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Zoo doctor

Posted on Tue Jan 14th, 2020 @ 8:58pm by Lieutenant JG M'Tuuri Sh'iss & Lieutenant Olivia (Carter) Voight

Mission: Casperia Prime - A lesson in relaxation
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD4

M'Turri caught and held the door to sickbay in her paw, letting it open slowly and quietly, avoiding the usual hiss the automatic doors made as she slipped inside, finding herself in a waiting room just outside the Chief medical officers office.

Her nose twitched at the musky scent that faintly hung in the air, The good Gorn doctor must have been in recently she thought, moving towards the door on her right.

"Oh hello~" M'Turri she whispered to herself, the words barely leaving her lips as she walked into the main medical facility, the rows of biobeds being seen too by a woman with light brown hair.

Silently M'Turri crept inside and around the woman, mindful of any reflections as she moved onto a nearby biobed and made herself comfortable, sitting crosslegged and letting her tail hang off the side with a gentle curl towards the tip.

After a few moments of watching intently, she allowed herself to purr, the low rumble suddenly if not gently filling the room.

Olivia looked up from her work and spotted her visitor. She smiled a little as she put the PADD down that she had been recording some information on right then. "It about time you showed up for your physical," Olivia said. "I've been waiting for you to report in to get it knocked out."

"I've been... incredibly busy," M'Tuuri said sarcastically through a long yawn, her jaw stretching wide open to show her black and pink gums, lined with sharp teeth.

"Even so," Olivia replied, "you still need to get said physical knocked out before being able to officially start your duties. It is rare to be able to skip such a requirement." Olivia picked up another PaDD that had the listing of those needing physicals and pulled up the file on Ltjg M'Tuuri.

"Well, that might be because I'm not supurrsed to be here..." She replied, nonchalantly sticking out her left paw and spreading her fingers, looking at her claws with mild interest. "Not for another few days anyway," M'Tuuri added, glancing back up at Olivia. "But sssince I've checked in with Lieutenant Thornhill, I've ssstarted early."

Olivia raised an eyebrow slightly as she looked back up at M'Tuuri. "You have your hands full with that one," Olivia replied with a bit of a smile.

"Purrhaps..." M'Tuuri purred, as though choosing her words carefully. "Though I don't think he's met a Caitian before..." She added, trying not to elude too much to the mischief she would bring to the Elysium.

"Caitian's are rare within Starfleet," Olivia replied. "There are not many of your race currently serving on ships. "I've only met one other briefly and wished I had gotten to know them a bit more."

"Well, I don't intend to leave anytime soon," M'Tuuri replied with a smile. "It's going to be a nice change of pace being assigned to a ship for once." She added, resting her paws in her lap and sitting up straight.

Olivia smiled a bit more as she stepped over to where M'Tuuri was seated on one of the biobeds. "If a certain Lieutenant gives you to much trouble, just let me know and I will set himjust straight," Olivia said. "Now are you ready for me to do your physical?

"If he gives me trouble Lieutenant, you'll be treating him for ssscratches," M'Tuuri said as she sprawled on the biobed, making a song and dance of it. "I'm ready by the way." She purred, curling her clawed toes with a long stretch.

Olivia softly laughed as she picked up one of the tricorders and opened it up. "It wouldn't be the first time I've had to tend to scratches of some sort on said Lieutenant," Olivia replied. She started running the tricorder over M'Tuuri and making a mental note of a few things to record in the chart once she completed the examination.

"Well... mine won't be on his back." M'Tuuri purred rather bluntly, her tail fluttering absentmindedly beside her as she gauged Olivia's reaction with an unblinking stare.

Olivia softly laughed a bit. "That is good to know," Olivia replied. "The scratches that I have already had to deal with on him already were in places other than his back. She continued to make a few more scans before closing the tricorder and setting it aside. "Are you having any problems that I need to be made aware of currently?"

"None currently, however, I'm sssure your scans will ssshow many old wounds that have long sssince been healed," M'Tuuri said softly, her tail flicking slightly like an angry snake. "Though In my line of work I'm sssure I'll be needing your expertise at some point in the future."

