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The U.S.S. Elysium is the first of her class and apart of Starfleet's Ninth (Obsidian) Fleet, under the Command of one the youngest CO in the Fleet, the Elysium's role is one of diplomacy, scientific discovery and support in times of need. Boasting the most advanced technology available to the Federation and being fully holographic. The Elysium is home to some of the brightest minds in Starfleet as well as some unique positions, there is the Office of Internal Affairs and the elusive Department of Temporal Investigations which allows the Elysium to respond to any issue in her vicinity or threat to the timeline. There is also the first of 4 mobile branches of Starfleet Academy where cadets from all around the Federation can get hands-on experience aboard a fully operational Starfleet Vessel under the watchful gaze of an official representative of the Academy and one of the most experienced Admirals the Federation can offer.

The story so far...

The year is now 2394, and the Elysium was lost. But now, the Elysium returns home, without the Admiral. And the crew, led by Commander Phoenix Lalor, faced an uncertain future ahead.

Now with a crew which is a mix of old and new faces, the Crew of the Elysium sets out to reclaim their place in the Fleet, and to show that the trust Sharr had placed in them was not misplaced.

We join the Elysium as they enter a new year, though this New Year brings more challenges and more horrors...

Ship Awards

USS Elysium follows the Destruction of Romulus timeline in accordance with Fleet Council Measure 046.

Task Force 72

Obsidian Fleet

Commander Phoenix Lalor
Commanding officer

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Commander Gary Taylor
Executive Officer

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  • October 2017 - Michael Andrews

  • Latest News Items

    » Please Welcome : New Chief of Operations

    Posted on Fri Oct 13th, 2017 @ 6:31am by Commander Phoenix Lalor in General News

    Good morning

    Please welcome Sar, and her character Lieutenant Arrianna Salannis an Vantar our new chief of operations.

    Lieutenant, we are on MD 2 currently, night time, a few hours out from the starbase we just left. Your character would have come on board before our departure.

    Welcome to the Elysium!

    » Its raining... September GOLD award!

    Posted on Mon Oct 9th, 2017 @ 5:38am by Commander Phoenix Lalor in Sim Announcement

    Ladies and Gentlemen,


    Captain, message coming in from IFS2! Message says: New News Article - Task Force 72 - September Report - click http://obsidianfleet.tech/2017/10/08/task-force-72-september-report/ to find out more

    » Captain, message coming in from IFS2!

    Posted on Tue Oct 3rd, 2017 @ 7:11am by Commander Phoenix Lalor in General News

    Captain, message coming in from IFS2!

    Message says: New News Article - New Character Hub in IFS2! - click http://obsidianfleet.tech/2017/10/02/new-character-hub-ifs2/ to find out more

    » From Admiral DuLac

    Posted on Sun Oct 1st, 2017 @ 6:38am by Commander Phoenix Lalor in General News

    From the JFC;

    @everyone I'm happy to announce the newest feature in IFS2 has just gone live - The Character Hub is now available for you to create your characters. This is our first iteration, we'll be adding things like awards, service records, etc. to it over the next few months but we're so happy/excited about it we want to put it in your hands now for you to start adding your characters to the fleet :D

    It's available to all members via the IFS menu or directly at http://obsidianfleet.tech/my-characters/

    Have fun!

    » Character Change

    Posted on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 9:19pm by Commander Phoenix Lalor in General News

    Good morning all,

    Today, Dan, who plays Dante Xithia has chosen to swap out his PC. His Intelligence Chief Dante, will remain as Chief for the time being as an NPC.

    His new PC is a returning Character, Lieutenant Commander Ephraim Parish, who will be returning as an Engineering Instructor/Engineer when his duties permit.

    http://uss-elysium.com/nova/index.php/personnel/character/72 is where you can find his character.

    He will be joining us at Starbase Gamma.


