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Hell is (sometimes) other people... sometimes just yourself.

Posted on Sat Jul 15th, 2017 @ 10:26pm by Lieutenant JG Shiannah Shannas


Shiannah looked at the mirror, her face reflected there seemed to be that of someone else, the crows feet at the edge of her eyes and the lines of worry at her mouth. She could, she thought, still turn heads though she felt old... So god-damned old amongst this team of youngsters who made up the bulk of the USS Elysium's crew. "By the Gods... I'm old enough to their mother!" she exclaimed thinking back to the young Marine in the Shuttle Bay. Was he really attracted to her or was it just some god-damn mother fixation?

Like most times when somehting niggled her she forgot about it and ran a brush through her long dark hair, even if it was lightly filigreed with gray. She suddenly laughed to herself, the sound girlish and youthful at least.

"At least you made it this far" she muttered as she applied just the slightest hint of kohl eyeliner. She thought of all those who hadn't made it, trying to recall the faces of the lost and the dead. So many souls gone to whatever Heaven or Moksha... Nirvana or whatever they believed in. Perhaps they were reborn somewhere out there amongst the stars? She liked to think so...

Someone had said once that Hell is other people...

"Sometimes it's just yourself" she mused, as she brushed an imaginery crease from the long silk gown she wore a long slit revelaing a still shapely amount of leg. She tied a gossamer thin matching scarf about her neck. Checking herself out in the mirror she smiled and walked out of her quarters, the door quietly swishing closed behind her.


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