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Equipment Requisition

Posted on Wed Feb 12th, 2020 @ 10:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Nevada McKay

Mission: Casperia Prime - A lesson in relaxation
Location: Main Science labs Deck 29
Timeline: After Christmas Party.

Lieutenant Nevada McKay looked up from her work station, rubbing sleeplessness from her eyes with a yawn. She'd lost track of how long she'd been working on her project today, something she'd been doing a lot more Since her assignment to the Elysium. She took a moment to stretch her arms out, her joints popping in ways she'd had to grow accustomed too over the many long years since she'd first started Testing theories on herself. She watched as her calculations ran themselves on her station, her bright blue eyes darting between the screen and her PADD that lay face down near by.

"Computer Estimated time till calculations are complete?" she asked as she reached for the PADD, taking a moment while the computer processed the requested information to scroll through a list of equipment she needed, both for her legitimate research and her more personal projects.

"Calculations will take forty four minutes at current rate," the Bland voice of LCARS responded with particular disinterest.

"Long enough for me Get these requests filed." Nevada muttered under her breath as she stood and made her way towards the Chiefs office.

Arrianna was working on a schematic for some kind of phaser emitter when the doorchime came. "Enter..." She noted.

Nevada stepped in, PADD clutched in her dark skinned hands. "Excuse me Ma'am, I just have some...ah...Equipment I need to requisition for my Research," She said quickly trying to dance around the nature of the request.

"What sort of equipment, Lieutenant." Arrianna noted as she made some more alterations to the phaser emitter on the screen.

"Thermionic radiation sampler, Cellular replicators, Cryogenic stasis field emitters," Nevada shrugged as she started to list of the less interesting items.

"You're doing an experiment involving some form of bio-synthesis under certain conditions?" Arrianna noted. "Don't be vague, Lieutenant. Alindari love nothing more than the entertaining intrigues." She gave a soft smirk. "Come now, you wouldn't be in here unless there was something important you needed."

Nevada took a deep breath. "I need a nanite forge," She said quickly. "they're...a restricted item that need A CSO's authority to request."

Arrianna raised her eyebrows. "Interesting. I don't get requests for Nanotechnology every day, but since you're my second, and you have my complete trust, you wouldn't ask such a boon lightly." She noted. "I imagine you've eliminated every other possibility short of using nanites?"

"Well...every ethical possibility," Nevada hummed softly rocking in place. "Unless we can Harvest Some spinal fluids from a Q or the Cell Revitalization matrix From a Borg Cube."

"Then you don't need my permission to use a nanoforge, however I must point out that choices have consequences. I trust you as my ACSO to do the right thing, and the consequences of which....." Arri noted. "You will have to bear. Do you understand? That is the burden of those in command."

Nevada had to bit her cheek to keep from reminding the Woman that she was several Decades older then her. "Understood," she muttered.

"Good, Keep me out of the CO's office." She mentioned, "and let me know the results. I'm also doing something in regards to Nanotechnology."

"That Right Ma'am?" Nevada asked with a smile. "Nanotech is the focus of my field...if you don't mind me asking what are you working on?"

Arrianna looked up. "What's your impression on the Borg?"

"Painfully unimaginative with the Technology they possess," Nevada said bluntly.

"And also dangerous beyond all reason." Arri noted. "My people, the Alindari, are sponsoring an Alliance of sorts of Scientist, Engineers, Diplomats, Soldiers. We all have reached one inescapable fact; They will come back." She noted. "And this time it won't be one cube."

"Indeed,' Nevada nodded slowly. "A fact I feel that the Federations willfully ignoring," she hummed. "Its part of my Research actually, reprogramming Nanoprobes already in flesh from a distance."

"Very interesting." Arrianna noted. "That may be exactly what my colleagues will be interested in. A way to prevent their nanoprobes from linking an infected person to their collective. Then you have my blessing, Lieutenant. This may help any ground personnel in combat against Borg drones. You have my blessing, and assistance if you need it." Arri said enthusiastically.

"Its...partial at the time, I'm Currently only able to get the probes to do Very specific tasks, nothing beyond Medical treatments," Nevada shrugged. "I am a Medical Researcher not a War Criminal after all."

"I understand." Arri noted. "Me and my colleagues are walking a fine ethical line. We know we're developing dangerous technologies that may or may not save the quadrant. Either way. You have my approval."

"I'll Get the forge ordered then," Nevada said with a smile. "I Imagine it will get quite a lot of use here then."


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