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Lieutenant Dante Xithia

Name Dante Xithia

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 94

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 14st
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Azure Blue
Physical Description Like the others of his kind, Dante looks exactly like a human. He is of average height with somewhat broad shoulders that are complemented by lean muscles. He has blonde hair that he wears conservatively on shift, styling it traditionally to the side, whilst ensuring the sides are well maintained and short. His chiselled jaw is framed with the faint shadow of his trimmed facial hair.

When off shift, he tends to dress casually, wearing whatever he grabs from his wardrobe first. Typically a tee, boot cuts and some worn converse.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Azriel Xithia, 604 years, El-Aurian
Mother Quanlai Xithia 601 years, El-Aurian
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Professionally, there are two sides to Dante that are completely reflective of the mood he is in when interacting with people. When working, he's very quiet and observant. He is very task orientated and holds those junior to him the highest standard. That's not to say that he is unable to take a softer approach in order to achieve the results he seeks. He carefully considers every aspect of his life, rarely acting on impulse unless it's imperative to do so.

Off shift, he's laid back, after years of service he's mastered the ability to leave his work at the office. He enjoy's socialising, but barely has any close friends due to his inability to trust people until he knows enough about them; as such, when meeting new people he's very observant of their interactions with others, knowing he's more likely to meet the true person when they are in the presence of someone they know.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Diligent
+ Observant
+ Analytical Mind
+ Cautious

- Holds others to extremely high standards.
- Secretive
- Guarded
- Distrusting
Ambitions Due to his relatively young age by El-Aurian standards, Dante has placed little thought into his future. For now, he is simply happy to keep on living in the moment.
Hobbies & Interests - Suus Mahna (Vulcan Martial Arts)
- Tai chi chuan
- Velocity
- Languages
- Ancient Earth Mythology
- Chess
- Reading
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan (Basic), Romulan (Moderate) & Klingon (Moderate)

Character Background

Personal History 2300 - 2322 Early Life

Azriel and Qualia Xinthia settled in the Beta Quadrant after being rescued by the USS Enterprise-B when their refugee transport, the SS Robert Fox, was temporally trapped in a spatial anomaly that led to the Nexus. Over the next 7 years, they had settled in the North of England, Earth and opened a small cafe that sold El-Aurian food and Drinks.

In 2390, the Xinthia's welcomed their first, and only, child into the world. From the moment he was born, Dante brought a joy into his parents lives that they thought they would never again experience after leaving the Nexus. The first decade of their sons live served to help his parents heal from the tragedy that was the loss of their own world. As word got back that more and more El-Aurian couples were having children, the parents finally accepted that there was hope for the species future.

Intending to assimilate into the local culture, Dante was sent to school like the rest of the children in his community. Due to the lack of understanding, as well as their rarity, his parents had decided that they would keep his racial status a secret from all but the school's administrators. This would be the first time that experience the act of keeping a sensitive secret, a skill that would serve him well in the future.

He, like all the children in his town, graduated from high school and began thinking about his future aspirations. Graduating with exceptional grades, Dante was expected to enrol at Starfleet Academy, but at this point in his life, he was apprehensive about spending the majority of his youth in service to the Fleet. Instead, he enrolled at the nearest university to study a War Studies degree.

Whilst at the university Dante became an active participant in a few of the sports programs. He was on the universities Velocity team, he participated in the local Tai Chi Chuan class and began to self-teach himself the ancient Vulcan martial arts discipline of Suus Mahna - not that he became an expert due to the Vulcan's tendency to keep their cultural practices private from their Federation peers.

Eventually, graduation came along and Dante graduated with a first. He left the institution with few friends, the shroud of secrecy his parents had instilled during his childhood had bled into his adult life and prevented him from trusting others with his true self. The select few he did form bonds with had unwittingly gone through a lengthy observation before Dante felt he could trust them.

2322 - 2350

Little is known about Dante's life during the years 2322 to 2350. All that is know is that Dante travelled the stars, like the El-Aurians of past, learning all he could from the Cultures that made up the Federation. He travelled Earth on the cheapest transport he could secure, making a living doing odd jobs on the planets he visited.

2350 - 2354 Starfleet Academy

After his adventure began to grow tiresome, Dante returned to his parents on Earth to tell them he intended to enrol at Starfleet Academy. His time travelling opened his eyes to the dangers the Federation faced and instilled within him a belief that being a part of the Fleet was the only way he could help those who suffered.

He enrolled at Starfleet Academy not long after, securing a position on the Intelligence Track. His time at the Academy was largely uneventful. Like his time at university before he participated on the Academy's Velocity Team, securing Captaincy of the team in the fourth year of his studies.

Life at the academy was a stressful affair for Dante. Like all officers, he was expected to foster an atmosphere of trust within his peer group, a challenge that proved almost impossible to the young man. Eventually, however, he did pick up a knack for convincing those around him that they had garnered his trust - a skill that would help during his many future assignments in deep cover.

He graduated from Starfleet Academy in the top 7th percentile with honours earning his commission and setting him for a promising assignment.

2354 - 2367 First stint with Starfleet, departure after Wolf 359

As with most Intelligence Officers, not much is known about Dante's time within the fleet. Apart from what hasn't been redacted from his personal file, it was clear that the El-Aurian had spent nearly 10 of the 13 years operating out of several Federation listening posts. At this time, all information on Dante during this period of his career remains classified.

