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Arrival... middle of nowhere

Posted on Sun Sep 30th, 2018 @ 7:13am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Lieutenant Commander Carlos Harriman & Lieutenant Commander Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley & Joras Cardoth Mr. & Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Liselle Qwyyn & Commander Aurelia Holmes & Lieutenant Commander Matias Grronkil & Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D. & Consul Toran - Son of Thopok House of Thopak & Lieutenant Felicity Kaz & Lieutenant Commander Estelle Hertz MD & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Wynter & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris & Lieutenant JG River Waters & Chief Petty Officer Liorga & Petty Officer 1st Class Anya Neeze

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 5 04h00

Gamma shift- 4am

Phoenix stepped onto the bridge and nodded to the crew there. "Lets wake some people up. Set red alert through the ship. And notify commander Taylor."

"Yes captain."


Phoenix sat in her chair and awaited the rest to wake up.

(USS Eclipse)

Asleep in his quarters, Gary was awoken by a call from the bridge. "Sir message from Captain Lalor, they've gone to red alert."

He was instantly awake at that, "What? Are you sure?" He questioned. "Yes sir. Though there's no reason for it. It seems like they're running a drill." Gary smiled inwardly at that. *Darn you Phoenix, you can't sleep so you wake everybody up on both ships* He thought silently. "Alright. So they don't think we're asleep. Go to yellow alert." The reply was quick and with a note of gratitude. "Yes sir and thank you sir."

Gary laid back down, in the morning he would talk to Phoenix like normal people did but not in the middle of the night.

Tate was also asleep but was awakened by the yellow alert. Knowing she would not be able to get back to sleep while anticipating the possibility of an escalation to a red alert, she got out of bed and contacted sickbay to see if the staff needed additional hands. All seemed under control at the moment, but she decided to get dressed just in case she was needed.

(USS Elysium)

Phoenix checked her board. An ensign looked up from Operations. "Sir, the Eclipse has gone to yellow alert. Their con reports yellow alert ordered by Commander Taylor."

Phoenix smirked. "I do hope they told him we arrive in 20 minutes. Leave them be Ensign."

The ensign nodded.

Jaieh entered, having transferred over during transit. She walked to the Ops post and conferred with the Ensign.

Arri entered the bridge, combing her hair. "Good morning, Captain." She sat down at the science station.

Estelle was already on her way to sickbay when the red alert sounded. She'd expected it, and had finished her morning routine of waking up slowly and without a headache, so she'd be in a good mood for the day ahead. "Good morning", she greeted as she walked in, the night crew still on duty had made proper preparations for what they might expect for the day ahead, so red alert or not, it wasn't going to get hectic for at least another half hour, she figured.

Gallia sighed and rolled out of bed, the klaxons had the baby awake and screaming her head off, "Oh, Bloody hell!" She grumbled hard, grabbing the baby and putting earmuffs on her, it was one of her mother's tricks from when she and her siblings were babies, 'Loud noises and babies don't do well together.' The problem with Andorian babies was that, in addition to ears, there was also the issue of antennae to deal with, the solution she'd come to involved thick socks, they'd block some of the noise and weren't uncomfortable. It only took the noise reduction and a minute of rocking her for Tayalas to be asleep again.

Five minutes later Gallia emerged from the bathroom, teeth brushed and in uniform, Tayalas in her carrier sleeping soundly. She walked through the corridor calmly, like she couldn't be arsed with any of it, dropping off Tayalas with Chief O'Donnell's daughter, Lori, then breaking into a run to engineering. She was nearly out of breath when she came in, "Alright, what can I do?"

Wynter sat at a station in the intelligence blister pouring over any and all data that he could get from Starfleet Intelligence, and from the ships internal sensors.

Kara was already in Main Engineering. She was pulling over-time with Gamma shift to try and resolve some issues with the engine efficiency. Engineering was normally a well oiled machine, everyone in their place knowing exactly what to do but this issue had caused Engineering to turn into a hive of disorder. "Un-believable. This ship really hates me doesn't it?! Bloody blasted thing!" One Ensign Shouted, surrounded by a few other officers, who were also jeering and complaining. "Alright everyone, calm down. Calm down, we've almost got this problem rooted out, we just need t-" Before Kara could finish her sentence, the Red alert went off. Officers snapped to different parts of Engineering within seconds, ready at their posts to do whatever was necessary. Kara no exception. Within moments she had packed up the tools laying on the floor, and too was at her post, prepared for anything. "Galia, over here! I might need you!" Kara shouted over to her Room-mate. "Get all the information you can, let's find out whats going on!". One officer turned around. "Mam' it's a drill. We're not engaged in combat, there's no ships nearby...all decks report in clear." Kara frowned and grumbled a little under her breath. "I'm pretty certain the captain wouldn't just engage a ship-wide red alert for no reason, let's stay on our toes people!"

