entered and stood looking at everyone in their dress uniforms, she wasn't in her dress uniform. "Sorry Captain, I don't yet have a dress uniform. I'll retire from this official dinner and resume my duties on the bridge". She was dressed in a long blue dress with a white bolero jacket and black court shoes, her com badge was placed on the jacket collar. She smiled at the assembled senior staff and made to leave, her embarrassment clear for all to see.

Gary was up and at her side in an instant. "You'll do no such thing! You're second officer and a member of the senior staff and you are staying. " He took her hand and led her to where the others were. "Try the crackers. They are fantastic!"

She looked between Gary and the Captain, "I don't think you have the rank to make that choice Commander, it's up to the Captain. And I will abide by her ruling". She stood at attention and awaited the Captain's answer.

Gary scowled at her, "Why are you being difficult Lia? You're a senior officer on this ship. Do you honestly think the Captain doesn't want you here?"

Lia shook her head, "I'm incorrectly dressed, and I'm only here by the Captain's request. If she feels I haven't made an effort, she is at liberty to ask me to leave. Despite the wish to remain, Gary, I have to be told by her. I'm not being difficult, only diplomatic".

"You are being difficult and stubborn Lia. There is no dress code. why can't you just accept this and have a good time?" Gary told her.

"Then why is everyone else in Dress Uniforms?" She asked, "I was under the impression when I entered that there WAS a dress code, that's why I said what I did". She now felt really stupid, why did Gary seem to enjoy doing this to her?

"You know what? I want you to stay but if you don't then I won't. It's as simple as that. I don't want you to feel like you're being singled out. I don't understand why you can't see that."

Lia went and sat down, she decided that an argument was not the thing to do. She would sort this out later, quietly between themselves.

Phoenix raised an eyebrow at the end of the 'discussion' Something was definitely going on here. But she forced her face to remain calm. "Well now that is settled, we are still awaiting a few members of our group. Once they arrive, we can get started," she said brightly.

As she waited she looked around and saw how well Liselle and the Wolf were getting on, oO Those two are going to really hit it off Oo she thought.

Wondering what all the fuss had been about and feeling slightly thankful it had descended into the way of the KDF of settling things the gorn grinned slightly as he slowly sipped on some water. Wiping his mouth with a napkin given his mouth wasn't built to work with humanoid glasses. " Hasss anyone heard any newsss from back in the Federation. I don't get to hear much down in the medbay." The reptile asked hoping to move people away from the recent outburst.

As Dyhei entered it was clear she'd managed the fashionably late thing without too much effort, which was more down to her not great organisation skills than any design or hers. But still a party was a party and even if her wild days were gone, she still liked the social part of these things, in keeping with this she'd gone for the almost cliché little black dress but kept it the right side of elegant. She entered in time to hear the big Gorns Federation events question, to which she volunteers this useless tact. "Well I here jumbo tube grubs are up in price, dry spells on some farms affected the size of some, and the Ferengi are being Ferengi about that. Apparently, it's serious, if you like tube grubs!" She added a smirk to lighten her fact

Michael showed up to Lalor's dinner. He was still sort of new here so considered it an honor to be invited. "Greetings everyone, " he said to those assembled.

"Ah Lieutenant, come and sit down with everyone," Phoenix waved him into the group.

Lia sat and munched on the crackers, she decided they were not bad and resolved to liberate some when the party was over. She glanced round as the room filled up, Gary didn't seem to care for her company.

Gary walked over to where Lia sat munching crackers. Coming up behind her, he reached around to grab a cracker as he sat down beside her. "See? these are good." He said starting a conversation. "You look very good by the way."

She looked up at him, "I try to look good, don't always get it right. Have I upset you lately? You seem a bit off, or are you still put out over the nebula thing?" She turned to face him as he sat down, "I thought we'd put our differences aside on the holodeck, or have I said or done something else I'm not aware of?" Lia looked at the floor and fiddled with a cracker, "I don't want to fight, but I don't want to have to walk on egg shells every time we meet. I think our little argument may have caught the Captain's eye, what do we tell her if she asks?" Looking back up, she smiled slightly. "If we intend to be a couple we need to trust one another, but we also need to support one another no matter what. And losing it over dress codes or any other misunderstanding isn't the way to go". She spoke quietly and directly. Lia knew Gary may take this all the wrong way but she had to put her side of it, "Why don't we start this evening again and this time we do so as a couple, and we both swallow our pride and support the other?" She smiled at Gary and hoped he understood.

