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Posted on Tue Jan 14th, 2020 @ 9:48am by Sergeant Heather De La Rosa & Ensign Lunara Hol & Senior Chief Petty Officer Fernando De La Rosa

Mission: Casperia Prime - A lesson in relaxation
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current


Heather lay on her biobed staring at the ceiling so far she'd had two seizures and some hallucinations, with the possibility of more to follow as the drugs worked their way out of her system. She still had the shakes but Tallia had given her something to try and help with the worst of her tremors and the lesser associated side effects of withdrawal. She was thinking about Jason and where he might be now when she became aware of someone nearby.

Lunara "knocked" on the holo-curtain surrounding her bed. "Sergeant Raines? Do you have some time to talk?"

Heather looked towards the woman standing at her bedside. She hated to think how she must be looking, she preferred to be presentable at all times but it couldn't be helped. She nodded, "Sure..please sit." She motioned to the chair that had been brought over by her bedside normally occupied by Fernando. She shakily pushed herself up in a more seated position, before running her hands through her hair, trying to sort it so it at least looked tidy.

Lunara smiled as she stepped in, doing all she could to put the Sergeant at ease. With what she'd been through, the last thing she needed was nervousness. "Thank you. I'm Lunara Hol, one of the counselor's onboard. Do you think we could talk?" She pulled out the chair and took a seat next to her, leaning in slightly.

Heather had expected a visit from a Counsellor sooner or later, she nodded politely. "I know I'd be lying if I said I didn't need to talk." She reached for a glass of water, picking it up albeit shakily she held it with two hands as she sipped it. Once she was finished she put the glass down again.

"Well, that's what I'm here for." Lunara eyed her hands- that wasn't a good sign. "How have you been these past few days?"

"Not...exactly great." Heather rested her head back on the biobed. "Tallia tells me I've got to work all the drugs I was given out of my system. I've had two seizures and some hallucinations too. It seems to...come and go."

Lunara pursed her lips. "That can't be easy. I'm sorry. Would you... would you like anything before we start?"

Heather shook her head. "No, thank you. I've had some company thankfully... Fernando was here for a while. I sent him home to get some rest."

"I've heard he barely left your bedside these past couple days. He needs the rest." She exhaled. "Are you ready to start?"

Heather nodded. “About as ready as I’ll ever be.” She tucked her shaking hands away under the blanket that covered her.

Lunara nodded, eyeing her hands before turning back to her face. "Do you think we could start at the beginning? What did you do before you were... captured?"

“I was a nurse aboard the USS Wildcat.” Heather’s mind went back to the ship, she’d liked it there.

Lunara nodded. "I've heard it was a nice ship. What sort of missions did you normally go on?"

"We were primarily a Science and Medical ship, we went out on routine discoveries and the not so routine. It was only a small ship."

"Almost sounds like my old ship." She smiled. "Could you tell me about your last mission before you were captured?"

Heather paused to think, her mind was somewhat foggy thanks to the drugs in her system. “We...were sent to research a mostly unexplored moon. There were indications that it might contain...precious minerals and maybe even traces of previous life.”

"And what did you find there?"

"Not what we were expecting!" Heather was absentmindedly rubbing her hands together, clenching and unclenching them nervously. "There was a...slavers ship!"

Lunara paused, unsure if she should continue. "Then what happened?"

Heather frowned as she tried to recall. "The ship was...attacked! It came out of nowhere!! I was...working in Sickbay at the time."

"Tell me if you need to take a break, okay? What did they do?'

Heather nodded. "I don't know what happened on the bridge, all I remember is the ship coming under attack. The wounded just kept coming!"

"And then?"

Heather frowned, the details were sketchy in her mind. "There was an....explosion. People rushed in...none of us saw the intruders until it was too late!!" The biobed monitors registered a dramatic rise in her blood pressure as she struggled with the memory.

Lunara could see she was getting worked up, and the monitor confirmed it. "Hey. There's nothing to be worried about now, okay? We're right here, you're on the Le- the Elysium. You're safe now."

Heather looked at Lunara curiously. "What...were you going to say? Before you said Elisium...there was something else?"

Lunara shook her head. "Just... just my old ship, sorry. I got mixed up."

Heather nodded. "it wasn't really any of her business. "Where's Fernando? I need him!"

"He's probably getting some rest. He's been at your bedside for quite some time, you know."

Heather nodded but her gaze drew towards the doors as they opened and Fernando walked in. The smile on her face and the drop in her readings spoke volumes about what his presence meant to her. "Fernando...I'm glad you came back, couldn't you sleep?"

Fernando had gone to his quarters but couldn't rest. Instead he paced the floor in restless energy as he worried about Heather. Finally he decided to go back and sit with her, she needed to get better more than he needed to rest.

He entered Sickbay and made his way to heather's bed, Counselor Hol was there, seated in a nearby chair. he saw Heather's smile and heard her question. "Indeed no, I could not Heather. I was concerned about you." He nodded a greeting at Hol.

Heather offered an understanding nod. She couldn't help but feel guilty that Fernando wasn't sleeping because of her. She turned to look at Lunara. "Would you...mind if we continued this later?"

Lunara shot a puzzled look at the man who just invited himself into a counselling session, before turning back to Heather. "Sure, we can do that. I'll come back tomorrow, if that's all right?"

"Thank you, I appreciate it." Heather offered a smile.

Lunara smiled back. "Glad to help. Rest up, okay?" She started to stand up, making a mental note to close the curtains and put up a 'do not disturb' sign next time.

Heather looked at Fernando. "Fernando, you tell me about resting! You should be doing the same!"

"Nonsense, I am fine Heather. It is you who have been through the wringer and must rebuild her strength." He countered with a smile.

“I guess you’re right there!” She offered a smile of her own. “Still, I owe you so much.” She yawned starting to feel tired. “Would you mind if I try and get some sleep?”

He smiled, "Not at all." You need it. Will you mind if I just here? Keep you company so to speak?"

Heather held out her shaking hand. “Just hold my hand and it’s a deal.” She offered a warmer smile. “You’ve been good to me Fernando, I won’t forget that.”

Fernando nodded and offered even a bigger and brighter smile. His hand gently encircled her shaking one. "A deal I am only to happy to make Heather."

Heather nodded and closed her eyes, getting the rest she needed.

Lunara left sickbay with a sigh, shaking her head as she returned to her office.



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