By the time Dante was stationed at ESD for a couple of weeks, mid transfer he had progressed to the rank of Lieutenant. Also at this time, the fleet was gathering to counteract the Borg push in Wolf 359. Hoping to play a part in some payback against the species that had devastated his ancestors, Dante requested a temporary assignment to the U.S.S. Bonestell, with orders to collect as much information as he possibly could from the Borg Cube. The Intelligence Community felt that the battle was doomed, considering the lacklustre classes that would engage the cube, therefore they sought to gather as much intel as possible to prepare them for another encounter.

He was assigned to the only Oberth Class sent to battle, the U.S.S. Bonestell. They managed to gather a tiny amount of data before the Bonestell’s core went critical, Dante and 3 others were the only survivors, the escape pods barely making it out of the Bonestell’s blast zone.

After submitting his data for review, Dante requested to be removed from active duty in order to process what had happened.

2367 - 2375 Life outside of the Fleet & The Dominion War

During the years 2367 to 2372 Dante split his time between working at the family cafe and exploring the planets within the Federation’s territories. After what had happened at Wolf 359 he felt an overwhelming urge to be close to his parents. The only times he travelled were when his parents had pushed the idea; they felt that by connecting with the various civilisations surrounding them he’d begin to heal.

Upon the outbreak of the Dominion War Dante quickly returned to active duty, eager to prevent the Dominion push from being successful.

A majority of the assignments Dante participated in remain classified. What is known is that he spent the entire conflict on the frontline, outright refusing the option to command a listening post. He saw action on numerous Federation planets, most notably on Betazed during their occupation. Whilst there he was ordered to disguise himself as a Betzoid and attempt to get into the service of the Vorta assigned to the administration of the planet. His plan failed, yet he was able to lead several sabotage missions that kept the Dominion forces busy and hope to slow down their progression into Federation space - a Gambit that succeeded with the Arrival of the 18th Fleet in 2375, towards the end of the conflict.

2375 - 2390 an early retirement

During his stay on Betazed sustained injuries that had required immediate attention at the time, yet due to his activities could only be given rudimentary health care. The prominent was a break in the shinbone that was incorrectly set, leaving him with a permanent limp that was painful with every step. He decided once again to take a break from the Fleet this time taking over a decade off in order to fix his leg.

Not much happened in Dante’s life during his time off. His tendency to remain social hesitant, but for his parents, had prevented him from forming any meaningful bonds outside the fleet. He did eventually get the treatment required for his leg, but that damage was done to the surrounding nerves - as a result, he still walks with a slight limp, but the injury now has no major impact on his quality of life and he remained fit enough to resume active duty at a later date.

He returned to his parents for 5 years before spending another decade roaming the stars, this them taking part in the rebuilding efforts that had yet to be resolved throughout this half of the galaxy. They would still be ongoing, yet in their final stages, when Dante decided he had done enough and resumed his duty with Starfleet.

2390 - 2394 first assignment back in the fleet

For the first time since graduation, Dante sought out a more mundane assignment. He requests the position of Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer aboard Starbase 231 preventing himself from having to worry about deep cover for the next five years. Eventually, he found that he enjoyed, for lack of a better term, operating with a more administrative approach, with most of his field being the analyzation and decryption of any suspicious data intercepted by the Federation Assets serving their territory.

2394 - Transfers to the Elysium

Not long after receiving his promotion he received word that he’d be transferred to the U.S.S. Immediately, via shuttle, to replace their previous Intel Chief. He immediately disembarked with the Elysium's current heading at hand. Starfleet Intelligence wanted them to receive their replacement immediately so as not to disrupt operations. His current heading is Deep Space Nine
Service Record 2350: Enrolled at Starfleet Academy, Accepted and promoted to the rank of Cadet 4th Class.

2351: Promoted to Cadet 3rd Class

2352: Promoted to Cadet 2nd Class

2353: Promoted to Cadet 4th Class

2354: Graduated SFA, Promoted to the rank of Ensign.

2354 - 2367: Analyst for multiple Federation Listening Posts. Participated in several field operations. Data on which is Classified. Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade 2360.

2367: Intelligence Officer, USS Bonestell, Oberth Class. Received orders to retrieve as much information as possible from the Borg Cube during the Battle of Wolf 359. Promoted to Lieutenant due to his participation.

2367: Suspended his active duty.

2373: Resumed active duty due to the outbreak of the Dominion War.

2373: Multiple highly classified operations.

2374: Assigned to Betazed for temporary R&R. Was ordered to remain planetside.

2375: Suspended duty in order to recuperate from injuries sustained during the occupation.

2390: Resumed active duty, assigned to SB231. Assigned as Chief Intelligence Officer

2394: Reassigned U.S.S. Elysium, Chief Intelligence Officer.

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Vertical scar running through the outer edge of his right eyebrow, an injury sustained during the Battle of Wolf 359.

Sustained moderate damage to the left leg. A result of improper treatment to a transverse fracture of the proximal tibia. Sustained nerve damage that has proven difficult for SFMedicine to repair, causing the El-Aurian male to walk a slightly pronounced limp. May experience pain after prolonged usage of the damaged leg.

Must undertake a medical review by an officer with the relevant prerequisites or any assets senior Medical Officer quarterly and/or upon new assignment.
Allergies/Health Issues None
Counseling Review Whilst a majority of his counselling reviews are redacted, it’s clear that the events Dante has taken part in during his time at Starfleet have significantly agitated the distrust he’d developed due to his parent's questionable approach to providing him with anonymity. This distrust is elevated when interacting with fellow veterans of the Dominion War or fellow Intelligence personnel.

Still, harbors tremendous distrust for the Dominion.

Due to the calming effect, his work has on him, it's considered beneficial for the Intelligence Officer to remain on active duty in order to allow his mind access to an environment that may help him heal from the psychological trauma he's endured as a participant in the Federations two most recent conflicts.

Yearly reviews required.