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Diplomatic gifts

Posted on Tue Oct 9th, 2018 @ 7:38am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Legate Toran - Son of Thopok House of Thopak

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Captains Ready Room

Toran has already done all the due diligence for his gift to the captain. Filling out forms for gift giving, cultural allowances and OK the transport of the item with the Chief of Security. It was after all not a big issue, he didn't assume the captain would walk around with the thing. Moving up to the door and pressing the doors com pad to signal a ring.

Phoenix looked up from the never ending reports. "Come!" She called out as she placed the next one on the done pile.

The middle aged Klingon made his way into the ready room, a sizable wood and metal crate in tow with him. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything to pressing Captain, I know we have already done our introductions, but I haven't had a change to make a real social call as of yet."

"You are not interrupting Ambassador, Please have a seat." She stood to welcome him. "I am always happy to put paperwork down to speak with members of the crew." Phoenix smiled. "How are you settling in?"

He did take the seat, bringing pulling the box up into his lap and then carefully sitting it on the captains table. Making sure not to set it on anything. "Oh, I'm already settled in quite well, My daughter is a little restless, but she's enjoying being on the ship. She likes the view in her quarters at any rate. I hope you don't mind, but I had my family send a gift for youself and Commander Taylor, I know that gift giving customs are varied and complex, so please if for any reason you need to decline think nothing of it."

The box itself was made of some short of darker wood, with dark but still polished metal fixing and clasps. Clearly not made for transporting, but for display. The metal plate having the symbols for the empire, the house of Thopok and Boreth slag works on it.

She took the box gently. "Thank you Ambassador. Your family's works are prized throughout the quadrant." She placed it on her desk and opened it and her eyes widened. "Wow." She breathed. "Ambassador, its lovely."

He gave a appreciative nod. Leaning in and unclasping the box opening it, the lib mad to stand open or fold, making it a display case also. "I did some study on Erisian's. I know your nobles and royals are quite well versed in sword play. So I thought you would appreciate this."
The case held a set of two weapons, a Bat'leth and a Mek'leth. Both where unmistakable in what they where, but they where also a bit out of place. There lines a bit sharper, seaming a bit bulkier then others and having a different color and sheen, a darker slightly stone look to them. The where just as much historical replicas as they where weapons. Look a like they where most likely from a earlier period in Klingon history.

"Most of our weapons are machined or cast now, we only produce a few dozen a year now historically, with a hammer and a anvil stone."" And each of them did show, though tiny in overall detail, hammer marks. "My two younger brothers made them along with the set for Commander Taylor."

"your brother's Talent is amazing." reverently she lifted the Mek'leth from its resting place and examined it. She looked at the Ambassador. "A gift without price Ambassador."

"Their made with Timonium alloy, it was used before Tritanium was common. It's the same weight and strength just a bit bulkier. It also hardens differently, making the blades edge more durable, but the spine of the weapons softer. And I'll pass your praise on to my brother's though not to much, the'll get more of a ego then they already have"

Phoenix smiled at that. "My younger brother is much the same. Ego seems important to younger siblings."

He gave a nod. "Well I'm not innocent of that ether. Klingons might have it worse then others, I have done some reading into your own culture. Maybe we share some common elements... I might have some of what Humans call middle child syndrome."

"I am always open to sharing the culture of my people, where it is appropriate." Phoenix smiled.

"Well I'm glad you liked the gift, I'll pass your complements on to my brothers. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you Captain, now if you will excuse me. I have some time reserved in the holodeck for myself and my daughter." He gave her another slight but polite bow, and showed himself out unless otherwise asked not to.

Phoenix inclined her head and watched him leave. An interesting addition to her crew.


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