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Lieutenant Commander Dyhei Liducca

Name Dyhei Liducca

Position Former Crew member

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian/Betelgeusian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 1.02m
Weight 89lbs
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Dyhei's cultural roots are apparent in her appearance bearing several markers that point to both Andorian and Betelgeusian heratage, for starters her tall frame and quite slender frame, and red flashes around her mouth and nasal area, combined with the silver shoulder length hair and short stubby antenna give her a certain graceful, if striking appearance. As with all of her species a denser bone structure make her more capable than her appearance would suggest. Her expressions and body language give a more care worn appearance these days.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Carefree and easy going, a perennial optimist, with habit of looking for the good in any of her assignments, people she watches over, projects she organizes. This tends to override any annoyance at the ‘mess’ she makes. She cares, deep down she cares a lot, which is where her passionate streak kicks in, she will jealously defend the people and the ideals she holds dear.
Strengths & Weaknesses A hopeless romantic, she found the right man once but he and her young son was ripped away from her, that has yet to and is unlikely to stop her from trying to find another one however.

She has her own way of doing things which often looks as though it isn’t a system at all, clothes, PADD’s (she’s one of the few that still has an carries or deals with more than one), cups, plates ect all seem to clutter her living/work space much to the despair of the scientific experts she organizes, shipmates, friends and in the past bunkmates.
Hobbies & Interests Her none work interests are where her outgoing and flitting nature come in to its own, her interests are always changing. At present her main pursuits are rockclimbing for the outdoors as well as the toning and fitness concerns, 3D chess to keep her mind active and sharp

Character Background

Personal History colony brat from Alta Terra IV, parents came from the line of the colony’s founding fathers and mothers for the planet of Andorra and a colony of refugees from Betelgeus, much of her early life was spent doing family chores, little ones to start with feed the smaller animals, assist her older brothers and sisters in mainatainace. On that colony there is no such thing as man’s or woman’s work, everyone helps out where necessary. With all the outdoorsy jobs Dyhei developed a keen interest in the world around her from an early age

Despite the need to survive, education and learning were keenly promoted. The colony had an established school system which encouraged all to better themselves and in turn the colony, it did have a habit of pushing the brighter ones to pursue further education, with a view to returning and putting back into the colony, ties with the federation were used to good effect and guest tutors were brought in regularly. For Dyhei this translated her early experiences into an interest in science and history and related things as she progressed through the education system.

Dyhei started to think in terms of what to do with her life, her interests and skill sets and the fact she was looking at their version of classroom assistant as a possible future. The opportunity for a work placement as a trainee lab assistant with Starfleet presented itself, one which she grabbed with both hands.

Posted aboard the Alpha Regio, a Steamrunner-Class, for a six month placement, which consisted of plaitary surveys something that would put her to work, firstly she had mostly yeomanry tasks running assignments to and from different specialists within the department, even with in a high technology era the chief still preferred the human touch when handing out assignments. Logging in results from data collected was the next task Dyhei was assigned and as much responsibility she would be given on this placement. When her placement was up an offer was made from the chief science officer that presented her with a choice, one she had to make stay on the ship and join Starfleet or return home and re-join the colony with an almost guaranteed assistant role in the education system with the prospect of obtaining a full teaching position.
Service Record She returned to duty aboard the Alpha Regio, this time as full member of Starfleet, resuming her role as a lab technician, she picked up where she left off growing in confidence and abilities as she applied the scientific principals she had once learnt to her tasks. There were a few issues with her shipmates, more specifically her bunkmates. Her perceived lack of organizational skills in her personal affairs seemed to rub people up the wrong way, until she found a new bunkmate who seemed to have the same attitude Emily Harrison. The pair became the best of friends, Emily was a bit of party girl, with a love of the outdoors, an attitude that rubbed off on Heidy. The pair shared holodeck time, partied, drunk, double dated. This partnership heightened her habit of flitting attention between subjects and specialities. It was about this time the ship took on a new stellar cartographer, a Telerite by the name of Gless, Dyhei met fire with fire when it came to him voicing his views and opinions, they seemed to be permanently locked in a debate/argument of some kind. Unsurprisingly a mutual respect developed between the pair, what was surprisingly was the affection that followed. The pair started living together and sometime after this Dyhei fell pregnant, the pair married shortly after receiving the news. Garow-Jean was born on stardate 238852.1, despite the inherent risks and difficulties it would entail the pair chose to remain in starfleet and the CO granted them permission to remain on the Alpha Regio.

Dyhei returned to her duties and the three of them began the process of juggling duty commitments and child care commitments. They were just beginning to get the hang of the task when tragedy struck. While mapping a solar system an unknown substance was detected and brought aboard for analysis, as normal Heidy was the lab tech aiding in the experiments and analysis methods. She was presenting the piliminary reports along with the chief science officer, to the captain, when due to vent being left open part of the substance turned to gaseous state and ultimately interacted with the warp plasma in the starboard nacelle. The resulting overload and explosion annihilated half the ship, only the automated safety systems saved the rest of the ship, dumping the warp core, which exploded beneath them causing further damage. Over half the crew was lost in the explosion, among those lost included Dyhei partner Gless and four month-old son Garrow-Jean.

She spent the next few months on starbase 246 on temporary assignment, still grieving and trying to work out what to do for the best. A visit from her estranged family almost pulled her back home. But then she remembered why she joined Starfleet and almost as important why Gless joined Starfleet, reminding herself of this made her mind up. She would request another ship posting, which was the USS Himalaya, another steamrunner-class, despite being initially reticent about the memories it might provoke she chose to meet it head on. Her assignment changed also, she was now part of the general operations department rather than the science department.

Her new role was almost perfect for her, she dealt with and assisted the ship’s crew as a whole rather than just one department, the Himalaya was tasked with patrol routes as well, meaning a lot of tasks that were required of her had to be done on a regular and routine bases, both of these helped a lot, giving her a stable environment as she coped with her losses. After three years of patrols, on the Romulan, Cardasian and Breen boarders. Dyhei was recommended for a promotion and assignment back to a position in the science department, both of which were approved along with a transfer to the Pegasus-D. Her initial reticence in re joining a department that was costly linked to a painful experience, manifested in several have drinking sessions, one of which brought her in contact with the ships chief of security and a night sobering up in the brig.

Following this start to her period on the Pegasus, the woman kept a low profile as well as resuming her regular appointments with the ship board councilor

Medical and Psychological Information