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Hand to Hand training

Posted on Mon Nov 25th, 2019 @ 11:49am by Major Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant S'hib

Mission: Casperia Prime - A lesson in relaxation
Location: Deck 43; Marine Training Area
Timeline: After "So this is what we're doing now"

Naxea was dressed in a black SFMC T-shirt and green PT shorts as she released the arm bar on a junior Marine. She took several deep breaths as she got up off of the mat and turned to the school circle of Marines gathered around. "Good job, Corporal. Work on your takedown speed."

"Aye, ma'am," the corporal said, working his arm around.

S’hib was off duty and feeling somewhat vexed by the plants in his quarters refusal to play nice with one another, he had found himself once again drawn to the marines onboard the Elysium, drawn to Captain Naxea. He was watching silently from the entrance for several moments, content to take in his surroundings before anyone noticed him.

He looked entirely out of place however, wearing nothing but a bright yellow skirt that flowed all the way from his grey furred hips, down to his ankles. Even the white markings painted over his bare chest, his peoples native language made him look more like a monk than a member of the Elysium's security force. And by the looks on a few faces, he was sure they were about to ask if he was lost.

“May I join?” S’hib snorted, nodding his head lowly out of respect.

Naxea grinned and gestured to the ring. "Welcome, Ensign S'hib. Please approach the ring."

Without a word and with another gentle nod S’hib approached, his hooves clicking across the hard floor until he reached the mat, hopeful that this time he fought a marine he wouldn’t end up in sickbay.

But in truth he had no idea what he was getting himself into, and that alone was excitement enough to make his long flowing tail to flick erratically.

"So, what do you know besides the standard Starfleet self-defense?" Naxea asked, placing her hands on her hips.

“On Sequella, we are all taught how to survive... I am well versed In the martial arts of my people.” S’hib replied proudly, crossing his arms behind his back. “It was very difficult learning how to incorporate Starfleet training into what I grew up with, but I feel I have blended the two rather well.” he added with a slight nod.

"Good, then you might actually prove to be a challenge," she grinned. She personally wasn't a fan of Starfleet's self-defense techniques and for that sake, she didn't instruct her Marines on it. "Are you ready?" she asked as she raised her arms into a defensive posture in front of her.

His head tilted to one side for a moment, as she raised her arms as if to study her in a way only an animal of prey could, briefly questioning if she genuinely meant to harm him or not.

Another moment passed and he gently stepped forward, his hooves padding quietly over the mat before his right knee jolted into the air mid step, the move intentionally done to startle any would be assailant, to startle the Marine Captain.

his hoof came down with a loud clack, spacing his legs slightly and positioning himself into an aggressive stance in front of Naxea.

"Are you?" He said with a deep mocking snort, raising his four digit fists about him, never keeping them in the same place for long.

'Gotta get him off his feet,' she thought choosing to remain quiet as the two began to circle one another, knowing that on their feet, Sequus were very strong but like any horse, she figured, S'hib would be at a disadvantage if brought down. Step by step, she closed the gap between the two. She quickly side stepped and struck out her leg towards his left leg.

Shes done her homework S’hib thought as he crouched and caught her foot with his left hand, slowing her momentum before pushing her leg, throwing her foot back the way it came with a deep throaty snort.

With the distance between the two reestablished if only briefly S’hib pondered on his next moves, he knew he was going to lose eventually, he just wanted to last longer than her marines.

The block caused her to tumble as she rolled with the momentum and came to her feet again as she took a gamble to catch him by surprise and leaped at S'hib, hoping to grab his neck and shove her knees into his chest to flip him.

The speed and ferocity of her attack startled the young Sequus, If only briefly. But all attacks could be reversed and the energy used against his opponent, this was a core principle of his training, it was how his people survived.

Catching her arm in both hands S'hib turned on the spot, turning his back to Naxea, his mane, and tail flicking out wildly in a haze of grey and white hair that obscured her vision.

Her momentum continued as he pulled, sending her over the top of his large frame and onto the mat below.

