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Two of a Kind

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 4:37am by Lieutenant Jessinia Kopl-Johnson & Lieutenant Dante Xithia

Mission: Episode 3: Such as we are made of, such we be
Location: Academy Complex
Timeline: MD4 - 0745hrs

Although he had suggested meeting with the Elysium's previous Intel Chief the day before during his meeting with Shiannah, the mission had distracted the Lieutenant to the point that by the time he had returned to the CIC it was unreasonably late for him to summon the Jessinia. Instead, he'd decided he'd pop into the academy the following day, hoping she'd be available for a quick chat.

And here he was.

He limped his way through the thin stream of Academy personnel as they rushed to their offices, or to take part in pre-lecture conferences with their faculties. All around him, officers of various trades scuttled about, their noses buried deep within the PADDS. Dante felt severely out of his depth. Even after such little time, he found himself longing for the solitude his office, or the Bridge's CIC promised.

Reaching what he thought was his destination, the young El-Aurian scanned the screen of his PADD for confirmation before ringing the bell to the door that separated himself and the Elysiums previous Intel Chief.

She'd been carving up the curriculum, Ahh, the Academy.. she remembered it with little fondness. Most of its lessons, dangerously wrong. Not Her Class... Her door chimed and she did a sweep of the entry, disappointed to find an El-Aurian on the other side. Must be her "replacement..." She corrected her manors and tapped the entry code...

"Good morning, Junior Grade" Dante greeted politely as he entered the room, "I was told you would be the best person to acclimate me on the Intel situation prior to my arrival?"

In contrast he was a pup. younger and rather well put together. Hopefully he had the skill to match.. "Good morning Lt. I understand your taking the helm of the unit... Hopefully, we'll actually get to work together. get something accomplished that will actually do some good..."

"I assume most of our interaction will be on a consultancy basis, Junior Grade" Dante countered apologetically, "Your responsibilities are significantly different now that you've decided to teach. I'm sure I'll have plenty of excuses to drag you into the CIC though" he smirked.

He was good. Intel had a lot of people, she'd never worked with this Lt. He sidestepped the Real issue. "Well, I am a single mother now. Not that Anyone truly retires from this Line of Work..." "Think of me as the card up your sleeve you only pull because the Captain told you to." He, of course, would have access to her record. and would learn just what sort of agent she was. Time would tell If he could reconcile what he would learn with the given objective...

"Of course, I would never request your assistance that would jeopardize your family" Dante confirmed calmly, "Hence, I will only be requiring your assistance in a consultancy capacity only, leave the fieldwork to the agents with less to lose. In my book, retirement is retirement".

She highly doubted that. The universe was merciless. "I'll be able and ready." "Is there anything you might want me to include in the curriculum?"

"Truthfully, I've not had time to acclimate myself with the current curriculum, I've been busy getting up to speed with the Operational signs of the assignment. I will, however, have a look when I get some free time. I must admit, however, my duties have been very mundane since the Dominion War, I might need to enroll for a few field agent courses myself" he joked.

She chuckled at that. "We shall see Lt. Here when you need me..."

"Good, I have a feeling I'll need to pull upon your expertise sooner, rather than later" Dante admitted.

Ltjg. Jessinia Kopl-Johnson
"Retired" Spook...
USS Elysium...

LIeutenant Dante Xithia
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Elysium


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