Character Rules and Regulations

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Section 1.2 Character Rules and Regulations

Due to Fleet policies, no character can be related, either by blood or marriage, to any of the canon Star Trek characters (Picard, Sisko, Worf, etc.). Also, no character can be close friends with a canon character. You can have served on Deep Space Nine as an Ensign in operations, but you cannot have been Asst, Chief of Operations and regularly have had lunch with Bashir and O'Brien. You also cannot be Picard after his retirement. This is a breach of copyright laws and we'd rather not get sued, thanks.

I don’t care if you have played your applying character on several other Obsidian Fleet ships as is, we expect all characters to be well written and unique. You may transfer characters over, but they must be legitimate transfers as I will not accept your character being a carbon copy of 5 others in the fleet.

Be unique in your writing. If a player wishes to be a Cardassian diplomat, or a Reman bartender, that would be acceptable. Exchange officers such as those found in the Klingon Officer Exchange Program in Next Generation are subject to approval and will be given a provisional rank. No shape shifters of any kind will be allowed on this SIMM. Non-canon species are subject to approval by the Commanding Officer. There will be no monkeys with collapsing skeletons or androids that trans-mutate into robotic dogs or floating dolphins. No application will be accepted that includes Yodas, wookies, werewolves, Harry Potter centaurs, vampires, goa'uld, Jaffa, Asgard, Frankenstein monsters, Holograms or "Jar Jar Binx", robotic animals, talking rocks, or imaginary friends.

A player character is not permitted to be one the races listed below. Additions or subtraction to this list may be made by Joint Fleet Command.
  • Non-Humanoid Races (big rock creatures, Tribbles, etc.)
  • Q, Iconians, Dowd
  • Breen
  • Androids
  • Borg in the Collective
  • Jem-Hadar
  • Vorta
  • Shapeshifters
  • Suliban
  • Indigenous Delta Quadrant Races
  • Species 8472
  • There will be no superhero characters such as Qs, genetic engineered humans, 7'5" Klingons, or uber-Marines. There will also be no Mr. Uber Telepathic Men on board. As a whole, the members of this simm do not want Q, Q's mom, Q's Dad, or Q's little sister board this simm and we certainly don't want any Q2's or Lady Q's here. We all want to be special, but let's stay realistic within the realm of the races as they were played in the TV shows. While Star Trek books are good to read, and I have read many of them they are not generally accepted as canon.

    No god modding or superhero syndrome will be accepted. You cannot be alone and unarmed and surrounded by million Borg and magically incapacitate them all with the Vulcan nerve pinch. It wouldn't happen in the series and it's not going to happen here. Also, you cannot solve the entire mission by yourself and leave nothing for anyone else to do. This is a joint writing effort and everyone deserves their time in the limelight. Also, one writer cannot tell another how to play their character nor can one player tell another how to play their department. Each player has their own PC, NPCs, and department and cannot make demands on how others should play theirs. This is called god modding and will not be tolerated.

    In regards to god modding, no telepathic character can effect another member of the simm without their express written consent. This is considering a violation of respect and will be dealt with. Please see the Policy on Telepathic laws. Section 2.2

    Please keep in mind that what you do in character can affect your character both in good ways and bad ways. If you are going to do something stupid in character, please be prepared for your character to suffer the consequences of it. If your character decides to show up for duty drunk, unshaven, with a bottle of whiskey in his hand then you need to be ready to deal with his superiors giving him a talking to IC. No one would get away with it in the series and no one’s going to get away with it here. For more information, please read our policy on Military Protocol and Customs. Section 2.3

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