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Posted on Fri Oct 5th, 2018 @ 10:59pm by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Kara and Gallia's Quarters

Gallia walked through the corridor, Tayalas cuddled against her chest and their stuff on a mag-lift behind them, making their way to what was going to be their home. She was glad they'd given her a roommate, gladder still to find out it was the other Scotswoman from engineering, Ens. Hoffman, "Just hope she doesn't mind babies." Gallia mused, causing Tayalas to coo, "Ah, who couldna like you?" Arriving at the door she put her thumb on the 'lock' and watched for a second after the door whooshed open before stepping inside, dragging the mag-lift behind her.

Kara had just finished her duty shift in Engineering. She would usually stay later, however her chief had ordered her shift to get extra time off as tomorrow they'd be working a 16 hour shift. She walked out of the turbo lift and down the corridor her hands sweaty, her hair felt greasy and her feet hurt. However she was so happy to be aboard the Elysium. She was beautiful. A real pleasure to work on, and she knew her chief and the rest of her junior team felt the same way. They'd often express their feelings to one another about their happiness of being on-board. Kara didn't ever want to eavesdrop, but she picked these talks between crew members up from her office without having to put in much effort. She approached the room that she had been assigned, a little nervous. She knew she had been given the room to share with another officer, but it was always nerve racking. As she stood about 4 feet from the room, a young officer, from the science team approached her. "You know Ensign, you're not going to get a sonic shower standing out here. Just go for it". Kara and the officer smiled and giggled a little. "I know, but if i have to share with Ensign Jumo, whose known shipwide for midnight snacking...i'm going straight to the commander for a transfer." Kara and the young science officer laughed together for a moment, before they both went their separate ways and Kara opened the room door with confidence, to find out her room-mate was none other than the newest Engineering officer. "Well, that's a relief. Hi Gallia!" Kara smiled a big smile, and stepped into the Room as the doors closed behind her.

"Guess they're redesignatin' this area as Little Scotland, hey?" Gallia laughed, "Gotta tell ya, I've never been so glad in my life to find out who my roommate was gonna be as this day. I was afraid I was gonna get that one that's in the fridge all night that one of the other Ensigns was tellin' me aboot.... Wha' was his name? Juno? Sumo? Somethin' like that." Gallia had already begun to unpack her kitchen and living room stuff, wanting to wait for Kara to come before choosing a room. Tayalas was already down in her playpen, rolling the little plush football that was her favorite plaything on the floor with her hands, she'd probably nap soon enough, "Hope gettin' a roommate with a baby's not an issue for ya. She's a real angel, quiet as a mouse, sleeps through the night ta boot."

Kara laughed heartily and genuinely. "Aye, i suppose they are. They just dinna ken it yet" She winked forcing her accent through a little. It was normally quite subtle and almost well hidden. She had been raised to speak in such a way, that it would almost hide her accent. "Aye well Ensign Jumo is a good guy..." she paused, but as much as she tried she just couldn't find any compliments for him, she drew totally a blank. "He is lazy, stubborn, doesn't listen to superiors, frequently ignores orders and is late on and off for his shifts...yet starfleet insists on keeping him as his qualifications are hard to come by." She sighed audibly. "Blasted politics." Kara looked over to the playpen and smiled warmly. She wanted to also be a mother one day, but after she had fun carouselling across the Galaxy and working 16 hours shifts most days. "No by the way, not at all. I'm fine with you and, what is her name? She's so adorable. Can i ask where her father is? Or is that too personal... If so i apologise, sometimes my mouth opens before my brain thinks."

"Her name is Tayalas." Gallia answered, "She's my sister's child, and her father is currently awaiting trial for.... He's awaiting trial for murderin' my sister. Hopefully he's not comin' out any time soon." Three years at least, she reminded herself, though the idea that Rico Cardille was possibly only going to face manslaughter charges and could be out in three, but no more than five, years was still overwhelming for her. She paused for a second and chose to move ahead positively, "But, we're doin' fine. I got ma diploma with the right hand while carryin' Tayalas with the left. Me and my girl, we're makin' it like bloody champs."

Kara nodded slowly. "I see. I'm sorry to hear such a terrible thing happened to you and your family. It still shocks me that even with our amazing technology, and our ability to give anyone pretty much anything they want, such terrible atrocities still occur. Indeed you and tayalas are strong! No doubt about it. If you ever need anything just let me know, i know a few folks that can make life easier for you if it all gets to much. A good friend of mine Lzzy, who i worked with works as a nursery teacher. When the time comes, if you need someone trustworthy to ensure Tayalas gets an excellent education then it will be seen to. I know it's not much..." Kara's words drifted away a little as she realised she may have overstepped her boundaries. Afterall she hadn't known Galia that long and yet she felt protective of both her and Tayalas.

"Oh, now THAT is a load off!" Gallia said with obvious relief, "I've been tryin' ta figure out what I was gonna do with this girl on this boat, glad ya know people! It's not easy bein' new with a baby. You are literally the roommate from Heaven, which is right next to Aberdeen, accordin' to Grandpa Norris."

Kara smiled and looked down to the wee tot. "Aye well, I'm not from heaven but i do try my best to help whenever i can. if there's anything else i can do to make your lives easier, just lemme know alright?"

"You're already helpin', Kara." Gallia smiled, "And I'm grateful." Kara had already stepped up in ways she'd never dreamed of.

Tayalas cooed at Kara, reaching for her.

"She's never done that before...." Gallia said, shocked, "She likes ya a lot."

Kara tilted her head to the side, watching the sprog reach her hand out. "May I?" Kara asked. Kara was most definitely not maternal in any way whatsoever. Hell she'd abandoned the idea of having a boyfriend or a steady relationship for her career in Starfleet. Yet for some reason she wanted to hold Tayalas, a feeling she could not describe. It felt like it was the most important thing in the world at this very moment, yet she did not know why.

"Seems ta be okay with the boss." Gallia laughed, handing Tayalas over to Kara without hesitation, something she'd rarely done with anyone not Charles.

Tayalas giggled adorably as she was passed to Kara, nuzzling against the other woman as though she'd known her all her short life.

Kara cradled Tayalas comfortably, and smiled at the wee lass. "Your mother is amazing, one day i'll teach you how to play the guitar Tayalas, that's a promise wee yin." She smiled warmly and looked up at Gallia. "She's so beautiful, just like her mother. A real heart melter y'know."

"Yep." Gallia smiled, "Roommate from Heaven."


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