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Romulan plus Orion equals Trouble

Posted on Sun Feb 9th, 2020 @ 11:47pm by Commander Mishka Valdran & Commander Thomas Pierpoint

Mission: Return Of A Bad Penny
Location: Bridge of the Havraha
Timeline: Current
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Mishka sat on her bridge and watched the Elysium on her sensors, her vessel was cloaked and sat above the magnetic pole which helped hide it. Her new XO, a employee of the Orions, stood in front of her inspecting the ship's functions. "Is there something I can do for you?" Valdran's voice dripped with ice cold venom, "This is a Romulan vessel, remember that".

The XO in question turned to face her, He was a fairly tall man a human, he had been a commander in Starfleet. His name was Thomas Pierpoint. He well proportioned. His eyes were piercing. His face chiseled and sharp. He spoke with a slight touch of humor. "Oh, trust me Captain, I could never forget that fact and no there's nothing you can do for me." He smiled the smile of a predator. He knew Mishka didn't want him here but as she was employed by the Orions just like he was she and he had to make the best of a bad situation but if they played their cards right both could profit from it.

This Human's attitude offended her, he had no right to stand in her bridge. But since being condemned traitor, neither she or her crew had any choice. The Orions were their only chance for staying alive until they could return home, and Mishka was going home to get revenge on those who had condemned her. "Why did they pick you without consulting me first?" Mishka knew her crew may not follow this Human, "Can you even follow orders and act as my Erei Riov? We Romulans do not care for Humans, especially traitors like you".

Thomas's face didn't change at Mishka's challenge/question. "That is an interesting question Captain as you and your crew are all considered traitors by the Romulan government is that not so?" He questioned. As for following orders, yes, I can. Would you like to try me?" He didn't back down from her or act subservient, that would have been his first and last mistake.

Mishka rose to strike this filthy Human but stopped herself, "Our condemnation was one of political revenge, yours was a personal choice". She sat back down her anger plain to see but fully in check, "What is your opinion of that Star Ship? Can this vessel destroy it? Could you fire on it and its crew?" She wanted this Human to know what he could expect from her and her crew, and his fate should he fail to impress her of them.

"Splitting of hairs Captain." Thomas replied as he shrugged his shoulders at her question. "Mine was a personal choice. I grew tired of Starfleet being overly accommodating to other races and then being forced into a backseat role." He turned to look at the Elysium. He studied it for several seconds before turning back to Mishka. "You can't destroy it in a straight up fight. She's too powerful. But you can destroy her if you are willing to wear her down like a wolf would wear down a bear. By constantly picking, striking at it. Then withdrawing. Never giving her crew a moments rest." He nodded his head, "Yes, I can fire on them. They mean nothing to me."

Valdran's eye's drilled into Pierpoint, "Outline a plan of action for pecking that bloated pig to death, if I approve this vessel will undertake that mission". Now she had him, would he follow her order? Or make some excuse, he may not know it but his life was now on the line.

"How soon do you wish to be able to review the plan for your consideration?" Thomas asked as he stood waiting Mishka's answer. Yet, even as he waited he was already outlining a plan of attack on the Elysium. An attack of harrying and sniping at the larger and more powerful ship.

Mishka glanced at the Federation vessel, "Now, but be aware if you disappoint me. Space is a cold place to die, I do not forgive those who serve me with stupidity". She had her own idea's on how she wanted to torment the Federation crew, and also gain revenge on certain members of the Command Staff. This Human was already annoying her, but the Orions wanted him here. But given the slightest provocation, he would be eliminated..

If Thomas was cowered by Mishka's threat he gave no sign of it. Instead he presented his plan. "The Elysium is in orbit, no doubt they have sent members of her crew down for shore leave where they are undoubtedly enjoying the many pleasures the planet has to offer. My plan is simple. When they begin to bring them back to the ship, they will be using their transporters and their shields will be down. We can slip in behind them, lay several mines in their path and even get one or two shots off before their shields go up." He smiled thinly. "However it serves your purpose to peck and harry the ship, weakening it with every attack."

"We will not fire upon the Federation vessel, they are to be left confused and worried by unexplained accidents". Mishka wanted her ship to remain undetected, so the only way proximity mines could be laid would be to launch them from the torpedo tubes. It would also place them exactly where Mishka wanted them, and make detecting them impossible.

