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Catch up

Posted on Wed Feb 12th, 2020 @ 7:56am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Envoy Anje Brett

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
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Phoenix spotted Anje in the crowd and slipped up to her side. "Hi Anje" she said brightly.

"Hello, gorgeous!" Anje said, flashing a million watt smile towards her Captain, "I am so glad you're here, I was worried I had come too early and there wouldn't be anyone I know."

Laughing Phoenix shook her head."There are a lot of people here." she said. "And plenty of opportunities for you to explore."

"I know, I know." Anje laughed, "You know me, though, I like to at least start in the comfort zone. I mean, not as bad as I waas before, but still..." She stopped for a minute, remembering, "Did you like my present?"

"yes I did." Phoenix smiled. "I had to lock it in the safe so Miran wouldn't wear it on me."

"I'm glad you like it." Anje smiled, "It was the first thing I bought after I left Spider's Web... Dunno, saw it and thought of you and there we were."

Phoenix laughed softly. "So, are you having fun recently?"

"Yes, actually." Anje replied, "Thank you so much for introducing me to Quinn."

"Well more like she introduced herself to you." Phoenix rolled her eyes. "She can be trouble. Just keep that in mind."

"It's okay, Phoenix." Anje smiled softly, "I already know she can't stay, so I'm enjoying what time I have."

Phoenix nodded. "I am glad you understand that Anje."

"Me? The Queen of Bad Romantic Luck?" Anje laughed, "Trust me, I come to every new relationship wearing a helmet. Relationships... More like relationshipwrecks."

Phoenix shook her head at Anje. "I think you are wrong. The right person is out there. Sometimes one has to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the right person."

"Says the girl who finds the perfect guy at work." Anje giggled, she was thrilled for Phoenix, who she cared deeply for, but couldn't deny some envy of the other woman's luck, "Besides, I have the reverse effect, I kiss a princess and she turns into a frog."

"Ah I would not say Ken is perfect. We have had our fights and disagreements and the start was very rocky. Maybe you just need to relax and be yourself instead of what they want you to be Anje?"

"That's what I'm doing." Anje replied, giving a quick turn, "This is Pre-Cheline Anje, and it's working right now, not sure for how long, but right now. Hey, least I don't look like a librarian anymore."

"You never looked like a librarian." Came the response. And then Phoenix smiled. "I am sure your new look will bring you a lot of attention."

"Thanks." Anje smiled, "Though, if my hair was as pretty as yours I would have it all the way to my ankles. Probably wouldn't be much longer than yours though, lot less me between scalp and ankles than there is you."

"I Had to cut it." Phoenix said softly. "When I joined Starfleet. It was too unmanageable."

"I never had to cut mine, but we all three, Tallia, Tina, and I did it together when we were fifteen because Tina had to." Anje laughed, "Dye job gone horribly wrong, there was literally nothing else she could do, but she was scared so I said I would cut mine, too. Then, Tallia, poor Tallia, chimed in without thinking that she would, too... She ended up being the only one upset with the end result."

Smiling Phoenix gave her friend a squeeze on the shoulder with her hand. "Well, hair grows which is what i told myself. And I am going to grow it a bit longer. Mirans orders."

"Bossy little thing, huh?" Anje laughed, thinking of Milla, "I understand completely, believe me."

"Yes well some days I wish she would just go and be a kid but she is growing up and I think she is feeling a bit lost of late."

"Well, she's always welcome to stop by and see me and meet Milla." Anje offered, "We're actually going to be using one of the family vacation homes soon for a kind of women's retreat, you're both welcome."

"I will keep that in mind." Phoenix was honest. "though I hear this year will be very busy."

"Well, just know you're always welcome." Anje smiled, squeezing Phoenix's hand, for some reason lately she'd felt much closer to the Captain than she had prior, "Anyway, I'm sure you're super busy, so I'm going to go pester Lia and Gary. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas Anje!" Phoenix waved her off.


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