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After Action Alcohol

Posted on Fri Sep 7th, 2018 @ 12:11pm by Commander Gary Taylor

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Lounge

After a few hours of rest, and thanks to the careful administrations she had received, Anya was feeling much better again. She sought out Fernando and tracked him down in a corridor. "Fernando, wait up", she called. "I wanted to say, you're a great shot, it was great working with you." When she had first met him in the transporter room, Anya had expected she'd have to babysit him, as awkward as he had acted, but that had worn off quickly, something for which Anya was glad.

After processing the hijackers and getting them to the brig, Fernando had beamed back to the Eclipse. He was lost in his thoughts as he wandered down a corridor. His thoughts centering on how he had screwed up another relationship. When he was trying to be witty and friendly and got called a pervert. He was roused from his thoughts by a voice calling to him to wait, turning he was surprised to see Toasty Buns er Petty Officer Anya Neeze coming toward him. He blushed as she complimented him. "Gracious." he stammered, his nervousness coming to the front once again. "It, it was great working with you as well Toa....." He stopped and corrected himself "Anya. You are an excellent security officer."

Anya smiled. "And I like the nickname. I'm keeping the trousers, going to patch them up and embroider the words onto them." A way of keeping a trophy, she supposed. One that was clean and didn't involve a chain of ketracel white tubes or some such. That was one thing her father had brought home from the war that she did not appreciate. "Would you like some ale or mead? I'm headed to the mess hall, and I don't like to drink alone."

He smiled as she said she liked the nickname and was keeping the trousers as a trophy. He cocked his head and looked at her, had he heard her right? Anya was asking him? To go with her to the mess hall and drink. He felt light headed as he nodded excitedly, "Yes, yes I would like that very much, very much." He repeated hastily before she could change her mind.

"Did the buggers say anything when they woke up?" Anya asked, turning towards the mess hall. "Phaser on heavy stun, I hope I left the lot of them with the gift of a severe headache." She wasn't usually the vindictive sort, or at least she didn't like to think of herself as vindictive, but those guys hadn't played fair. They had shot to kill, Anya hated that.

Fernando fell into step beside her, "You mean besides moaning and asking for something for their headaches?" He nodded his head, "They said they would, what was the phrase they used?" He paused for a moment, "Oh yes, they would get us." He gave her a sideways glance, "I don't think they meant Starfleet in general but us specifically as we were the ones to take them down."

"I've heard that before", Anya said. "Sometimes they succeed, most times they don't. I'm not worried." With the reputation Starfleet had with most people, there wasn't usually a target painted on people wearing the uniform, in most places. "After some time in a correctional facility, I'm sure they'll change their tune. They'd have to, or they'll never be allowed to play in the orchestra."

Fernando envied her approach her coolness, her take it as it comes approach. "Yes." He agreed, "Most talk tough, to impress the others with them or to give themselves courage." He tilted his head, "Play in the orchestra?" He questioned before the lightbulb clicked on, "OH!" He exclaimed, "Play with others. Yes, you are right there."

"I'm sorry, I have a weird way of expressing myself sometimes", Anya said as they walked into the mess hall. "I tend to take a metaphor, and then run with it. They should appoint me ambassador to Tama or something."

They entered the mess hall, Fernando listened to everything Anya said, "Oh." He chuckled then grew serious, "You would be a good ambassador. You have a directness about you." He said honestly, hoping he hadn't put his foot into his mouth again.

"I think that's precisely why I wouldn't be good at diplomacy, the art of saying what you don't think in a way that's convincing", Anya smirked. "It requires much more tact and patience than I have. I decided to go into security for a reason." She approached the bar and ordered mead, her favourite sweet drink.

"I disagree but perhaps you are right." Fernando answered not wishing to argue the point. He nodded, "Yes, I saw your reason..... shoot people." He answered with a smile. When it was his turn to order, he decided on an ale. Then looked for a table where they both could sit and talk.

"They deserved it", Anya chuckled. She took her glass and followed him. "Besides, how else would they learn that their actions have consequences?"

"No argument from me." " Fernando replied, finding a table far enough away from the others to give them a certain amount of privacy. "More precisely," He quipped "For every action there is a bigger and badder reaction."

