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Hearts Torn Asunder

Posted on Sun Sep 23rd, 2018 @ 11:23pm by Commander Aurelia Holmes & Commander Gary Taylor
Edited on on Sun Sep 23rd, 2018 @ 11:24pm

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Eclipse Sickbay
Timeline: Before Curtesy Call

Gary's shift had ended at it was time for him to pay a visit. A visit long overdo. Leaving the bridge, he took the lift to Sickbay. After a quick chat with one of the nurses, he found where they had put Lia. He walked softly to her bed, her face was turned away from him. She looked so little and fragile lying there a fact he knew had to be killing her. Lia would want to be where the action was and being sidelined at to be a hard pill to swallow.

He stopped just short of the bed and cleared his throat. " Hiya pretty lady. You come here often?" A grin plastered on his face.

Lia turned and looked at Gary, "Oh hi, what you doin' here? Shouldn't you be on the bridge defending the Federation?" She wasn't feeling great, her arm still hurt like hell and her ribs felt like someone had tried to split the uprights with her. "Sorry Gary, just not a very good patient. So has Liselle become your new number one yet?" She was trying not to move to much as it hurt, but she needed some sort of contact with Gary. Being here just made her feel isolated.

Gary smiled softly at her as he moved to sit gingerly on the side of the bed. He shook his head, "Nope, told the Federation they were going to have to do without for awhile had a very important lady I needed to see," He sighed, "Liselle is doing a fine job however she is second officer, you are my number one and don't you forget it." He saw her wince as she tried to move, "So, how are you doing? Ready to get out of here?"

"I've been formulating an escape plan for the past few hours, but the CMO seems to have eye's in the back of her head". Lia smiled and winced at the same time, she glanced at Gary. "You sure the Federation won't miss you?" Holding out her hand, she looked into his eye's. "It's the only bit that 'aint hurtin'", her other arm began to throb as she leant on it. "Liselle can do the job you know, they're talking about transferring me to a star base", she lay back down. Looking at the ceiling she sniffed as she tried not to cry, "I've gone and screwed this up, who knew such a little knock could do such damage?" Her heart sank as she thought about having to leave the Elysium.

"Let me know when your ready to spring it and I'll cover for you." Gary assure her as he reached to take and clasp her hand in his. "Miss Me? Nah I'm not even a blip on their sensors." He joked and grew silent. for a moment before continuing on." I know she can but I'm in no hurry to fill the spot. I have a hell of an XO now." He squeezed her hand softly. "Hey, hey. No crying. You haven't screwed anything up and no one is transferring you anywhere. So stop that kind of talk." He reached a hand out and caressed her cheek. "Come on, you'll be back on the bridge in no time, telling me all the things I'm doing wrong." He teased lightly.

Lia closed her eye's, "Don't think so, things are starting to get serious. You need an XO and Liselle is available, I just gotta do what I'm told". She held on to his hand tight, she felt that if she let go she would never be able to hold it again. "If I leave, promise me you won't stay by your self. We both know you have another girl you kinda like, give her a chance you just might hit it off". She gave Gary a weak smile, her heart wasn't in it anymore. She found it strange how life could alter so fast, one moment your flying high the next your crashing and burning. Looking back up at Gary she tried to cheer up, "I'll always love you, but maybe we weren't meant to be. Life can be like that, but I think we had fun while it lasted

Gary was quiet as Lia spoke. It broke his heart to hear her talk like she was. He shook his head in denial, "Stop it," He said firmly, "I'm not giving up on you or us. You are my XO. If I need to make a change at the XO position I will but not now. "I love you now and forever Lia. We have had fun and we're going to continue to have fun. Now please, cheer up and be positive don't let this get you down." He leaned forward and kissed
her full lips, savoring the taste and the love he had for this special woman.

Gary's kiss made her want more, but her condition made that impossible. She opened her eye's and looked straight at him, "Your not building walls again are you Gary?" She reached up and stroked his face, "Please don't, keep them down. You've made so much progress, and that girl I talked about don't do climbing". Her hand dropped and the pain seemed to shoot through her entire body, why would so little an injury cause so much trouble? "I'm trying to cheer up, but this place isn't one of my favorite hot spots to hang out". She attempted to giggle but coughed instead, "That hurt, remind me not to giggle will you".

"Lia....." He began but words failed him as she stroked his face, his eyes closing at her velvet touch. He knew she was referring to Liselle but right now that sounded like cheating. He saw her wince in pain, "Easy, easy." He said gently, "I'm not going anywhere and as far as walls, we'll see." He didn't want to talk about Liselle, he wanted to talk of Lia and himself. "Don't giggle." He attempted to sound stern but he began to chuckle as
he said it.

She could tell he wasn't facing the very painful truth, "You need to be honest, remember we promised". Looking up at the ceiling again, Lia slowly shook her head. "No giggling, it bloody hurts. Your not helping Gary, you nut". She squeezed his hand again, "Talk to the CMO, see what's happening. You never know, she might let me out on parole or something".

"I'm being honest." He insisted, "I'm not giving up on you or us. End of discussion." Giving her a soft squeeze in return, "Well sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you don't" He bantered with her, a bright grin on his face. "I will when I'm done here." He promised, "I'll sneak you outta here if I have to. You can be sure of that."

Lia looked up into his eye's, "I'm lucky you know, I don't have a nut allergy". She tried to laugh but stopped as it hurt her ribs to much, "Hey your supposed to be helping here, not adding to the problem by making me laugh". She shook her head again and wondered just how they could be this close after a year, "Have we really been doing this for a year?" Glancing around the sickbay she turned to Gary, "Bugger the rest of them, give me a kiss you nut".

"Thank goodness." He deadpanned. "I'm trying to make you feel good," He clarified, "I can't help if you laugh." He replied, knowing
it was just going to cause her to giggle again. He nodded, "Yep, a year, my how time flies when your having a good time." He answered
sincerely. "Don't have to ask me twice." As he leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips. The kiss conveyed the depth of his love
for this remarkable woman and all she meant to him.

Catching her breath, Lia smiled at Gary. "I think it's time you left sir, your causing distress to the patient". She tried to laugh but the pain stopped her, but somehow it didn't matter. "Maybe its time you did return to the bridge, you've been here quite some time". She didn't want him to leave but she did want out of here, and if she could sweet talk the CMO perhaps escape was possible.

Gary smiled at her and the brave front she was putting forth. "Well, we can't have that now can we?" He bantered. "I'll get there, if they need me they know where to find me." But I will leave for now so you can rest. However I will come back later," He added as he bent down and kissed her again.

Lia started to feel as if Gary didn't want to leave, but as the Captain he really shouldn't stay to long. "You can come back anytime you want, but I'd check my cabin before arrival". She almost melted into Gary as he kissed her again, "That can't be doing my heart rate any good, but who the hell cares?" She flashed him a smile and blew him yet another kiss.

"I plan on coming back." He assured her, "But thanks for the tip to check your first." He smiled at her, "Oh I think it's doing both our hearts
a world of good. and I care." As he stood up but hadn't moved away from the bed as Lia blew him another kiss.

Commander Gary Taylor
Captain/First Officer
USS Eclipse/USS Elysium

Commander Lia Holmes
First Officer/Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Eclipse/USS Elysium


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