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Alone Again......Naturally

Posted on Sun Jul 16th, 2017 @ 12:39am by Commander Gary Taylor
Edited on Sun Jul 16th, 2017 @ 12:53am

Gary had returned to his quarters after leaving Lia. His conversation with her was an eye opener to say the least.
He hoped she would take his words to heart and realize he was telling her the truth. She was a courageous, intelligent
woman. Now she just needed to believe and accept it. He walked slowly through his quarters never feeling more alone
than he did right now. Entering the bedroom he sat on the side of the bed and gazed lovingly at a picture of Catlin on
his bedside table. "I miss you Catlin, I miss you so much! It wasn't suppose to be like this. I was going to come home
to you and we were going to start a family and just settle down. Spend some good old fashion quality time together."

He fell back on the bed holding the picture, gazing at the picture with love in his eyes. "You weren't suppose to die
Catlin! He screamed in anguished pain. "I need you!" The pain of her death like a knife in his heart. It had robbed him of
everything he held dear in life which was Catlin. She was the one constant he could always count on, his guiding light and
now she was gone. He sopped as tears began to stream down his face like twin rivers as the emotions he had kept so tightly
under control and hidden from view finally broke through and he wept uncontrollably. Lying there weeping, the overwhelming
loss he felt from Catlin's death threaten to crush him, drown him in overwhelming grief. It had done the one thing the Romulan's
and all their beatings had never been able to do, it broke him. He was truly alone, adrift on uncertain tides just bobbing aimlessly.
There was no one for him and the universe turned a blind eye and deaf ear to him. Frankly it didn't care in the least about how one insignificant human male felt.

Gary had never been a religious man but he had always believed in a supreme being, entity. However
now, lying on his bed consumed with grief, he couldn't help but wonder if there really was a God why did he desert him?

In his darkest hour at his most vulnerable, Gary Taylor truly was alone again....... naturally.


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