Starfleet Academy Engineering Branch

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Starfleet Academy Engineering Branch

Engineering personnel provide the necessary repair and upkeep of equipment aboard ship. It is suggested that prospective Engineers select one (or more) Engineering skills to specialize in.

Note that Starfleet Engineers, at first, are primarily concerned with the various electronics systems throughout the ship. This is due to the Federation's heavy use of electronic equipment for almost every function. The only non-electronic equipment aboard most ships are the Warp drives and Impulse engines. However, Engineers can specialize in any Engineering or Mechanic field, because Starfleet encourages research and development of newer and better systems.

Cadets Majoring in Engineering usually take Helm/Navigation as their Minor. Some smaller ships may use the Engineer as a back-up commander. Those Engineers may Minor in Operations, and will want to go to Command School.

This is located in the newly-refurbished Zephram Cochrane Building. The Engineering College covers all aspects of engineering including Theories, Concepts, Technologies and Applications. The Head of Engineering School is Commodore Lisa Jukaroth.

Training includes:

* Armoury: Phasers

* Armoury: Photon Torpedoes

* Armoury: Starship Phasers

* Electronics: Communications

* Electronics: Computers

* Electronics: Deflector Shields

* Electronics: Life Support

* Electronics: (specialty)

* Electronics: Sensors

* Electronics: Transporters

* Engineer: (specialty)

* Engineer: Impulse Drives

* Engineer: Warp Drives

* Mechanic: (specialty)

* Mechanic: Impulse Drives

* Mechanic: Warp Drives

* Subspace Mechanics

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