Starfleet Academy Counselling Branch

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Starfleet Academy Counselling Branch

Counselors act as general overseers of the crew's mental well-being. They give advice and guidance for personal problems that crewmembers may have. If necessary, they can provide psychiatric and psychological treatment and care. Counselors can also refer clients to other medical personnel for more conventional treatments. They work closely with the Chief Medical Officer. They may have several more Language, Psychology, and Xenology skills than the requirements below. Counselors do not have to choose a Minor.

Training includes:

* Diagnosis: (Terran)

* Diagnosis: (native or non-Terran)

* Diagnosis: (non-native and non-Terran)

* Diplomacy

* Electronics Operations: Life Support

* Electronics Operations: Medical

* Language: (non-native)

* Physiology: (Terran)

* Physiology: (native or non-Terran)

* Psychology: (Terran)

* Psychology: (native or non-Terran)

* Psychology: (non-native and non-Terran)

* Xenobiology: General

* Xenology: General

* Xenology: (non-native)

* Xenophysiology (non-native and non-Terran)

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