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Posted on Sun Oct 7th, 2018 @ 11:09pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Anya Neeze & Commander Gary Taylor & Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Corridor

Carrying two paintball guns, Anya rang the doorbell to Fernando's cabin. "Hey Fernando", she called. "I could use your help preparing an ambush."

The door hissed open an instant later and Fernando peered at her, "An ambush?" He inquired with interest, "Who are we going to ambush?"

"Ensign Norris", Anya said, handing him one of the guns. "Paintball. It'll be fine, she has a sense of humour. We won't end up in the brig, I promise."

Taking the gun a wolfish grin appeared on his face. "Who's Ensign Norris? And you can't just walk and shoot her. That's no fun. This has to be done with style?" He added gleefully.

"She's an engineer who took me tanking on the holodeck", Anya explained. "In a world war two era Sherman. Horrible little box but fun to drive. She has a baby, though. We'll have to catch her when she's alone. Can't risk hitting the little one."

"A world war two holoprogram?" Fernando repeated then got back to the task at hand. "Agreed. No hurting the baby. Do you happen to know her schedule?"

"Yes, she will come off duty in about five minutes", Anya said. "She'll be on her way from engineering to the daycare centre."

"So we have to ambush her before she gets to the day care center." He tilted his head at her, "You sure she's going to be okay with this? She's an officer you know.''

"I'm sure, don't worry", Anya smiled. "She's also Scottish. From Aberdeen. The town, not the ship where I was born. I think she likes me."

"Okay good. Wait. You think she likes you? You aren't sure?"

"Stop worrying", Anya said. "She either likes me, or she's generally a friendly sort. Maybe both. Either way, we're good. Don't overthink it. This is supposed to be funny, nothing more."

"Okay, okay." He said nodding his head. "Funny, got it. What colors you got in these by the way?" He asked out of curiosity.

"Bright orange", Anya grinned. "No denying getting hit. Nothing to get medical staff passing by bent out of shape." She led the way down the corridor to a suitable ambush location.

"Excellent." He agreed and followed his co conspirator down the hall.

"Now, I'm expecting her to come out of this lift any minute now", Anya said. "How do you want to do it? Hide in the apse, wait until she's passed us and then hit her in the butt? I wouldn't be the only one any more."

"We could both shoot her in the butt or....." He paused for a moment, "One could shoot her in the front and if she turns away the other get her in the butt."

"Excellent!" Anya grinned. She pointed at a slightly recessed doorway. "You hide there, I'll melt into the wall here." She stood, back to the wall, to the right of the turbolift access. Gallia would have to walk right past her, and Anya was just outside the peripheral vision so she would not be noticed

"I have my moments." Fernando quipped as he moved into his assigned position and waited for their victim to come by.

Gallia was wondering through the hallway, going over some diagnostic results on her PADD, "Looks like we need ta get the holograms ta scrub the warp coils more than once a week." She remarked, making a note to pass that information along to Kara and the Chief Engineer, "So many things we're gonna need on a ship this size...."

Fernando stepped from his hiding place, Norris was so deep I thought she didn't even see him. He raised the gun and fired. The shot exploded on the front of her tunic covering it in bright orange.

"Aaah! BLOODY HELL!" Gallia screamed, her eyes quickly focusing on a young man in front of her with a paintball gun, "Ya think that's funny, ya bastard? I oughta see how funny ya think it is when I stick that thing in yer arse!"

"Fear not!" Anya announced from behind. She rushed past Gallia. "I'll defend you from this assassin!" She unleashed a fully automatic stream of orange paint on poor, unsuspecting Fernando.

Fernando's look of triumph, victory, was dashed in an instant as Anya shot him repeatedly with bright orange paintballs.

It was at that moment Gallia realized what was happening, and she was incensed, "No bloody body asked me if I wanted ta play!" She grumbled, "Nobody brought me a gun, nor any paintballs, nothin'! Bloody selfish. Bet your arses I'll getcha back for that."

Anya grinned, triumphant. "But you'll have to shoot in blue and white", she said. "Hmm, looks like drinks are on Fernando, though. He lost this round."

"Lemme change shirts and I'll join ya." Gallia said to Anya, turning to Fernando, "An' ya oughta know I like my scotch twelve years old."

Fernando looked between Anya and Gallia, he nodded realizing he had been set up. "Yes sir." He said dejectedly "Twelve year old scotch."

"Let's all meet in the holodeck in an hour?" Anya suggested. "Scotch, and more ammunition for all?"

"Oh, so Gallia gets ta play this time?" She replied in mock indignation, "Bloody decent of ya!" With a laugh she set off towards her quarters, she'd meet with them in an hour for shots of several varieties.

"In an hour." Fernando agreed as he turned to go back to his quarters, change his tunic and meet up with Anya and Gallia.


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