Gallia made her way quickly to Kara, "Bloody hell of a way ta start the mornin', hey?" She laughed, "What can I do for ya?"

Kara looked around for a moment. "Alright Galia I want you to run a level three diagnostic shipwide. Find out if this alert was a malfunction. Ensign Keale, watch our shield frequencies, be ready to cycle them if any trouble should arise. Mannan I need you at the warp core console, keep an eye on power levels. If we are about to get into a fight, you may have to balance power adjustments manually to ensure maximum output. Lieutenant Leares I want you to pull the safeties for all weapon systems and be prepared to initiate overload if necessary. Ensign mallard lastly your job will be to control impulse power transfers, doing it manually will give the ship a much better chance at sub-warp agility, you've done it before in simulations. Although not standard protocol, it's not against any rules so hop to it. I'll rally damage control teams in key areas of the ship as a precautionary measure. We're all trained for this people, let's get to work."All in Unison the Engineering staff sounded a hearty "Aye sir." Yellow and black clad officers moved with haste to their stations and jobs once more, communicating vital information to each other as necessary.

The diagnostic ran much more quickly than Gallia expected, no signs of a malfunction, "I think it's real, Sir." Gallia informed Kara, "Though I'm checkin' some back pathways just in case. So far no signs of a malfunction."

-Elysium Bridge-

"Ensign Waters, Drop us out of warp, just outside the system. We will come in on impulse." Phoenix ordered

River's finger dutifully began moving over his console, already anticipating the order. He was still only an Ensign, but he had served under Captain Lalor long enough to get a feel for her preferences on approaching these sorts of situations. "Aye, sir."

Arri spoke. "I'm running a passive sensor sweep." She noted. "It would be helpful to know what you hope to find, Captain. Though I doubt our super-criminal will wait long before he makes himself known. If he can mastermind the theft of a Federation Starship, his ego and intellect would demand to know how he failed."

Phoenix nodded. "If it was his idea..." she muttered.

*Eclipse Bridge*

After being awaken by the alert, Gary couldn't go back to sleep so he showered and shaved, dressed in uniform. Arriving on the bridge, he saw the Elysium had dropped out of warp, just shy of their target system. "Drop us to impulse and now go to Red Alert and get Commander Qwyyn up here." He ordered. He hadn't heard about Lia and he guessed she was in Sickbay. He made a note to go by and check on her, feeling guilty for not doing it already.

Still in sick bay, Lia heard the Yellow alert. oO What the hell are you playing at Commander Taylor? Oo she thought. This laying about wasn't her style, but her arm still hurt like hell and her ribs kinda felt like someone had used them for target practice.

Matias had been sleeping in the Engineering office. He still hadn't been able to come back to the Elysium, and it was probably a good thing that he didn't. The yellow alert awakened him and he checked on what was going on. He and the skeleton crew had been working hard in restoring Engineering on the Eclipse to acceptable levels, that is what would be acceptable to him.

He decided to go up to the bridge and see what was going on there. He entered and logged on to the Engineering console.

Hearing the lift doors hiss open, Gary turned in his seat to see Matias enter the bridge and walk to the Engineering console. He nodded to the CEO. " How go the repairs in Engineering Mr. Matias?"

"All is in acceptable levels," said Matias. "Given what I had to work with it is excellent progress."

Gary nodded, "Many thanks to you and your engineers skill in making it so."

*Eclipse Bridge*

Toran rolled out of bed, checking the time. It not being all that long before he would have normally gotten out of bed, and taking only a moment to check on Jera, Telling her to go back to sleep until any other orders where given. He in truth didn't really have standard battle stations. But at the same time there was no reason for him not to be in a more useful location then his quarters. Throwing on his uniform and heading out of his quarters to the turbo life. "Bridge." While he didn't think he would be of much help, he also knew the bridge was more then large enough for him not to be in the way. Letting the door slide open and stepping out onto the bridge and to the side, finding some place to stand where he was not in anyone direct work area. He didn't announce himself or ask anything at the moment more just observing.