"It will show those and it will let me see if there have been any changes since the last set of scans were done that are in your file," Olivia replied. "On the rare occasion an issue doesn't always show up right away and will show up later."

"Well, you won't have any issues accessing my medical files Doctor," M'Tuuri replied, breathing in deeply as she got a little bit more comfortable on the biobed. "However, there will be certain portions like... how I received said wounds that you won't have access too, but in all honesty they aren't that important."

Olivia softly laughed a bit. "You would be surprised at what I do have access to these days," Olivia replied. "It would depend on the situation as to if I needed to have the extra access to certain files." She pressed a few buttons on the biobed control panel so that it would get the readings she needed to finish up the examination.

"I best keep my eye on you then... or at the very least your medical computers..." M'Tuuri purred curiously, wondering if the sickbay would allow her a backdoor into certain information she was not privy to having access.

Olivia smiled a bit. “Your welcome to try,” Olivia replied. “Not sure how far you would get though. I’m not your typical doctor.”

"I'm not your typical cat." M'Tuuri growled playfully, her bright yellow eyes being consumed by the black depths of her pupils, eying up the Doctor curiously.

“How many doctors do you know that have a double minor in Intelligence and Languages?,” Olivia asked.

"Hmm, good point..." M'Tuuri conceded, unwilling to get into a tit for tat war of degrees and diplomas. "I may have to pick your brain at some point..." She added, rolling onto her side and fidgeting as always.

Olivia softly laughed a bit. “As long as I get to do the same at some point,” Olivia replied. “Caitian is one of the languages I didn’t get the chance to do much studying on and I would like to learn more.”

M'Tuuri cleared her throat briefly before letting out a deep purr and beginning to talk without the aid of the universal translator "Ssspeaking hass you do, Isss... Arrrso a charrrllenge." She finished with a slight nod.

Olivia listened carefully and it took her a moment to process what M'Tuuri had said but she got it. "I'm sure it can be a challenge," Olivia replied. "I know it will be a challenge for me to learn your language, but it will be a fun challenge."

"Well, if you ever want any lessons... I would be delighted to help." M'Tuuri purred in reply, continuing to fidgit and get comfy.

“I may just take you up on that offer,” Olivia replied as she did a couple more scans. “You are the first to be able to find a comfortable position on one of these biobeds.”

"I'm not surprised, they're as hard as rocks..." She scowled, her tail flicking slightly in annoyance. "I'd have an easier time sleeping in a Jefferies tube." M'Tuuri added with a slightly gruff chuckle.

Olivia softly laughed a bit. “Guess the engineers didn’t take that into consideration when building the different ships,” Olivia said. “You can sit up now, for I have gotten the needed scans that I need.”

M'Tuuri simply let out a long sigh of relief as she sat up "Oh thank god..." She purred, stretching her arms out behind her. "Next time I come in for a scan I'll have to ask to be sedated..." She added sarcastically before trailing her tongue over the front of her left paw.

Olivia laughed a bit. “That could be arranged,” Olivia replied. “Though the next time you need any scans done would be a ways off unless something drastic happens that would cause a new set of scans to be done.”

"This is Starfleet, when does anything drastic not happen..." M'Tuuri purred as she gently slipped off of the biobed, her padded feet landing next to Olivias boots.

“True,” Olivia replied. “But at least it doesn’t happen on a daily basis for the most part. Plus you get to see a lot of different places you normally wouldn’t get to see otherwise.”

"I'm usually the one that gets to see the ugly side of those places Lieutenant, even in Federation territory its not all sunshine and rainbows." M'Tuuri frowned, her last assignment leaving far more than a physical mark on her bones.

“Trust me, l know,” Olivia replied with a frown. “I spent some time on one of the medical ships for a while dealing with treating those who were injured during an uprising on one of the small colonies near the Romulan border. It was the first mission for many of the crew on that ship at the time and by the time we got back to Starfleet Headquarters for debriefing several wanted to resign or get reclassified into another field path.”

"Sadly Starfleet still likes to advertise like we are all flying around on Galaxy class starships, exploring this wonderful quadrant of ours." M'Tuuri replied with a slight curl of a lip.

