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Ensign Tasinder Solani

Name Tasinder "Tas" Solani

Position Former Crew member

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Risian
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11
Weight 13st, 5lbs
Hair Color Black with a single grey streak
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tas has a dark complexion, though his black hair has lightened and greyed in recent years through stress. He is considered to be broadly handsome by most humanoid racial standards, especially his piercing blue eyes. Tas is fairly tall and strongly-build with well-proportioned muscle across his chest and legs; a result of his Risian heritage. He keeps himself in good shape and takes general pride in his appearance. Tas has a kind face and although recent years have aged him around the eyes, he continues to look young for his age; another Risian trait.


Spouse James Solani (deceased)
Father Siminder Solani (deceased)
Mother Alianis Solani (deceased)
Brother(s) Rythander "Thander" Solani, Risian civil servant

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tas' more traditional Risian optimism shines through on his face when he addresses others. Although this has been dampened somewhat by the Borg assault on his homeworld, to most other races he continues to appear warm, friendly and welcoming. Tas attaches much more to his heritage than he did when younger and can be quite roundly stubborn when it comes to adhering to his peoples' customs.

Tas is an able scientist and places much weight in evidence, proof and justification through data. His balances well his Risian hospitable instincts to trust and have faith in the kindness of strangers. Tas shares his peoples' love for the exotic and seeks most to be fulfilled through interacting with others, learning about them and sharing experiences. He also shares the openness toward sexuality expected of a Risian though this has led to certain conflicts of interest at times.

Overall, Tas Solani is a bright, good-natured officer with much to offer his colleagues and friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses His main strengths are his sharp intellect and strong sense of justice, tailored by his experiences at the hands of the Borg. Tas has an untapped element of courage that he doesn't always know he has. He is also keenly intelligent and sociable.

Tas' major weaknesses are his reluctance to form long-term friendships, a throwback to his losses which mean that while a lot of people know Tas, very few know him well, and his psychological difficulty in dealing with the loss of his family. Tas continued to be in mourning for them until very recently and so is somewhat uncertain about how to cope with friendships and relationships beyond grief.

He also has an irrational and possibly dangerous hatred of the Borg that, should he be in the wrong situation, may be costly.
Ambitions Tas longs for the family that was robbed from him. He has found it difficult to let go and accept that they will not return to his life and while he has now accepted this; he continues to seek love and family.
Hobbies & Interests Tas enjoys sailing and swimming. He was brought up on the beaches of Risa and so he takes joy and relaxation from being near or in the ocean. He also plays Dharmira, a Risian variant of golf. While off-duty, Tas enjoys being on the holodeck but also the gym and drinks Risian rum or an earth drink he has recently discovered called Tequila. He has an interest in other cultures, specifically Bajoran and Klingon.
Languages Federation Standard, Risian and some Bajoran.

Character Background

Personal History Tasinder Solani, commonly known as "Tas", was born in 2354 on the pleasure planet Risa. He is the son of businessman Siminder Solani and his wife Alianis (an historian) and is the oldest of their twin sons. Tasinder's twin brother, Rythander, was also a businessman.

Tas and Thander were brought up in Suraya Bay, the popular holiday resort. Their family business included two local eateries and an antiques shop, run mostly by their mother. The boys were educated locally in a diverse school district that included children from dozens of other species. Tas was therefore brought up to be tolerant and respectful of other cultures and to value his own Risian heritage.

Tas' childhood was happy and relatively affluent. His parents were successful in their work and both he and Rythander were able to pursue their interests without fiscal restraint. Tas took an interest from an early age in archaeology and geology from his mother's frequent stories about Risa's natural state as an unstable world. He become interested in the technologies involves in changing a climate and a geological system and did two subsequent summer internships with the Risian Planetary Science Centre, which monitors and maintains the weather grid.

When he was older, Tas and Rythander attended Suraya Bay High School where he took mainly science classes though also Risian history and literature. He took an interest in other worlds and their different climates and geological structures at this point too and spent a summer on Bajor as an intern for one of his mother's historical survey missions. Tas' high school years were again happy enough and he graduated with good grades in 2371.

At this point, Tas had decided to pursue more formally his interest in geology and planetary sciences and applied to New Atlantis University, the most prominent on Risa, to obtain his BSc in Xenogeology and Astrometric Science. He did well and continued for a further year to study the same for an MSc.

With good grades and experience under his belt, Tas became a researcher with the Risian Planetary Science Centre. He loved his work very much and gained a name for himself as a young star of the industry. Tas threw himself into his work and gained early promotion to Senior Researcher at the age of only 24.

Whilst in this post, Tas met the love of his life. Working on a project alongside the Federation's Science division, James Prince swept Tas of his feet. A year later, Tas proposed and they married on Risa in 2379.

Their happiness, however, would be short-lived. In mid 2380 Tas was made Mission Director of a survey mission to Bajor. It was decided at this stage that James, who had now left Starfleet, would remain on Risa to set-up their newly purchased restaurant. This turned out to be a fatal error as three months after Tas left for Bajor, the Borg attacked Risa.

The result was devastating and news got to Tas quickly that James and the rest of his family had been killed in the attack. Rythander, fortunately had survived. Heartbroken, Tas quit as Mission Director and returned to Risa. He took up a post as Deputy Director of the Planetary Restoration Mission. His time there though was unstable.

Tas become inward-looking and grief-stricken. He was obsessive about his work, trying to forget the devastation. He underwent a 3 month LOA to seek counselling and psychological support but even when able to function, he found he had lost his appetite for the mission.

After speaking to James' family, Tas decided to pick-up where James and left off in Starfleet. He decided to use his love of astrometric science and xenobiology for good use. Driven as much by a determination not to let enemies like the Dominion and the Borg win, Tas enrolled as a Cadet on a Fast Track Science programme for experienced scientists.

He graduated with good grades in 2387 and took-up a post on Deep Space 3 where he served as Astrometrics Officer. In 2391, he requested reassignment to the USS Elysium.
Service Record 2385 - Starfleet Academy; Fast Track Sciences Programme (for experienced scientists); Cadet
2386 - Starfleet Academy; Minors year in Astrogation and Basic Tactical training; Cadet
2387 - 2391 - Deep Space 3; Astrometrics Officer; Ensign
2391 - present - USS Elysium; Science Officer; Ensign

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Ensign Tasinder Solani. Annual check-up w/ Dr P.T. Varn.

Broken shin, jaw and finger from 3 months previous. Cause: intimate sexual relations with a Klingon male. No ongoing medical concerns.

Cleared for continued active duty.
Allergies/Health Issues No ongoing health concerns.
Counseling Review Ensign Tasinder Solani. Counselling Transfer Review w/ Dr. S. Xy'th'ok.

Ensign Solani has made much progress in dealing with the grief and loss of his family on Risa. He has been cleared for active duty but should continue to seek counselling for periodic review of his progress and emotional support.