Thomas gave a short nod, signaling his agreement with her instructions. "As you wish Captain." He answered smoothly. he had no problem serving under long as she could get the job done. "The crew will certainly be confused by this 'accident."

The use of the Federation word for her rank now sent Valdran into overload, "RIOV!!! My rank is Riov, this is a Romulan vessel NOT a Federation vessel. Make that mistake again and you will walk in space, do you understand Human?" Her anger was clear to see, the Romulan crew members visibly stepped back out of her line of fire. She glared at Pierpoint, deep within her mind she wanted him to react with typical Human distain of Romulan ways. If he did, he was dead.

Thomas smiled inwardly, he had found Mishka's weakness, her hatred of the Federation was all encompassing. He filed the knowledge away for future reference. "I apologize Riov. I meant no insult. You are quite correct. I will not make the mistake again." Even as he offered his 'apology' he could see the other crew member step back from Mishka's outburst. *Sheep, nothing but sheep.* He thought as he looked to Mishka.

"I don't care if your masters want you on my vessel, if you make another mistake I will be rid of you. Your stench is making me ill, and you look as if you haven't washed for several cycles". Pierpoint had now been served notice, his time was limited here.

Thomas showed no reaction to Mishka's childish insults. he knew she was baiting him wanting him to react. Her hatred would be her undoing. "Yes, the very same ones who get your ship parts and weapons." He replied coolly.

Biting back a response, Mishka slowly stood up. She crossed to where Pierpoint stood, a loud crack now split the silence as she slapped him hard across the face. "Get off my bridge, you are hereby confined to your cabin. I will be contacting you masters, and requesting a new piece of shit to take your place". She walked back to her seat but turned to face Pierpoint once again, "You may think that we need the Orion assistance, we do not. It serves us at this time, I tell you this so that you can tell who ever holds your leash". She sat down and looked about the bridge, "This is an Imperial Romulan Warbird, crewed by proud Romulans. Not by scum who turn traitor, simply because they don't like being told they are second best".

"As you wish Riov." He replied coolly. He would be making his own report and then they would see who needed who. Mishka was in for a rude shock, Her go it alone attitude didn't play well with the Orions as she would soon find out. However he would leave it to them to deliver the bad news to her. He walked to the lift, to exit the bridge. A slight shake of his head was the only appearance he gave of disapproval.

"Helm, take us closer to the Federation vessel. Operations, prepare to launch proximity mines. Box the ship with two mines on each side and also above and below". She watched her Human XO leave, there were things he didn't know or could even think of. The Federation had supply dumps on several other planets, Admiral Green had given her the locations of everyone of them. The Orions had nothing they couldn't do without, maybe the plan to stay with them needed to be re-thought.

As Thomas went to his cabin, he fought the urge to laugh out loud, Mishka was the classic arrogant Romulan. So self assured and confident in her own abilities. What she didn't know was the Orions knew of the supply dumps and were even now 'confiscating' them. She would find all avenues cut off except those the Orions provide.

Mishka shook her head, why did all these petty criminal types seem to think that Romulans were stupid. Not all depot dumps were unguarded, and not all dumps were simple to find. The supplies she required tended to be guarded, and the harder to find dumps held the other supplies needed by the Havraha. She noticed an Orion Corsair closing on the Elysium, "A stupid manoeuvre, but one we can use. Helm approach from the reverse side, Op's fire the torpedoes from maximum range. While they fight, we shall lay our mines and retire undetected". As her vessel moved into place, she smiled to her self. *Now you shall find only torment and fear*, she thought.


Riov Mishka Valdran
Romulan Vessel Havraha

Commander Thomas Pierpoint
Romulan Vessel Havraha


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By Commander Gary Taylor on Mon Feb 10th, 2020 @ 1:33am

She's baaaccckkkk!!!!!! The woman you love to hate Mishka Valdran. With all her cunning and hatred of the Federation. Especially the crew of the Elysium. She is sure to make their lives miserable but it's so much fun to watch and read.

Well done post and welcome back Mishka!!!!!!!!

Commander Gary Taylor