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Diplomatic gifts: Commander Taylor

Posted on Mon Sep 24th, 2018 @ 1:45am by Commander Gary Taylor & Consul Toran - Son of Thopok House of Thopak

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Commander Taylor's Quarters.

Toran made his way to the Commanders quarters. He knew the commander should be in. He had asked the computer where Taylor was some hour ago before heading there. Pressing the Com Button beside the door to ring the 'door bell'

Gary was seatted on the couch going over repair reports having already read the casuality/injured list from Medical when the door chime sounded. Curious to see who would be coming to see him, he placed the reports to one side and stood. "Enter" He announced waiting to see who stepped through the door.

The large Klingon made his way in, a Rather large wooden box with him, having to sit it down as he got in the door, the thing being easily 1.2 meters tall. "Good evening commander, I hope I'm not interrupting anything Important."

"No, of course not Ambassador. Just reviewing some reports." Gary answered wondering just what in the world the Ambassador had brought with him. Please have a seat. Would you like a Raktajino or perhaps some Bloodwine?"

He gave a toothy smile "A raktajino would be wonderful, I hope you don't mind but With my effects I had my family send a few gifts, I know that gift giving etiquette varies widely in Human culture." He moved to sit down moving the box along with him, it was a dark wood, clearly made to be more decorative then just utilitarian and having the same Klingon family crest displayed on the Ambassadors Sash, but the mettle corners gave off a decided Klingon feel. "So if its to much of a imposition don't worry about turning it down. But I understand your quite the talented combatant." He got settled in, setting the box carefully on the coffee table, making sure not to disturb anything.

Gary had walked to the replicator as the Ambassador talked. He ordered the Raktajino and returned to the Ambassador. "Here you go Mr. Ambassador." he said handing the cup to Toran his eyes on the box. It was a stunning work of art. The wood had been polished to a high shine. Much time and considerable had been put forth in it's appearance. What could it contain? His eyebrows raised as Toran spoke of his knowing of Gary's prowess as he put it a combatant. However he made no comment save for a single word "Indeed" then letting it slide by.

Toran took a clearly appreciative drink from the mug sitting it down before leaning forward starting to undo the metal locks. "My house is a minor one, but where respected. For honorable warriors of coarse. But also for administration of planet Boreth, it's ship yards and... the Boreth slag works." With that he opened the case, it seamed to be built so that it could itself be used as a display case, having heavy wall mounts on the back. But with the lid open it gave a view of a Bat'leth and matching Mek'leth, both unmistakable in what they where, but at the same time looking a bit different. A darker more tint to the metal, and slightly more jagged lines in the metal working, they looked like they where of a less contemporary design, and unlike most of the weapons they where clearly not machined, the metal baring small but clearly visible hammer marks.

"My family is most likely better know for providing K'tinga Class Heavy Cruisers to the Empire. But we are also quite famous for dueling weapons. We have been making them for some eight centenaries. Most are no longer hand forged." They where clearly more ornamental then the rank and file Klingon weapons. but they where also clearly meant to stand up in battle, actually looking a big bulkier then other Bat'leths also.

Gary looked at the blades, he was in awe of their workmanship, then to Toran, "Ambassador, these are beautiful! True works of art. Their craftmanship is beyond reproach." He looked at the Bat'leth, "Am I correct in saying that both the Bat'leth and Mek'leth here appear a bit bulkier than what is normally seen or used?" There was no criticism in his voice just simple curiosity.

Her gave a appreciative nod, he was trying to hide his pleasure at the praise of the weapons, and doing a mostly good job. After all he was never the physical craft type. "Yes, they can be considered as much historical recreations as weapons. Their made with Timonium alloy, it was before Tritanium was common. It's the same weight and strength just a bit bulkier. The lines are also slightly anachronistic."

"Their stunning." Gary admitted. "Being bulkier, I'm guessing it reinforces the overall structure of the weapon." He looked to Toran. "May I?" He gestured towards the box, he wanted to hold the weapons, check their balance even though he was sure they were perfectly balanced.

"It does, they have harder forward facing edges. But the reason that duranium and tritianium became more popular that they also have a softer backward facing edge." He used his finger to point at the sharp leading edge and the blunt back arch of the blades. "Not a problem if your mindful of the effect, and yes by all means." he motioned at the weapons inviting. "I had to cases sent, one for yourself and the other for the Captain, There both made by two of my younger brothers"

Gary needed no further prodding. he reached in and took the Bat'leth out. he held it easily, checking it's balance. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." He whispered, His eyes taking in every curve of the blade. "Ambassador, I am speechless at your thoughtfulness. I know the Captain will be equally impressed and touched." He set the blade down. "I wasn't expecting this but one good turn deserves another. Excuse me for a moment." He then disappeared into the back of his quarters to return with a small walnut box of his own. "I collect old style weapons. I'd like you to have this." He said as he handed the box to Toran.

Toran leaned forward open the case and then stopped to stroke the tapered beard on his chin curiously. "Hmm. Let's see, chemical projectile weapon circa 20th century earth. The make, model and political division origins Escape me. But a "world war" weapon? Interesting, I've never actually fired a powder weapon." He hefted it, keeping it pointed down. "It's hefty, sturdy, I might need a history lesson but I appreciate the engineering. And the gesture of coarse Gift giving is one my my favorite cultural exercises to be truthful"

" Very good. It's a Colt 45 semi automatic. It was used by the then Untied States military for some 75 years. It's reliable, kicks like a mule but not terribly accurate at long distances but at short distances it will do the job. You shoot someone with this, they won't be getting back up. I'm glad you like it. I'll be glad to help you get the 'feel' if it if you help me with the Bat'leth. I know how to use it but I would like to be more proficient."

The way the Klingon was looking over the handgun it was clear he at least knew the mechanical way that firearms worked. But also that it was just a passing understanding. But then mention of the Bat'leth caught his attention. "Are you familiar with a Terran animal, Bighorn sheep?"

"Quite familiar." Gary answered, "Why do you ask?

"One of my brother in laws in from Earth, Saskatchewan. I once watched two of the animals fighting each other, two males. And I thought that it gave the perfect example of the Bat'leth. It's hard to get around, it's heavy and it's hard to make effective attacks with a without opening yourself up. So you use it like a big horn sheep.. You smash into your enemy, and you try to direct the force of them smashing into you away... I think the Mek'leth is a better weapon, but I was always better with the Bat'leth, because of my size.

He seamed to think about something for a moment. "Hmm... I just thought about something. Is Taylor a common Terran family name in North America? I only ask because my brother in law in Commander Harper Taylor, I can't imagine that the two of you could be anything more then distantly related at best." He gave a little chuff of laughter about it.

Gary nodded at the reference. "I see. That is an excellent observation. I'll remember that. I'll take all the pointers I can get. Thank you." He said in appreciation.

"It's fairly common. Not like Smith or Jones but common enough." He paused as he thought on the name, "I don't know him but we could be related. I'll make a note to ask the folks. They know who is related to who."

He gave a interested nod. "Well I have appreciate the return on the gift." He carefully returned the firearm to it's box. "Please by all means, let me know if you would like any help with the Mek'leth and Bat'leth let me know." He would stand, giving another slight bow. "I should get to presenting the Captain with her gift also."

"I will, you can be sure of it. Thank you for my gift as well Mr. Ambassador. I'm sure the Captain will be equally impressed with her gift " Gary answered still in awe of the gift he had received from Toran.

With that the got up tucking the box under his arm, giving the commander a nod. "Well I'll be off then, I hope you have a productive day Commander."

"Thank you for my gift Mr. Ambassador." Gary returned. "I hope your day is a good one."

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