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Lieutenant JG Jessinia Kopl-Johnson

Name Jessinia Marie Kopl-Johnson

Position Academy Instructor - Intelligence Training Track

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betaziod (genetic 2% Natural blonde/ light color eyes..
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 127
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color Hazel brown
Physical Description Very Busty.. 44DD/24/35.. Long well cared for "Signature" hair. Lean muscled.. Faked tattoes.(Situational) Fashionista


Spouse eric Johnson (Deceased) 2391..
Children Mavric Heath Kopl-Johnson.. M. (2387). 7.

Marnie Eric Kopl-Johnson.. F. (2390). 4.
Father Denan Kopl. (2330)
Mother Feria Kopl. (2333)
Brother(s) Sern. (2355) Earth. Federation Communications bureu, technologist
Fenn. (2355) Betazed. Weapons engineer. Serrinto Weapons research firm
Heath. (2355) deceased. Starfleet. Battle of Cardassia..

Calh.(2355) Disposition whereabouts unknown.. (2371)
Sister(s) None..
Other Family "Uncle" Jed Jeddadah Kopl.. Bureu chief Federation Marshal's service, Orion Sector..

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cool, senseul, Deadly.. A fighter at heart. Sees the universe as a constant struggle..
Strengths & Weaknesses +Powerful "offensive" telepathy.. Strict rules of engagement. Controlled by Ships Captain.
+Extreme stealth/ self masking..
+/- sexually overpowering
-Not very strong
-Not fast
Ambitions Command a strike cruiser, leading edge of frontier..
Hobbies & Interests Fashion(business, modeling) Singing. Her children..
Languages Betazed. Standard. Some romulan..

Character Background

Personal History Born 2358 Onroute from Betazed to Earth aboard the Uss Bataan, Akira class.. Her mother was a negociator for the Federation Marshal's service. Her father a weapons engineer.. The Kopl family is the 21rst ranked "House" of Betazed. A long time weapons and security corporation. they fell from favor a century ago. This is blamed in turn for the attack and temporary take over of the Betazed homeworld by the Jem'Hadar in 2374.

By 2381 The Kopl house was a leading faction in the renewed "Defense" industry.... At the time of the take over of Betazed, The Children of the Kopl family were evacuated under fire.. Her parents staying on world, leading the resistance ending in the retaking of Betazed.. As soon as she reached Earth Jessinia petitioned to join starfleet.. Starfleet had stopped taking in new recruits till after the war.. She turned to her next love. Fashion.. She modeled, did a some singing and public support of the Federation and Starfleet till 2380..
As a "Starlet" with a successful fashion line.. She tested very high in areas completely unexpected.. Being from the Kopl family line, made things all the more "Interesting"
Starfleet intell took interest based on her heritage and high powered (Offensive) Telepathy.
She graduated in 2384 top in her class in group tactics and security protocol.. She served 8 months as an ensign on Starbase 12. before being put on assignment for intel. Working a sex slave op where she was instrumental in cracking the group, her work responsible for the rescue of no less than 100 slaves across the federation..
From that point she was assigned as a team leader and conducted top secret ops till 2387. Released to "General" intel service, she became a spokeswomen for security matters and put a "Face" on intel ops..
In this role she meet and fell in Lust with a former American football player who was also a security consultant for a Federation firm. She was 2 months pregnant when they married in December of 2387. They were Imzadi.. She continued in the public face of intel, she reached Lcdr. In 2391. She would lose her husband in mysterious circumstances less than a month later. With a newborn and a toddler, she was crushed.. Nearly abandoning her commission.. It was her parents that took her in renewing her spirit.. She would return to active service by taking a far flung assignment to the Elysium...
Service Record academy 2380-2384.. security specialist. Ensign. Starbase 12

Security intel ops 2385-2387..

Intel "observable" ops/public relations. 2387-2392

leave of absence 2393..

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Stable telepathy. Stable mentality. Physically healthy. Nominal physical strength. Powerful telepathy with trained "offensive" capabilities.(tightly controlled used under command authorization only...)
Allergies/Health Issues No health issues of note.. Allergy to cinnomon.
Counseling Review Strong hearted. Willful. Sexually forward at times.. Humble and lonely at times.. Couragous under fire.. takes commands well. Able to take command when needed.