"I don't think that's exactly how Newton put it", Anya chuckled. "He might have, had he been Klingon." She got comfortable in the chair, leaning back. "I'm mighty impressed with the Elysium. Few people should be foolish enough to want to take on a big gun battleship like that."

"Are you sure?" Fernando bantered back, "If he didn't he should have." Fernando took a sip of his ale and his head bobbed up and down. "There is much to be impressed with." He agreed. "I would definitely think twice before tangling with her." he looked around "Though this is a nice ship. Fifteen decks. Compact, kinda homey. You need a map to find your way around the Elysium."

"I've served on smaller ships before. I prefer the larger ones, simply because there's a better chance to run into people you share hobbies and interests with", Anya explained. "Bigger is better, in some ways. And I'm looking forward to having holoemitters everywhere, even in my personal quarters. That's going to be awesome."

"You can find people on a ship like this." he countered, "The Elysium just gives you a bigger pool to find people. The holo emitters will be a nice touch." He admitted.

"I've got plans", Anya grinned and took another sip of the sweet wine. "I love running holodeck simulations, but there are always things to change about them, to make them even better. Turn them into a perfect world. Playtesting the results of modding in my own cabin, that'll streamline the process immensely."

"Plans?" Fernando questioned as he sat back and listened to Anya expand on her statement. When she had finished he shook his head and smiled, "I agree it will streamline the process but there is no such thing as the perfect world. It's a pipe dream. Me, I like my guns and to read a good book, work on my models or um....." He ducked his head and lowered his voice, "Sing."

"I only sing in the shower", Anya chuckled. She agreed with him that there wasn't a perfect world, but she hadn't meant it literally anyway. "I do play the flute, the old reed or wood versions. It's very relaxing."

Fernando took another sip of his ale. "I sing in the shower and all about my quarters. I find it very relaxing." He smiled at her, "I'm sure you have the voice of a songbird." He continued on, "You play the flute? I think that is wonderful. I can't play anything. I'm sure it is relaxing. A good way to unwind. I bet you are quite good."

"Not half as good as you think I am", Anya chuckled. But she got what he was doing, boosting confidence and all that. "I can do a pretty decent chaffinch imitation, though." To prove she wasn't joking, she whistled its territorial call.

Fernando nodded in admiration of her whistling. "You had me fooled. You are much better than I am. I am not a very good whistler at all." He admitted. As he took another swallow of his ale. "Do you ever go to the holodeck?" He asked.

Anya wondered briefly where his thoughts were but then figured he was just a typical guy. She had talked about her holodeck programmed just a moment ago, after all. But she didn't hold it against him, she was very extroverted and tended to babble, and she couldn't expect everybody to be able to keep up with her. "Any chance I get. Adaptations of classic literature are my favourites."

Fernando blushed scarlet at his mistake. *Smooth move Fernando. Now the Senorita thinks you are an airhead.* He mentally chastised himself. "I apologize , you did say you like running holodeck simulations. Please forgive my mistake. I go to the holodeck, to practice my shooting in combat scenarios."

"I dare say our shooting is good enough", Anya said. "Nah, there's such a thing as too much work. If I'd wanted to be an overachiever, I'd have applied to the Academy to become an officer."

"it's only work if you think of it as such and I don't. I see it as a way to improve and I find it relaxing. You should try them. You may like them. My favorite is I'm an allied sniper in Stalingrad during World War II, hunting enemy snipers." Fernando explained.

"I prefer playing in the pre-gunpowder ages, to be honest", Anya said. "Up close and personal. I'm pretty decent with a two-handed sword, even if I do say so myself."

Fernando shrugged, he was disappointed that Toasty Buns didn't seem to even want to try his holo programs. However he was pragmatic about it. It was her loss. "Never tried a sword." He admitted.

"Major advantage is, you don't have to be patient", Anya grinned. "And articulated plate over gambeson, it's just the coolest kind of war gear ever devised."

"I'll have to try it out sometime." Fernando told her, "To see what you find so fascinating about this type of up close and personal combat."