Gary listened as Lia spoke. One thing he was and that was a good listener and he waited for her to finish before replying. "You got it right and no the nebula is water under the bridge." He looked at her and spoke with a quiet intensity. "I don't want to fight either and I definitely don't want to walk on egg shells." He looked in the Captain's direction and shrugged, "Why do we have to tell her anything? It is a private matter between us and leave it at that." He paused and grabbed another of her crackers. "I want us to be a couple and I've always have supported and trusted you." He added simply. "This wasn't about the dress code Lia,it was about me wanting you to stay and be here with me and me feeling as if you were fighting me for wanting you here." He smiled at her "As for starting the evening again and swallowing our pride, I say that is an excellent idea."

Smiling Lia leaned forward, "Oh one more thing Gary". She pointed at her bowl of crackers, "These are mine, go get your own crackers". She started to giggle and hugged the bowl closer, almost daring Gary to try and take another cracker. Lia was glad they sorted their problem out, now she could relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

A fake pout came to his face, "Now Lia, part of being a couple is sharing." He said as he reached for the bowl to get a cracker. Her giggle sounding like music to his ears. Like Lia, he was glad they had weathered this first little storm. Now a relaxing and fun evening beckoned.

Passing the table of snacks and drinks, Dyhei picked up a drink something fruity and non-alcoholic, on her way across the room. She made a beeline for Liselle, giving a little wave and smile as she approached. "Not a bad place this isn't it, boss lady sure has an eye for the not your average that for sure. So how have you been Liselle?" She asked

Matias was munching on some crackers and then got a drink himself. He saw what Dyhei got and it smelled good, so he got it. He wondered if this was the extent of the dinner.

"Good evening, all" Dante greeted as he lumbered through the threshold of the room. Opting for something a comfortable, yet formal, Dante had chosen to wear a pair of black skinnies, a slim-fit gray shirt, a casual dinner jacket and a bow tie. He also wore a dark tan belt that matched his brogues. He hobbled over to the congregation and grabbed himself something alcoholic, "Lieutenant Dante Xithia, reporting and hungry" he smirked.

Jaeih entered silently, still fuming over the sudden departure of the now former chief of Operations which had shoved her back into her former role. She was going to speak with Phoenix about it at another time. She was dressed down in jeans and a tank top as she headed for a glass of wine.

Tate entered the Captain's dining room wearing a simple blue sundress and a pair of beige sandals with wedges. It wasn't very often she was out of uniform, but when she had the opportunity, she liked to be comfortable and to explore her feminine side. She had been somewhat of a tomboy growing up, but enjoyed embracing all sides of herself, whether that was her femininity or her capacity for empathy.

She smiled at the people who met her eye as she entered, just taking a moment to absorb the sights and sounds. She generally preferred one-on-one or smaller gatherings, but she recognized this would be a good opportunity to get to know everyone a little bit and to see how the group dynamic played out overall.

Sullivan relaxed in the more informal environment and took the opportunity to grab a raspberry lemonade.

Phoenix did a headcount and nodded with satisfaction. That was everyone. She stood and cleared her throat and held up a hand for silence. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for coming." She waved a hand to the large table, circular in nature. "Please take a seat. It does not matter who you sit next to." So saying, Phoenix led the way to the table.

Grabbing Gary's hand, Lia headed for the table. "Come on slow poke, let's get settled before the rush". She giggled again like a school girl, "I think middle of the table should be the best place, what do you think?" She looked at Gary.

Gary's fingers wrapped gently around Lia's hand as he felt a rush of emotion at the softness of her skin. Her giggle sounding so delightful, so refreshing. as she led him toward the table. "Sounds good to me." He answered in agreement.

Liselle sighed as she noticed the gesture.

Dante quietly made his way to the seat next to the head. The position would provide him with the best view of the others. This would mark the first time he'd been provided the opportunity to witness their team socialise outside of work. He was intrigued to see what he would learn.


Once everyone was seated, Phoenix glanced to the back of the room, and the large low rectangular table beside the back wall was slowly filling up with food by servers from the kitchen. "I figured that a smorgasbord would be an idea. I had the chef prepare a number of different dishes across all cultures represented here and even some that are not, like Klingon. I will admit that your culture Matias and mine took some doing, as yours is so far away, and mine rarely exports things. But you should find a variety of foods to try and enjoy. So help yourselves. There is also a selection of different beverages from Earth, Betazed, Vulcan and even a smuggled bottle of Huey wine from my home world... it's as about as potent as Romulan ale." she added to warn them about the golden beverage. "After we have eaten, I would request though your indulgences while I make some announcements." she grinned and then stood. "But that is for after we eat!"

