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Courtesy Call

Posted on Sun Sep 23rd, 2018 @ 4:22am by Commander Aurelia Holmes & Petty Officer 1st Class Anya Neeze
Edited on on Sun Sep 23rd, 2018 @ 11:21pm

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Security Office
Timeline: after the battle

Things had been so hectic that Anya hadn't even had a chance to report in to the security chief after coming aboard, and then the course of the battle had prevented them meeting during the boarding action. Now back in good health, with Anya hoping the same was true for the recently wounded Commander, she rang the bell to her office.

Sitting at her now overloaded desk Lia was again surprised to hear the door chime, "Enter" she said. A female Petty Officer entered, Lia was more confused. "What can I do for you Petty Officer?"

"I'm new here, ma'am", Anya said as she stepped up. "I've wanted to report in before we went into action, but I couldn't find you, and I didn't want to bother you in sickbay either. I'm Anya Neeze."

This P.O. seemed full of beans, "So Miss Neeze, I take it you've been posted to Security? Well welcome to this wonderful world we call Security, I had Lieutenant Felicity Kaz in here earlier. You may want to touch base with her, it appears she is the 2i/c of this department". Standing up Lia extended her hand, "I hope we can keep you occupied Petty Officer" she said with a grin.

"I'm rarely bored", Anya said, shaking the offered hand. "And I've already acquired a nickname. That's never happened so quickly. Toasty Buns, for getting shot in the butt. I like it." She offered Aurelia a broad grin. Then, with her expression changing to more serious, she put a PADD down on Aurelia's desk. "This is my after-action report, including the various counts of attempted murder. Those maniacs were shooting to kill."

Shaking her head Lia laughed, "Sorry Petty Officer, but those maniacs always shoot to kill. I'm kinda glad I was confined to sickbay, no bugger shooting at me. Just our CMO with her lotions and potions". Her eyes rose slightly when Anya mentioned her nickname, "Toasty Buns? I've been here a year, don't think I've been given one yet".

"You're an officer, ma'am, they don't give you nicknames", Anya smiled. "Unless you really want one, I could ask around, or watch you for a few months and give you suggestions."

"I'd be careful there if I were you Petty Officer, you know what officers are like". Lia smiled to show that she hadn't taken any offence, "We had unofficial nicknames for all our officers in the Academy, but then we were somewhat different to today's generation." She then glanced at the P.O.'s rear, "Shot in the butt huh? And just how did that happen? You forget to sit on it or something?" Lia started to giggle, "I'm sorry, but shot in the butt. Really? Still I suppose it could have been worse, lower down and a touch forwards. Not the kinda thing you wanna think about, ok P.O. dismissed". Lia continued to giggle, Anya's butt shot hit her funny bone spot on.

She was right, there were worse places to be hit, but none that people would give you that much crap about. That fact, in part, was why she embraced that nickname. Anya left the office and headed to the armouries. There were crewmen checking each and every weapon for tampering by the hijackers, and it never hurt to check in on them in turn.

In her office Lia sat and wondered about how things had changed on board, new faces and new challenges. Her side still hurt and somehow she had thoughts of still being transfered to a starbase, things hadn't gone well in sickbay. The CMO seemed reluctant to let her go, and the ache in her side seemed to confirm things weren't right.

Commander Lia Holmes
Chief Security/Tactical Officer/First Officer
USS Elysium/USS Eclipse


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