"It's great action, and physical training", Anya said. "As a woman, it takes more effort to keep up physically. I might as well combine that need with having fun."

"I see." Fernando commented, "Killing two birds with one stone. Getting a work out and having fun doing it. Not a bad idea at all."

"Besides", Anya smirked. "I really don't like sports, moving about just for the sake of staying fit. There's got to be another element involved or it's incredibly boring. I mean, running around in circles, or lifting weights, or hitting a sandbag. Can you imagine an activity less interesting than those? At least paint dries in fascinating patterns."

Fernando chuckled at Anya's description of sports. He wasn't a big sports fan but he did like soccer. "Another element? Like danger?" Is that what you mean? And no I can't." He admitted.

"Like a story, like romance, beauty, an adventure", Anya said. "I'm no fool, I keep the safeties on at all times." She paused for a sip, then said. "Well, maybe I am a fool, but I'm not putting myself or others in danger for no reason."

Fernando nodded his head, "Yes, those are all important to a story or an adventure." He admitted. "I don't think anyone who ever meets and talks with you will ever think you a fool." He assured her. "I know about people getting the wrong impression." But he didn't elaborate.

Anya had a distinct impression of what impression he was referring to, which in this case she was pretty confident was the right impression. And she wasn't even particularly impressionable, or easily impressed. "You haven't seen me at the height of my antics yet. Those taunts, I was only warming up."

Fernando smiled broadly at her, "I very much hope I get to see you at your heights. I am sure you at your height is a sight to behold. Especially if the taunts were of you warming up." He paused to take a sip of his ale and continued, "You are an inspiration to others." He teased.

"I had hoped to get more of a response", Anya admitted. "Some opponents, they're given to fits of rage at being made fun of. And that's when they make mistakes. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Most effective with people who take great stock in how they're perceived publicly, and among their peers."

"People with over inflated egos or opinions of themselves you mean." Fernando offered, "Yes, I can see where it would work well with people like that or people who lack self confidence."

"Them, too. But the taunts need to be different. Instead of 'Your mum is so classless, she could be a marxist utopia', you'll have to question the size of their manhood, which in itself isn't the most classy thing to do."

Fernando nodded, "Nor the smartest I dare say. However it would get a reaction."

"If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid", Anya said. "Sometimes, the more basic approaches are better."

"I didn't say it was stupid." Fernando protested, "I said it wasn't the smartest way to get a reaction and it's not. Yes, the direct approach usually works better."

"If you've got superior firepower, yes. Otherwise..." Anya smirked. "I've got an excellent stealth archer build, complete with invisibility cloak and illusion magic."

"Not necessarily." Fernando countered, "I'm reminded of the story between David and Goliath and the old adage of the bigger they are the harder they fall. Firepower is important but so is being smart, like knowing your opponent's weakness."

"Which is why I favour the indirect approach", Anya said. "Except when it's more fun to just hack and slash your way through."

"Maybe." He mused "But I like my approach, shoot them from across the street. No fuss, no muss, no messy clean up."

"How do you keep your holodeck programmes interesting, if you pull an Indiana Jones and shoot those wielding melee weapons?" Anya teased.

"That would be telling. Rest assured I have ways to keep the programs interesting." Fernando answered with a smile.

"Next time you run one, and want some company, let me know?" Anya asked. "Along with an appropriate dress code. I do not want to be caught in the Russian winter wearing summer a summer uniform."

Fernando smiled broadly, "I certainly will." He assured her "Along with the proper dress code. Oh, if you want company in one of your holo programs, I would love to be a part of one."

"Most certainly", Anya grinned. "It'll be a blast. I promise, I won't shoot you." She emptied her glass of mead. "I'll see if I can get us some holodeck time tomorrow, when we're both rested and when I'm no longer butt-hurt... I mean, when it's no longer a pain in the arse to move."

"I look forward to it." Fernando replied honestly. He chuckled at her comment, "I knew what you meant … Toasty." He quipped teasingly as he downed the last of his ale.

Anya Neeze
Petty Officer 2nd Class
USS Elysium

Fernando De La Rosa
Petty Officer 2nd Class
USS Elysium


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