“Makes you wonder if the ones in charge of recruiting are playing with a full deck at times,” Olivia replied.

"Starfleet admiralty has always been stuck up inside their ivory tower... unaware of what's really going on at a ground level." M'Tuuri cursed, her words being spat out of her mouth as though she could taste them.

“Why do I get the feeling that if the opportunity arose you would jump at the chance to knock them out of said ivory tower?,” Olivia asked.

"Because I would," She replied bluntly. "Wouldn't you?" M'Tuuri purred curiously, wondering how Olivia would answer.

“I would be a bit more subtle about it,” Olivia replied with a smile. “I would see about reactivating them to revisit their original duties that each had right out of the Academy. That way each of them would get a dose of reality and see how things are nowadays.”

"You'd get buried under paperwork and bullshit bureaucracy long before you managed to do that... But least you got the sense to see the problem, most just nod and follow orders..." M'Tuuri purred as she moved around the biobed, finding herself enjoying their little conversation.

“Are you sure about that?,” Olivia asked. “I’ve thought about various ways on just which would be the best way to approach this matter over the past several years. Some ideas have been revised over time in one way or another.” Olivia cocked her head to one side while thinking for a moment. “Plus it helps being able to draw from the memories of previous hosts that ones symbiont has had in the past.”

“You know this conversation could be classed treason right?” M’Tuuri teased, resting her elbows on the bio bed with her head in her paws. “But do continue...” She added, her rear sticking out behind with her tail lazily swaying above.

"It would be if we actually decided to act on it," Olivia said with a half smile. "As far as others know right now, we could be discussing possible training scenarios that could be either done here on ship with approval or submitted for possible testing scenarios at the Academy."

"I can sssee why he likes you now..." M'Tuuri replied sweetly, her purr becoming more pronounced.

Olivia softly laughed as she smiled a bit more. "I may have given him idea's at times while we were together at the Academy and serving together on Bajor," Olivia replied. "Will have to see if he still remembers some of the idea's I gave him back then and if he has improved any of said idea's."

"I'll try not to drop too many hints..." M'Tuuri smiled mischievously, her narrow pupils following Olivia's eyes intently.

Olivia softly laughed a bit again. "Even if you did give any hints," Olivia said, "he might have to think on it at times to see what he remembers. Certain situations, he likes to think things through and not rush into anything if it can be helped."

"I'm going to be such a pain in his ass..." M'Tuuri laughed, sitting up and shaking her head to several inappropriate thoughts.

Olivia smiled as she looked up at M'Tuuri. "I get the feeling that you will enjoy giving him a hard time every chance you get to do so," Olivia replied. "Should he give you to much trouble just let me know and I will get onto him for it."

"Oh no... he'd enjoy being told off from you far too much," M'Tuuri murred innocently, standing up with the graceful arrogance only a cat could do. "But anyway, I should really be off... I have a lot of reports to go over, something about a horse going missing." M'Tuuri remarked, walking lazily towards the exit.

Olivia smiled a bit at the remark about Casper enjoying being told off by her to much. "What's this about Ltjg S'hib being missing?," Olivia asked. "When did this happen? Please let me know when you are able to find something out, for I am sure he is going to need some medical attention once found."

"Oh, it's a crewman that's missing? ...That makes a lot more sense," M'Tuuri purred, seeming more puzzled than concerned. "I'm sure he's fine, just got himself lost on a pleasure planet..." She replied with a more sympathetic tone. "But yes, I'll let you know as soon as I know anything more."

“Ltjg S’Hib would be hard to miss if he got himself lost,” Olivia replied. “He is a little over 7 foot in height, so he is hard to overlook. Plus from what I have heard in passing search teams are being sent down to look for him.”

"I see..." M'Tuuri replied cryptically before turning for the door. "If you'll excuse me, Lieutenant, I may be needed on the surface."

"Sure thing," Olivia replied. "Just let me know if you or the others need anything."

M'Tuuri simply nodded before leaving, a small grin forming as she exited sickbay.


Lieutenant Olivia (Carter) Voight
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant JG M'Tuuri Sh'iss
Infiltration Specialist


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