Lia sat and thought about what to eat, this could be problematical. How could she check about tomatoes, she headed for one of the servers.

Gary rose and followed Lia. He was curious to see just what Phoenix had the servers prepare. He was especially curious to see if gagh and perhaps a bottle of Bloodwine had made it to the table.

Dante followed the pair eagerly, hoping some of his favourite Betazoid meals had managed to make their way into the captain's menu. His time on Betazed had led to him eating mostly Betazoid meals, and he'd left with a taste. He quickly spied a delicious looking side salad filled with Oskoid leaves, a Betazoid delicacy that made the consumer feel warm. He also witnessed a small bottle of Uttaberry wine.

As he grabbed what he wanted, he smiled appreciatively at the effort their Captain had put into the dinner.

Matias was glad to see some of his native foods. He also liked the look of the Klingon rokeg blood pie and got some as well. He got what he wanted and sat down at the table.

Arriving at the server, Lia pointed and asked. "Which ones don't have tomatoes in them?" The server waved his hand over most of the dishes, Lia helped herself to what looked like chicken. She then picked and prodded at various other dishes before returning to the table with quite a large meal, she looked for Gary he seemed to be down by the Klingon selection.

Gary was down at the Klingon section. He had grabbed a bottle of Bloodwine and after mulling over whether to get some gagh or not he passed. He didn't want Lia smelling that on his breath so he got a slice of blood pie and made his way back up the table getting some what he hoped was roast beef and mashed potatoes and a roll before making his way back to where Lia was, he sat down.

She glanced at Gary's meal, "Oh I seem to have a date with a Klingon warrior, just don't think you're going to use your mating rituals on this little lady. My Broad Sword is more than a match for your Bat'leth, or even your Klingon sword". Lia smiled as she spoke, knowing Gary admired Klingon rituals and weaponry. ''

"Who me?" Gary replied teasingly. Leaning toward Lia he whispered, "I wouldn't think of such. The only mating rituals I'll use on you are the ones for a proper lady such as yourself. Besides my Bat'leth is being cleaned."

There was an empty space beside Matias. He also had some fried chicken on his plate and something they called cool slaw or something like that. He also had a burrito. He had what looked like a beer with it.

Having loaded up her plate with a little bit from each selection of cuisine, causing two thing quite a large portions size and as she would dis covered towards the end of her meal a congealed mass at the center. Dyhei looked for a place to sit and as it happened there was one by the wolfman chief engineer, the hybrid slid self down into the chair. " I had trouble deciding." She said to him with a smile. "Looks like earth cooking there, how are you finding it?"

-About an hour or so later -

After they had all eaten and relaxed around the table, Phoenix stood and waved an ensign into the room. The Ensign carried a tray with 6 small boxes on it. "Now for fun." She quipped. "If I can have everyone's attention please."

Gary turned in his chair,smiling at Lia as he did so he could see better to what Phoenix had planned next for the evenings activities.

Lia looked puzzled at the tray with the boxes, "Ah Gary, you got any idea just what she got planed?" Somehow Lia didn't think this was gonna be fun, but hey she was the Captain.

An infuriating smile was plastered on his face as he quickly changed the subject, "Sssshhhhhh!. Captain is going to talk and I don't want to miss what she has to say."

"Jeez, little miss goody two shoes", Lia fired back.

Phoenix looked at the two of them. "Do you two want us to wait?" She asked curiously.

"Sorry Captain, just curious. And trying to get a handle on what you had planed, no disrespect intended", Lia said openly.

"Patience grasshopper." Gary said softly.

Taking a breath, Phoenix took the tray and dismissed the ensign with a soft thanks. She placed the tray before her on the table and picked up a box. She held it in her right hand and looked out at the senior staff "Being captain of this ship, was never expected, but it is an honor I intend to uphold. And it has its advantages. I get to do cool stuff like this. Lieutenant Grronkil, please stand."

Matias stood up. He wondered what he had done.

"It is with great pleasure that I hereby promote you both to Lieutenant Commander." Phoenix held out the box. "We thank you for your tireless service and hope you know that it is appreciated."

Matias gasped. It was an unexpected pleasure. He bowed. "Thank you, my alpha, I will endeavor to live up to your confidence." He took the box and opened it. He fastened the pips to his collar.

Phoenix reached and picked up the next box. "So next on my list is, Lieutenant Sthilg, please stand."