Naxea heard a few gasps from the Marines surrounding the ring as she hit the mat hard. With her adrenaline pumping, she performed a kick up, landing her back on her feet a moment later. 'He's faster than he looks,' Naxea thought as she once again closed the distance, ducking at the last moment tucking into a roll as she attempted a scissor takedown

She was fast and nibble for a Bajoran S’hib thought, watching her legs wrap around either side of his body. The jolt of her weight pressed into him for a moment, had he been smaller of stature and without large flat hooves to dig into the floor he may have tumbled backwards, however it did not help Naxea that he was holding onto the scruff of her workout clothes, keeping her off the floor and getting any leverage on him. “My people learnt how to fight by not fighting at all...” He snorted calmly, grabbing the leg wrapped around the front of his waist before locking his limbs in place, anchoring them both together in a violent dance with no winner.

Naxea nodded as she let go, letting S'hib know the contest was over. "That is impressive, but against someone larger and stronger such as a Klingon or a Vulcan, you may have a harder time. Great job, ensign," she smiled.

"Thank you," S'hib said as he helped Naxea back onto her feet. "Sequellian defensive arts are quite different from what you may be used to fighting, I feel that it may have put me at an unfair advantage..." He continued, trying not to tower over Naxea out of respect. "If you would like, I could take you through some techniques that I don't believe you're familiar with." S'hib nodded, almost forgetting the many eyes of the marines on the back of his head.

"I would like that," she replied before turning to the Marines. "Dismissed. Hit the showers, make sure your gear is squared away and platoon leaders, carry out the plan of the day."

"Aye, ma'am!" the Marines replied in unison before filing away to the showers.

She turned back to S'hib. "You know, it's always good to face someone who is able to keep you on your toes like I was, sparing with you."

"Speak for yourself," S'hib replied, lifting a hoof up off the floor with a large smirk across his lips. "I'd be pretty concerned if you had me on my toes, considering I don't have any."

"Well, nobody said you were perfect," Naxea joked.

“Of course i’m not... I’m not a marine.” S’hib shot back, crossing his arms as he stared at Naxea with his grin growing wider.

"So, why do you keep coming around to Marine training?" Naxea questioned. "You're the only one in Security that seems to actually volunteer to train with my detachment. You can't like our training that much."

S'hib fell silent as Naxea's question caught him off guard, staring with a blank expression, like a deer caught in the headlights of a hovercar. Words seemed to bounce around his tongue aimlessly, unable to escape his lips without a great deal of effort.

"Well, I... um," S'hib stuttered, running a hand over the side of his face, a nervous habit he was unaware he'd developed on the Elysium. "I don't think my department likes me very much..." He sighed, falling quiet for a moment more. "But mostly, I... enjoy your company." He finished, a sheepish smile across his face as though he'd only just come to the revelation himself.

"Why don't you think the members of Security like you?" Naxea replied. "Until Commander Holmes returns, I'm also the Acting Deputy Chief of Security so if you're feeling unwelcomed, by all means, let me know and I'll put my boot in it. Not many people enjoy my company enough to put up with the hell I put my Marines through. But I'll admit that I've been enjoying your company as well. You've really impressed me over the past several weeks."

“Just trying to do my best ma’am,” S’hib replied, a wide smile across his face. “And don’t worry about my department though, I’ll just keep to myself and they won't bother me.” He added, the awkwardness to his smile creeping back in. “I was wondering, however...” He paused, looking away briefly as if deep in thought, choosing his next words with exacting care. “If you didn't have any plans for shore leave, perhaps we could do something together.” S’hib finished, his hand back behind his head, gripping his mane somewhat nervously.

"Oh?" Naxea asked, finding herself more intrigued than she would like. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well apparently the northern regions of Casperia are quite beautiful, mountainous with forests and lakes. I was going to go hiking on my own, but I'd really like it if you joined me." S'hib replied, happy to have at least piqued her interest.

Naxea shrugged and grinned. "Sure. That sounds fun. I should have everything settled tomorrow if that works for you."

“Yeah, that works.” S’hib replied with a slight shake of his head, trying to contain his excitement and his tail from flicking wildly about behind him. “Um, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then...” S’hib continued, falling quite for a moment as a single hoof lifted slightly off the floor, unsure what to do with itself. “Enjoy the rest of your day Ma’am.” He finished, his hoof finally finding the floor as he hurried out of the training area.

Naxea nodded as she watched S'hib leave before heading for her quarters.


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