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Posted on Thu Sep 6th, 2018 @ 5:44am by Lieutenant Commander Estelle Hertz MD & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: after the battle

With the hostilities over, and most patients sent on their way, Estelle had told her staff to take a break and get some sleep, before returning in the morning to clean up the Casino and restore it to its original purpose.

She walked into sickbay holding the forward end of a stretcher, with her new surgical nurse attending to the other end. "And here we are again, bringing a patient. Well, most of him, anyway." On the stretcher was Ensign Justin Case, with his freshly amputated leg. Or rather, without it.

Sthilg had returned to his sickbay as soon as he could and had been overseeing putting it back together. Thankfully it had received very little damage and other than the Tetri fruit python having escaped from its cage there was no real work needed. After finding the missing reptile and returning her to her vivarium he'd gotten a short sleep in the sickbay's small restroom. Now he was up and about and checking on the patients when Estella walked in with Ensign Case. "Well hello everyone." He said walking over to the trio. "Just put him down on the bed and will take a look at him sssee if we can grow him a new leg." The doctor said calmly.

As they did so, Estelle reported, "He's the only case I couldn't release back into the wild just yet. The others are already back doing unspeakable things to burnt out conduits and uncooperative lifts." She stretched, even minus a leg, carrying the Ensign wasn't her preferred choice of activity. "It was a traumatic amputation, leg got squeezed off by a closing bulkhead. Significant blood loss, but no residual nerve damage." Making new legs after phaser wounds was a lot harder, so that was good. "I've decided to let him sleep until we got him here, and some semblance of order restored."

"Well, it will take a while to grow a new leg for our injured ensign so we can let him ressst. You did well from the reports and what the ssstaff had to say about you Hertz. You did well." The Gorn said giving her a reassuring look and a pat on the back.

Estelle smirked. "Wasn't the first time." She went to the replicator and came back with a fresh mug of coffee. "So, now that this place is back under proper management, what will my role be here during non-emergencies? I'm an expert in Andorian physiology, decent with most other species. Are you assigning me part of the crew for routine duties, or is it always a question of whoever is on hand when they walk in the door?"

"I run the place on a four ssshift sssystem with a ssssenior member of medical being in charge of each of them. Would you be okay if I put you in charge of B ssshift?" the Gorn asked.

"Anything but the night shift", Estelle grinned. "Nothing good ever happens during the night shift, unless you're not working it."

"B ssshift handlesss the afternoon. I'll expect reports on my desk every morning though." The Gorn said as he got himself his own coffee. The pirates had stolen his homegrown coffee beans so he'd have to use replicated for while.

"I have a personal request, if that's not too much trouble?" Estelle asked. "Replicated coffee is fine, and I can make do, but is there space for a real coffee machine in the office? With every cup, the flavour is a little different, it's one of those habits I've picked up at the Academy, and never been able to let go."

"I can do one better. I can sssuplly real coffee. I have ssseveral plantersss growing coffee beansss them down in the ship'sss hydroponics bay." The reptile replied with a grin.

"Very nice!" Estelle beamed. "And here I came aboard with all my luggage consisting of tea and coffee. Still got crates of the stuff waiting on Deep Space Nine. Is this the grand moment of two addicts meeting?"

"Looksss like it. Jussst let me know if you need any and I'll sssee if any are ready for harvesssting." The Gorn replied.

Estelle smiled and nodded. "I will, thank you." She looked around. "Is there anything else you need me to take care of right now?"

"Oh yesss." The lizard said as he rummaged around in his pockets until he pulled out a PADD. "We need to get sssome of the drugsss and antibiotics replicated. Can you handle that while I begin the replication of the ensign new leg?"

Estelle nodded. "I'll also call the counsellor, so she'll be present when he wakes up. He might not be in the best of places."

"Good idea. Hopefully, he can be calmed down until we can reattach his new leg." The doctor said as he disappeared off into the back areas of the medbay to begin the replication.

"He'll have to make do, for a few months", Estelle said. "Nothing to it." She'd cloned and replaced limbs before, but it was up to him, whether he wanted a biological or an engineering solution. "All right, drugs..." She checked the PADD, restocking supplies was an annoying task, but necessary.


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