The big gorn did so carefully standing up and moving his chair back.

"It is with great pleasure that I hereby promote you to Lieutenant Commander." Phoenix held out the box. "We thank you for your tireless service and hope you know that it is appreciated even if people avoid your sickbay." she added with a smile.

" Thank you, captain. Will have to make sssure i wear the correct pipsss tomorrow. " The gorn said as he took the black pip.

Phoenix picked up the next box. "Lieutenant Liducca please stand." she motioned to the Science Chief.

Looking in the Captain's direction, Dyhei rose slowly not quite sure what to expect at this point despite the last two promotions. "Yes ma'am."

"With great pleasure, I hereby grant you the rank of Lieutenant Commander." Phoenix smiled at the Science Officer.

Completely unsure of how to react, she stood there for a moment or two, resisted the urge to ask if this was a wind up, instead repeated what she assumed she was supposed to say. "Well thank you Commander, it's an honour I will endeavor to live up too." Before sitting down quickly, the little box clutched in hand.

Then with a smile, Phoenix let her gaze drift over the group as she picked up the next box. "Hmm next on my list is, Lieutenant Commander Holmes. Please stand Commander."

Standing up slowly Lia looked her Captain in the eye, "See now I knew something like this was gonna happen". She smiled at both Gary and the Captain.

With a half grin, the Erisian held out the box in her hand. "It is with great pleasure, that you are hereby promoted to full Commander."

Lia started to choke, "Say what?" She couldn't believe here ears, "Full Commander? Thank you Captain, I was half expecting a transfer to the Laundry department after the trouble I've caused". Lia sniffed as she held back tears, "I'll never doubt that your the Captain again, honest". She said, recounting her mistake on her very first day on board.

Gary leaned forward and gently squeezed her shoulder. A smile in his eyes as well as in his voice. "Congratulations Lia. It is richly deserved."

Turning round Lia now openly showed her affection for Gary by kissing him, "Thanks, I think you knew. Probably had something to do with it".

Gary returned the kiss. a radiant smile on his face,"I'll never tell."

Jaeih began the round of applause for the currently promoted.

Dyhei added her applause to the mix, genuinely pleased for all that had extra pips, the ones she knew well enough definitely deserved the thank you and the leg up that was provided.

Phoenix waited until the applause had stopped. "Now onto my next victi... i mean person." she smirked. "Lieutenant Commander Taylor. Please stand."

Gary stood slowly,squared his shoulders and faced Phoenix waiting for whatever came next.

"Not two months ago, this ship returned, without a captain, without a proper executive officer, lets be by the gods honest. You came on board to, lets be frank, give experience to the training wheels that I still to this day have. And I appreciate it. More than words. So with that in mind, it is my extreme pleasure to promote you to Full Commander." She held out the box with a smile. "You should have been full commander from the start. And you would have been, had the CO being different. But now you are the rank you should have been. Congratulations Commander Taylor."

Gary smiled warmly at Phoenix as she spoke of his arrival aboard the Elysium. "Thank you Captain. Thank you very much." He accepted the box. "Don't want a different CO." He replied honestly. "The honor is mine to serve you and this fine group of officers and crew. From where I stand you don't need those training wheels. You've graduated to riding without assistance. Thank you again for this honor. I hope I never give you reason to regret it."

Smiling Lia looked at Gary, "You deserve that, oh just one question though. As I got mine first, do I out rank you?" She burst out laughing after she said it but quickly checked herself, her admiration for Gary clear for all to see.

"I believe that I will never regret having you as my XO Commander." Phoenix replied. Then she reached for the last box. "I do hope everyone will allow me one last indulgence. This one has been, to my mind, a long time coming. One, I wanted Sharr to present, but as we know that was not possible. Lieutenant Commander Qwyyn, please stand."

Qwyyn rose to her feet, smoothing her uniform in front of her as she did so. She felt terribly exposed standing there in such a large social setting. One-on-one she felt more than comfortable with each of them (Matias perhaps being a bit of an exception at the moment) but it was a different feeling altogether when she faced them all at once. Strangely, she was reminded of the notion of facing a firing squad.

Phoenix knew it was strange to do this out of order but, her long time friendship with Liselle was the reason she was doing it this way. She held the box between herself and the Trill. "I spoke to Sharr, months ago. While we were stuck on that horrible planet, about crew I felt needed the promotion. Heaven knows, Magnolia had no idea about anyone or what they did, so he listened to me. But things happened which put this on hold. Lieutenant Commander Liselle Qwyyn, it is my great pleasure, believe me, I had to keep this from my blabber mouth sister so I could do this as a surprise, to promote you, to Full Commander Rank." Phoenix smiled at the Trill. "I believe the extra pip will look good on you Liselle."

