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Character Spotlight - November

Posted on Fri Nov 29th, 2019 @ 5:49am by Elisha Pryce-Randal Ms & Lieutenant S'hib

Mission: Character Spotlight

Brief Interview with Ms Elisha Pryce-Randal - onboard Ship Reporter

EPR: What is your role on the Elysium? And what does it entail?

ES: I'm a Starfleet security officer, so my role onboard is primarily the safety and welfare of the ship and her crew.

EPR: What made you choose that line of work?

ES: Protecting others is something that is intrinsically important to my people, we look after our own, so... It seemed like a good fit at the time.

EPR: How do you handle the pressure that comes with being a Starfleet officer?

ES: Not as well as I'd like, but... I'm still here, still learning and growing as an individual. But as one of the first of my kind to be not just in Starfleet but, offworld... there isn't exactly a guide I can turn too If that makes sense.

EPR: What would you say to a cadet aspiring to do what you do?

ES: Do it better, don't drink on test nights... but still try to have fun and make as many memories as possible.

EPR: What is your favorite memory of your time at the academy?

ES: The only ones that come to mind I think you would have to edit out of this report, but... let's just say I was a little bit hungover during some exams.

EPR: Do you have any funny tales to tell about your time on the USS Elysium?

ES: It's not funny per se, but when I first came aboard the Elysium it did take some time for the crew to adjust to seeing me for the first time, as I'm sure you're aware sitting across from me, my people look like Earth equines.

Anyway, when I first joined I came across a little Andorian girl who wasn't afraid of me in the slightest, now remember I'm a seven foot six Sequus and shes a wee little thing. But between her calling me Sib, talking to her mother it was a very welcoming experience.


EPR - Elisha Pryce-Randal
ES - Ensign S'hib


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Comments (1)

By Envoy Anje Brett on Fri Nov 29th, 2019 @ 3:55pm

That was seriously one of the sweetest posts ever that S'hib referenced, seeing him with Tayalas and seeing it referenced here reminds me why I have fallen in love with the beautiful horsey man! What an amazing character!