A moment later, Gary heard the lift doors hiss open again, "Who's coming onto the bridge now?* He silently thought hoping it was Liselle. Turning to look over his shoulder he saw it was the Ambassador. "Ambassador." He said pleasantly, "What brings you to the bridge? Is there something I can do for you?"

The overly tall Klingon finished moving out of the way of anyone else who might need the turbo lift, but then gave Gary a respectful nod. "Good morning commander, I was simply coming to see what the alert was about. I don't have a combat station, but I still think it would be..." He seamed to think for a moment. "Well I was going to say dishonorably, but no. It would hurt my pride to stay in bed or in my quarters while a alert was sounded. The humors of a old man get fragile I suppose."

Gary listened as the Ambassador voiced his thoughts. "I see." He replied after a moment, "Why don't you come over here and sit in the XO's chair? It isn't being used and you can get a clearer picture of what is going on."

Toran gave the XO another gracious nod. "Many thanks, let me know if you need your chair back."

"No worries." He assured the Ambassador, "I'll let you know." Thinking the Ambassador didn't realize he was in command of the Eclipse but not wishing or wanting to make an issue out of it.

The turbolift doors parted once again, and after an overly long steadying breath, the Trill stepped onto the bridge. She hadn't been sleeping well; not since leaving the Elysium. In her head she knew the old girl was just machinery and programmed AI, but in her heart she knew that the Starfleet Vessel was an extension of herself -- not unlike the bond between Liselle and Qwyyn. Being away from her like this, it was...unsettling.

Gary saw Liselle come on to the bridge and saw how she looked. He walked down to the CONN station as she relieved the officer there and took over. Standing beside her, he asked in a low voice only she could hear. "Are you okay?" His concern evident.

She rolled her eyes at her own embarrassment. With two fingers quickly orbiting her right ear, she whispered back to him. "Just my standard level of crazy. Nothing to worry about. Promise."

"What me worry?" Gary said with a smile followed by a wink.

=/\= Elysium Bridge=/\=

Phoenix stood from her chair and looked at the view screen. the system was still some distance away.

"We have numerous warp trails leading away from the planet." Jaeih called out knowing her words would be transmitted to the Eclipse as well.

"I am guessing we are too far out for life signs?"

"No ma'am. We are reading twelve life signs on the 5th planet from the star." Jaeih called out. "Looks to be L class but Arri can confirm that."

Arri spoke. "LX-117-A is primordial. Precambrian. I am picking up signs of a primordial ocean and signs of Cyanobacteria and other simple lifeforms. However the tidal forces of LX-117-B are tremendous. Facilities would have to be underground. Most of the lifeforms are confined to the oceans."

Phoenix nodded and looked at Waters. "Ensign, move us to a high stable orbit around that L Class."

Waters keyed in the sequence, forgoing the acknowledgement with their movements self-evident on the viewscreen before them.

=^= Eclipse Bridge=^=

Gary watched what the Elysium was doing. "Liselle move us into a position that we can cover the Elysium from any surprises be it from the planet's surface or from up here."

"On it," Liselle acknowledged.


Joras Cardoth looked at the screens as the two ships came into orbit. "What do you suggest?" he asked his 2IC.

"Hail them. We don't want this to end up with our deaths." Leanna replied. "We had nothing to do with the stealing of the ship. You know that. They will listen."

Joras nodded and looked at the comm officer sitting at the Ops spot in his command center. "Hail them"

There was a short nod and then the comm hail went out.

=Elysium's Bridge=

"Captain, we are being hailed from the planet." Jaeih called out.

"On Screen - Broadcast to Eclipse"

"Aye Sir."

The screen cleared and a man appeared with a tall woman beside him.

["Captain Lalor."] The man said ["I'd say welcome but I think this not a social call."]

"Cardoth. You know why we are here." Phoenix said calmly. "We are not here to fight or shot first, ask questions later."

["Yes. We had nothing to do with your ship being stolen."]

Phoenix inclined her head. "We request permission, Mr Cardoth, to beam down to your base with the miscreants... Those remaining alive anyway."

Cardoth inclined his head. ["Granted Captain. Sending you the coordinates now."]