    Commander P Lalor

    Latest Mission Posts

    » Sobering Dreams

    Mission: Episode: 4 Do the Dead Frighten you?
    Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 @ 4:14am by Lieutenant Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Cadet Senior Grade Toumun

    WARNING!!! Some sexual references, and implied violence

    Arri continued to walk down the corridor, but something was wrong. She felt... intoxicated, and the world around her seemed unreal. It was also like she had no concept of morality, she just wanted something fun to do. She moved to a panel…

    » Caught In The Act

    Mission: Episode: 4 Do the Dead Frighten you?
    Posted on Fri Oct 20th, 2017 @ 9:06am by Cadet Senior Grade Michiko Maruyama


    Michiko was sitting at her workstation at home, doing what she spent most of her days with: coding. A second workstation next to hers had the sole function to be used for testing her creations and their objective did not fit at all with the surroundings in which they…

    » Departure Party

    Mission: Episode: 4 Do the Dead Frighten you?
    Posted on Thu Oct 19th, 2017 @ 2:56am by Cadet Senior Grade Toumun & Cadet Senior Grade Michiko Maruyama & Ensign River Waters & Cadet Junior Grade Rick Prymm & Cadet Sophomore Grade Vilgi Morr & Avalon


    It was tradition. Every time the Ely left a starbase, Holodeck 1 was opened up for all cadets, regardless of age. the theme changed each time. This time, it was a massive water park with waterslides and wave pools. And a large sandy beach area where tables and chairs…

    » Medical lesson planning

    Mission: Episode: 4 Do the Dead Frighten you?
    Posted on Thu Oct 19th, 2017 @ 2:55am by Ensign Gareb Endilev

    "Computer. Begin Medical lesson program Gareb alpha one." Gareb said. A manifestation of the sickbay of USS Voyager appeared. Gareb walked through and nodded. A thought kept nagging him about it being a little too big for his needs. He tried to think of a real test for his cadets,…

    » Underwater Boundaries

    Mission: Episode: 4 Do the Dead Frighten you?
    Posted on Wed Oct 18th, 2017 @ 10:18pm by Cadet Senior Grade Toumun

    Dragged ya down below
    Down to the devil's show
    To be his guest forever
    Peace of mind is less than never
    Hate to twist your mind
    But God ain't on your side
    An old acquaintance severed
    Burn the world your last endeavor
    - Song "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold

    Toumun had…

    Latest Personal Logs

    » A New Beginning

    Posted on Fri Sep 29th, 2017 @ 12:45am by Lieutenant Savar

    Savar looked around his quarters, there was nothing special or note worthy about them except for
    the fact they were larger than his previous quarters and would easily hold a bookcase or two for his

    Before departing the starbase, he had taken the opportunity to read up on the…

    » High Hopes and Chance Encounters

    Posted on Thu Sep 21st, 2017 @ 3:18pm by Lieutenant JG Ja'Marcus Brandt

    Ja'Marcus sat in his bunk, aboard a small transport ship, en route to Starbase Gamma, dressed in a pair of black BDU's, and a white t-shirt, both copiously stained, ripped, and filthy, after having participated in a tactical simulation the ship's sec/tac officer had invited him to be a part…

    » Personal Log

    Posted on Mon Sep 11th, 2017 @ 1:31pm by Lieutenant Commander Matias Grronkil

    Personal Log,

    Lt. Commander Matias Grronkil
    Chief Engineer
    USS Elysium

    My crew and I have been working hard to get essential operations up, the main power, the weaponry, and shields. So far, there has been some success. What is that term humans use? Yes, with duct tape and bubble gum,…

    » Chief Counselor's Duty Log #1 - "Hitting the Ground Running"

    Posted on Mon Jul 17th, 2017 @ 1:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Tate Sullivan Ph.D.

    Where do I even begin?

    I must admit, when I found out I was being assigned to the USS Elysium, I wasn't sure how to feel at first. Was is a step backward because I had been here before? Certainly, some people I talked to wondered that aloud. Granted, many…

    » Afterthoughts and aftershocks

    Posted on Mon Jul 17th, 2017 @ 3:39am by Commander Aurelia Holmes

    "Computer, record personal log.

    It's been several hours since Commander Taylor left. He did say I could call him Gary, but after what happened I'm not so sure he's even going to want to talk to me. I let slip some family ghosts and past failed relationship details, then chose…