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Lieutenant JG Shiannah Shannas

Name Shiannah Lorelei Shannas

Position Former Crew member

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Romulan
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 70lbs
Hair Color Black/grey
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Shiannah is a woman of medium height and, at 53, somewhat older than the usual crew-member. Though, despite, her age, she was obviously a beuty in her youth and retains much of good looks. She is obvious asian/middle eastern background with dark hair and olive/brown skin though she alos has Romulan blood (her mother).


Spouse none
Children Estranged daughter Kamila Hersan Shannas (location unknown).
Father Dr Kaliffa Hussain Shannas
Mother Cmdr Lucat Brevan-Shannas(Romulan)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Younger sister Janis Halas Shannas (believed deceased) - famous musician who went missing with the USS Janus.
Other Family Various cousins and distant relatives.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shiannah Shennas is a complicated character, softly spoken though with a will of iron. She is a politician and mover behind the scenes who (inadvertantly) became involved in Temporal disturbances and other investigations. She is ever the calm at the heart of the storm, unbending and unyielding.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Intelligent and strong willed.
Well-read and schooled.
Charasmatic yet softly spoken.

Untrusting and secretative.
Others see her as not a "team player"
Morally ambiguous.
Ambitions unknown
Hobbies & Interests Plays the violin to a professional standard.
Excellent (and ruthless) chess player.
Paints watercolours.
Languages Various (Inc: English, Hindi, Urdu, Romulan and Klingon)

Character Background

Personal History Shiannah was born on the Earth's moon as her father was a career diplomat (recently returned from Romulas as Ambassador with a Romulan wife).

Though she had an unhappy childhood as her mother and father seperated when she was ten (it is believed her mother returned to her homeworld) leaving her husband and two daughters on the Moon. She grew mostly in the care of her aunt (Claudia Shennas the famous concert painist) in her sparaling hillside estate in India (Earth) so she was taught music form an early age.

Shiannah followed her father into the diplomatic service (following a stint in SF Academy followed by University in Mumbai, India and MIT). She has doctorates in Xeno-Physcology and Xeno-Liguistics (speaking fluent Romulan and Klingon as well as Cardassian and some other non-terran languages to a lesser degree).

Her career path then took an unexpected twist as she was engaged by SF Intelligence whilst serving as Diplomatic Liason Officer on Cardassia Prime. She served on several diplomatic missions across the Galaxy over the next twenty years also acting as a conduit/survelaince officer for SF Intelligence (a low level "spook").

During a mission at DS7 on the USS Triton in the Incannu Expanse she was caught up in a temporal displacement (caused by the various rifts in the Expanse)

[Restricted/deleted information/Classified] SF Intelligence.

Following the 'Triton Incident' [Classified] she was then considered for re-training and was re-classified as a Temporal Investiagtions Officer and all the weirdness that Temporal and dimensional shifts can effect.

Service Record 4 Years SF Academy.
3 Years University of Mumbai.
2 Years at MIT.
SF Dimplatic Service (Inc. Cardassia, Ferengina and Romulan relations).
SF Intelligence [Information Classified]
Temporal Investiagtions [Under edict of SF Intelligence/Temporal Research]

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Shiannah Shennas has a high IQ (upper 2%) with a quick mind and near eidectic memory.
Physically she is a as fit as a woman half her age despite an old wound [Classified] to her left ankle.
She passed the standard medical and physical assement.
Allergies/Health Issues She has an old injury on her left ankle [Classified] though this does not affect her physical capability.
Counseling Review Dr I.V. Schiller reporting.

"Ms Shennas shows a high ability in the upper brain functions, is quick and intelligent. Though, psychclogically, she seems at a different level than your average individual with a schcsm that, at first appearance, appears close to a split personality... She remains calms under even the strongest of influences which I have only seen before in subjects of a Vulcan or Borg background.." [Report Restricted]