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Chief Counselor's Duty Log #1 - "Hitting the Ground Running"

Posted on Mon Jul 17th, 2017 @ 1:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Tate Sullivan Ph.D.

Where do I even begin?

I must admit, when I found out I was being assigned to the USS Elysium, I wasn't sure how to feel at first. Was is a step backward because I had been here before? Certainly, some people I talked to wondered that aloud. Granted, many of these same people were particularly ambitious in their own careers and more prone to some pretty unusual conspiracy theories to justify why things may not go their way. I suppose some people believe if they're not moving up to bigger postings with larger populations, they aren't really advancing, but I never bought into that. I know people aboard some of the largest starships that exist who complain that all they ever do is ferry people back and forth and participate in dog and pony shows for the Starfleet brass. I also knew people on the smallest ships who discussed doing more in a couple of hours to promote safety and diplomacy than an entire contingency of security officers or diplomats could accomplish in a decade. To reference a rather colorful phrase, I never believed size mattered.

While others tended to look at my reassignment with suspicion, I chose to see it as a compliment. I say that with no trace of arrogance or pride. It meant a lot to me the brass trusted me to come back here to oversee mental health services after this crew had been through so much. I'm still in the process of discovering all of the details, and more accurately, discovering the full extent of the aftermath, but in so many ways, it still felt like coming home again. The sights, smells, and the overall feel of things holds a trace of familiarity. I never thought I would say anything like that in my career, and it's not lost on me how much I sound like an engineer, but then again, how often does anyone get to revisit a form of posting?

In my short time aboard, I've also been reminded how much things have changed, and how it doesn't appear things are going to get any easier or slow down for this crew in the future. I'm not sure if I've ever heard of an explosion happening on the ship without combat being involved, but that's exactly what we recently experienced. I'm not exactly sure what we know yet in terms of who or what's responsible. All I know is that I'm tired and I'm sad, and even without psionic abilities, there is a tension in the air. On top of that, a young pregnant girl got caught up in the explosion, just the second, though only literal bomb she's had to deal with.

I also have a great deal of empathy for the Captain. She knows this crew fairly well, I gather, but even she has to have her breaking point. After everything she has been through with them, I can't imagine having all of this on her shoulders is easy. I want to be there to support her, and I hope she will let me, but I understand it's going to take time.

In the meantime, I am committed to moving forward as best I can.


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