Qwyyn eyes instantly reddened. The shock of Phoenix's words came so quickly that she had no opportunity to put up any kind of a fight against the emotions that overwhelmed her. She cupped her hands over her mouth and nose, her fingers trembling. Surely, she should have expected something like this after witnessing all of the other promotions, but it was still too much to hear those words spoken aloud.

More-so than the notion of getting the promotion to Commander was the sentiment behind it. Phoenix had always been a close friend, but she was also incredibly professional. She was excellent at finding and keeping that balance. It meant the world to her that Phoenix thought her deserving of such recognition, that Sharr had been a part of that conversation and that he had agreed. It would have been one of his last acts on her behalf as the old CO of the Elysium.

Even if she could have kept her composure through all of that, it meant more to her than she could express to hear Phoenix refer to her as a sister. If she had failed to hold back the tears, she sure as hell wasn't going to be able to stop what happened next. She grabbed Phoenix into a hug, pulling her tight against her.

Phoenix laughed and hugged her friend back tightly. "Congratulation" she said softly in the Trill's ear. "You earned it." Gently she pulled back and grinned at her.

Now it was Gary's turn to lead the applause as Liselle was promoted. As the applause died down he stood. "Officers of the Elysium, I would like you to join me in a toast to Phoenix Lalor our commanding officer and my friend. She may be a Commander in rank but make no doubt my friends she is a Captain through and through. She worried about being big enough to sit in the center seat. A worry totally unfounded. She is more than big enough for the seat with nerves of steel, and the heart of a lion. Here's to you Captain!"

Phoenix's smile was slightly abashed and she gave the team a nod. "Thank you commander"

Dyhei raised her glass, it felt right for this commanding officer. Which made for refreshing change. Although the whole event, of promotions and toasting felt a bit surreal, and a little to formal for her to be fully comfortable.

Michael raised his glass ."To the Commanders " he said.

"To all," said Matias. "All of you deserved it." He applauded with the rest.

Lia stood and raised her glass of fruit juice, "Love and light to both Captain and fellow crewmates, and to you Gary success and love". Then she sat back down, and let the rest join in.

Gary smiled at Lia as she offered her own toast. His mind drifting for a moment and wishing Caitlin could have seen this. She would have been so proud! But somehow he knew she saw it and was smiling happily down at him. He raised his glass, "To the Elysium." He offered simply.

Qwyyn's ears perked at the sentiment. She dried her eyes with careful dabs of her finger in the corners. She found her feet again and reached down for her glass. Her eyes took in each one of them in turn. She was quiet for so long that some probably expected her to stay there forever. She raised up her glass. "To our family."

Tate was content, if a bit wistful. Her belly was full with delicious food and drink and it would be clear to anyone observing this gathering the crew had warm feelings toward one another even as they were still getting to know each other in some cases. Still, she recognized a small group of them had been through things Sullivan didn't know about, making the Elysium as much a strange environment to her as it was a familiar one. She couldn't help but wonder if she would ever truly know the extent of what those familiar to her had been through.

That was amusing for another time, however.

As the toasts went around the room Phoenix had to smile with pleasure at the level of joy in the room. She hoped it lasted.

Before she could speak her own toast the deck pitched beneath them, the table tilted, chairs and people toppled over as the room shook and the lights went out. "What the?" she got out as she hit the deck with a muffled curse. The emergency lighting came on. Phoenix scrambled to her feet but the deck kept rocking. "Party time is over everyone! Get to your posts!"

"What the hell!" Gary shouted as he was pitched onto the floor.

Matias left first. This was his job, and he would find out why the power went out and how to restore it.

Scrabbling to keep her feet, Lia grabbed Gary's arm. "Ok lover boy, I think its time we vacated this get together and got to the bridge". Not even thinking about changing she headed out the door, "If the turbo lift is out, its gonna be a long climb down in this dress. Any ideas Commander?" She asked Gary.

Like everyone else, Tate was stunned when she was suddenly thrown to the floor, her second glass of lemonade now part of the carpet. She didn't know what the hell was going on, but it quickly became apparent the lifts were out and they would all need to climb to get to their respective destinations. In Tate's case, that was either the bridge or sickbay. Until she knew more, she figured her safest bet would be to head to the bridge. "I'll join you on the bridge, sir, ma'am," Tate offered it to Gary and Phoenix.

