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Coming Aboard

Posted on Sun Dec 1st, 2019 @ 8:37am by Lieutenant Olivia (Carter) Voight & Ensign T'Kek

Mission: Casperia Prime - A lesson in relaxation
Location: Casperia Prime
Timeline: Current

Olivia had been attending a medical conference for the past couple of weeks. Last night she had gotten a message that she would being transferred to the USS Elysium as their new Assistant Chief Medical Officer. She had been learning about several new things over the course of the conference that she planned on taking back with her to the USS Forge and share with the medical staff there. Now Olivia guessed she could share the information with the medical staff on the Elysium once she got settled in there and learned the routine of how things worked.

Olivia packed up the few things she had brought with her to the conference and the items she had gotten over the course of the past couple of weeks and then checked out of her room at the resort. She then headed out to find the transport location she needed in order to beam up to the USS Elysium and report in to those she needed to check in with onboard. Olivia just hoped that the belongings she still had onboard the Forger would be sent to her at some point.

Olivia walked around for awhile searching for the beam up location that she needed. During her search, Olivia enjoyed the views of the mountains and flowers since she didn’t have a lot of free time during the conference to relax and do a lot of exploring around. Maybe during her next visit she would have more time to do some exploring and enjoy the downtime.

Olivia walked up to the location she needed for the beam up to the Elysium and waited her turn in the que to beam up with the belongings she had with her.

Dressed in tan khakis and a blue open Hawaiian-print shirt, T'Kek was taking the time to get acquainted with the layout of the resort. It felt good to get off the ship, even if it was due to a Q flinging the ship to the planet. The sun was warm and felt good as opposed to the recirculated air of the Elysium. His style of dress however drew some curious looks--likely never having seen a Vulcan dress in such recreational clothes. 'If they have a problem, they can live long and suck it,' he thought before spotting a woman looking confused before getting in the Elysium's transport que line. "Greetings," he called as he approached the woman. "I take it you're new to the Elysium?"

Olivia looked up to see a Vulcan dressed in casual clothes that she thought a bit odd for a Vulcan approaching her location. “Yes, I am new to the Elysium,” Olivia replied. “I just got the transfer orders late yesterday afternoon.”

Getting a better look at the woman and her uniform. "Ah, lieutenant, allow me to introduce myself. I am Ensign T'Kek, a medical officer assigned to the Elysium."

“Nice to meet you Ensign,” Olivia replied. “It would appear that we will be working together since I got assigned to be the Assistant Chief Medical Officer. I’m Olivia Car... Olivia Voight.” Olivia smiled a bit awkwardly at the Ensign in front of her. “Sometimes I forget and revert back to using my family name instead of my symbionts name.”

"It will be good to have some new life in Sickbay. The Chief knows his stuff but he isn't much for socialization and interacting with subordinates," T'Kek shrugged. "How old is your symbiont, Lieutenant?

“Voight is still considered young compared to the others that have been around for a long time,” Olivia replied. “Voight spent the first 20 years in the caves in one of the pools on Trill before joining with its first host. Voight was joined with the first host for 65 years and then 55 years with the second. So Voight is 142 years old. I am the third host to be joined with Voight.”

"I see...fascinating," T'Kek commented. He had always been fascinated with Trill culture though many things didn't make sense to him, especially the number of so-called adequate hosts. "So what brings a beautiful woman such as yourself to this paradise? Were you on vacation here?"

Olivia smiled slightly. “I’ve actually been here these past two weeks for a medical conference,” Olivia replied. “I don’t remember seeing you at any of the panels. Did you get to attend any of the conference.”

"No, I've only just arrived with the Elysium yesterday so today is my first day planet-side," T'Kek answered. "What sort of medical conference did you attend?"

"The medical conference covered a lot of different areas," Olivia replied. "It covered some updates on how to better treat some conditions that certain races develop over the years. They also covered some new upcoming technology that would be coming out in the next few years, as well as upgrades on some of the current technology."

"Sounds fascinating. It's a shame I missed it," T'Kek said. "Is there anything you'd recommend doing planet-side?"

Olivia frowned slightly as she thought for a moment. "Unfortunately I didn't get to explore that much due to attending the conference," Olivia replied. "I had hoped to do a little exploring, but due to all the different topics being covered, I had a lot of panels to attend."

"Why not take time and do some exploring now?" T'Kek asked. "The Elysium is on shore leave after all."

"I would," Olivia replied, "but I still have to officially check in first before being to consider any downtime.

T'Kek saw that Olivia would be up next for the transporter. "Well then, seeing as you are next in line, I will bid you farewell for now but should you come back down, I will be here...somewhere," he said looking around. "I look forward to working with you, Lieutenant Voight," he smiled.

Olivia smiled a little. “Once I report in hopefully I can come back down for awhile to do a bit of exploring,” Olivia replied. “I look forward to working with you as well.”

T'Kek nodded, grinning watching Olivia step onto the transporter pad. 'Things in Sickbay would be a bit brighter now,' he thought as he turned to make his way to the beach.



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