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Personal Log

Posted on Mon Sep 11th, 2017 @ 1:31pm by Lieutenant Commander Matias Grronkil

Personal Log,

Lt. Commander Matias Grronkil
Chief Engineer
USS Elysium

My crew and I have been working hard to get essential operations up, the main power, the weaponry, and shields. So far, there has been some success. What is that term humans use? Yes, with duct tape and bubble gum, whatever they are, the systems are stuck together with them.

It's been hard, but we'll keep working until we get it right.

There has been a new development in my personal life. Liselle came and we spoke. It's possible a relationship will develop between us, if the fates decree it to be. She reminds me so of my lost mate that it pains me. She is so understanding. We have much to go over before we can develop anything of substance, but I know we can do it.

Both have been challenges greater than any I have faced since I left my home galaxy. I don't regret leaving, but sometimes I find myself staring in that direction. It has been an adjustment getting used to my new life here, but Liselle may be the key to it. If I don't scare her away.

End Log


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