"Couldn't agree more Lia." Gary answered as they headed for the door. Gary hesitated only an instant before he replied. "Yes, we make your dress into a skirt. It will be less cumbersome and free your legs if we do have to climb."

Phoenix passed them and slapped a ... dagger of ornate design into Gary's hand. "Use this. I want it back though." And then she went to the nearest hatch to open it.

Gary opened his mouth to reply but Phoenix was already moving to the nearest hatch. He looked at Lia. "You ready for me to do this?"

Nodding her head, Lia agreed. "Yeah but not to short ok, I don't want to be flashing my underwear on the bridge". She smiled as she spoke, "And one more thing, remember I'm underneath this thing".

"Don't worry. I will definitely err on the side of modesty. Gary bent down to cut the dress, looking up at her before he did so. "Lia. how could I ever forget?" A smile crossing his face as he spoke.

Faking anger Lia looked down at Gary, "Commander Taylor, you are so dead once this emergency is over. And if your hand goes above my knee one more time, I'm gonna make you regret it". She wagged her finger as she spoke, "That's private up there you know, it's me stuff".

"Yes ma'am." He answered in mock reproach. "I know it's private Lia and I promise to remain a gentleman. Now may I please begin my alterations?"

Looking up Lia nodded, knowing if she watched she would blush uncontrollably.

Liselle's eyes lingered on Matias as she left the dining room. She had thought maybe she would finally speak to him for the first time since Risa, but she hadn't found the courage or the words. Another time.

Gary with dagger in hand,choose to make his cut a couple of inches above Lia's knee's. It would give her legs the freedom she needed to climb as well and perhaps more importantly ensure her modesty. Thankfully the dagger was sharp and he was able to make a smooth cut. A few moments later he was finished. "Not bad, not bad at all." He muttered. "A Taylor original." He looked up at Lia, "Okay Lia, I'm finished. What do you think?""

Lia looked at her new short dress, "I'm glad I wore tights, nobbly knees were never in fashion. Right lets get to the bridge". She headed for the hatch then stopped, "You want to lead, my underwear isn't for public display".

Gary made no comment other than a shake of his head and a smile that graced his lips. Moving past her he opened the hatch, "Onward and Downward." As he climbed in.

The now Commander Holmes followed behind, she glanced up and swallowed. oO Flippin' 'eck, that's a hell of a climb down Oo, she thought.

Gary was unaware of Lia's thoughts as he began the long climb to the bridge. "Don't look around." He cautioned Lia.

The tipping and roling of the ship had Dyhei sat on the floor just down from the table. By the time she'd pulled herself up, it seemed to have been decided the turbo lifts were out and it was a good old fashioned climb. "At the risk of sounding awkward, permission to head for Stellar Cartography, I think a bigger bank of sensors will be needed."

Dante sighed as he clumsily pulled himself up to his chair. The fall had added more pressure to his shin that was preferred causing the area to hum with pain, causing a groan upon hearing that their only option was to climb down to the Bridge.

"I'm going to need a hand getting to the shaft" he called out gruffly, an unmistakable hint of embarrassment poorly hidden. Given that he hadn't found any data prior to whatever had happened that would have him prepared, Dante would be useless until he reached the Bidges CIC.

Dyhei who was close by at the time, looked across seeing the intelligence officer in need of aid, stepped towards him on his injured side. "Consider it given, lets get the weight of that leg shall we, come on"

"Thank you, Lieutenant Commander" Dante replied as he eased his arm over Dyhei's shoulder, "I should really have used my cane shipside, but station life has made me complacant" he joked grumpily, "hopefully the replicator system is still operational"


Commander Phoenix Lalor
Commanding officer
USS Elysium

Commander Gary Taylor
Executive Officer
USS Elysium

Commander Lia Holmes
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Elysium

Lt. Commander Matias Grronkil
Chief Engineer
USS Elysium

Lieutenant Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley
Chief of Operations
USS Elysium

Commander Liselle Qwyyn
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Elysium

Lieutenant Commander Dyhei Liducca
Chief Science Officer
USS Elysium

Lieutenant Dante Xithia
Chief Intel Officer
USS Elysium

1st Lieutenant Michael Andrews
Marine Detachment Commander
USS Elysium

Lieutenant Commander Tate Sullivan, Ph.D.
Chief Counselor
USS Elysium

Lieutenant Commander Sthilg
Cheif medical officer
USS Elysium


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