"Received" Jaeih said from Ops.

Phoenix glanced at her Ops officer and then nodded. "We will beam down in 30 minutes."

["Acknowledged Captain."] Cardoth severed the communication link.

The screen went blank.

"Link to Eclipse is still open." Jaeih added.

"Commander Taylor, would you and the Ambassador join me on the away mission?" Phoenix asked as the Eclipse Bridge came into view.

Even before Phoenix made her request that he join her, Gary knew it was coming. It was what he would do if their roles had been reversed. "Speaking for myself I'd be glad to Captain though I'm sure the Ambassador will feel the same way." Glancing at Liselle, he wondered if she realized she would be in command of the Eclipse. He made a mental note to talk to before he joined the away team.

For her part, Qwyyn drummed her fingers anxiously against her console upon seeing the bridge of Elysium on the screen before her.


Phoenix nodded. "Thank you Commander. 25 minutes in Transporter room 2, on the Elysium."

She then turned to the Elysium Bridge Crew. "Lieutenant Kaz, you will come with me, Commander Taylor and the Ambassador with a small security team to the surface."

Felicity nodded, sending a message to her selected Security Team to meet them in Transporter Room 2, before locking her console, and heading for the Security Office.

"See you in 25 Captain." Gary answered. "Ambassador, you heard? You have 25 minutes until we beam over to the Elysium." Looking at Liselle again he spoke, "Commander Qwyyn, a word if you please in my Ready Room."

Liselle rose up to her feet. She suspected he was going to ask her to do something she wasn't going to like -- like take the Eclipse a safe distance away; safe for her and the crew of the Eclipse, but not for him and the away team. Already her arguments were forming as she followed him.

Arri entered with a box. "Phoenix, I do not trust Cardoth. I want to place Viridium patches on you and your away team so I can trace your movements with our sensors."

Phoenix nodded. "Thank you Lieutenant, The Bridge is yours Arri."


Gary headed towards his Ready Room, he knew Liselle was following. Once inside he went to his desk and sat behind it. As Liselle entered and the doors hissed shut behind her, he gestured to the replicator. "Get yourself something to drink if you like Liselle." His voice even betraying nothing. His eyes on her and her reaction to everything going on around her including this.

"I'm...I'm okay," she said, waving off the offer and planting her feet in a formal stance. She clasped her hands behind her back, her chest rising and not falling again as she readied herself for the argument about to begin.

A small smile found it's way to his face as he saw Liselle go into a formal stance and saw how serious her whole demeanor was. "Liselle, relax and have a seat. I'm not about to make you walk the plank."

"Commander Taylor," she began. Hearing her own formality in her ears, she shifted uncomfortably on her feet. It was just the two of them here after all. She stepped over to the desk and lowered herself into the offered chair. "Gary. Don't ask me to do something you wouldn't let Phoenix ask of you."

"There, that's better." He said in approval as she took a seat and used his first name. "Wouldn't do that to you Liselle, Wouldn't be right or proper. No, this is something different." He said cryptically.

Her brow furrowed. "Is it the Elysium? Is she hurt?"

He shook his head as he heard Liselle's concern for the Elysium. He truly believed Liselle shared a connection with the ship. "No, the Elysium is fine. This is more for you."

She looked at him sidelong. She hadn't the slightest clue where this was going, which made her all the more nervous than she had been upon first stepping into his office. "Alright, Taylor. Lay it on me."

"Sorry for being so mysterious Liselle." Gary apologized meeting her look. "I wanted to say, when I beam over to the Elysium and go with Phoenix to the planet's surface, you Commander will be in command of the Eclipse." He stopped to let the news sink in.

Liselle blinked. She blew out the sigh she had been holding all this while. And she smiled. "Are you serious?" She placed two fingers to her lips. "This is -- are you serious?"

He nodded pleased he was able to surprise her. "I am very serious Liselle. You will be in command." A happy grin plastered on his face. "Congratulations." He moved on quickly "Some advice. Trust yourself. Ask for opinions but trust your decision. Don't do what
you think I or Phoenix would do. Do what Liselle Qwyyn would do." He smiled at her, "Your going to do great. I have every confidence
in you." He finished sincerely.


Captain Phoenix Lalor
Commanding Officer
USS Elysium

Commander Garty Taylor
Captain/First Officer
USS Eclipse/USSElysium


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