Starfleet Academy Operations Branch

Created by Captain Phoenix Lalor on Sun May 27th, 2018 @ 8:33pm

Starfleet Academy Operations Branch

This is the Major for Cadets who wish to pursue advancement in the command line fields of Starfleet.

Operations Majors provide an interface between the day-to-day normal activities of the crew on board ship and the command personnel. Operations personnel study a program designed to give them a working knowledge of all other divisions in Starfleet. Ops Officers are frequently trained to become commanders themselves. The Ops Cadet usually takes courses in both Communications and Helm/Navigation, but can take any other division as a Minor.

Training include:

* Administration

* Astrogation: Warp Drive

* Astrophysics

* Electronics Operations: Communications

* Electronics Operations: Photon Torpedoes

* Electronics Operations: Starship Phasers

* Electronics Operations: Security Systems

* Electronics: Communications

* Electronics: Computers

* Electronics: Sensors

* Gunner: Photon Torpedoes

* Gunner: Starship Phasers

* Pilot: Runabout

* Pilot: Starship

* Strategy: Space

* Tactics: Small Units

* Tactics: Space

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