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Cute and Smart

Posted on Mon Nov 25th, 2019 @ 9:12am by Envoy Anje Brett & Quinn

Mission: Casperia Prime - A lesson in relaxation
Location: Anjes cabin

With the Elysium in stable orbit, Phoenix had released the crew for shore leave. And for unobtrusive recon. Quinn hovered invisible behind Anje and followed her back to her cabin.

Anje could feel eyes on her, even though she could see nobody in the corridor as she walked back to her quarters. She walked into her room and began to remove her uniform, standing in just her panties and bra before quickly putting her Bozeman t-shirt on and releasing her hair from the bun, ~Still feels like someone's here...~ She thought to herself, coming from a long line of hunters of the Russian tundra and military people she trusted her instincts, even when her other senses told her a different tale. She ran her hands through her loose hair quickly, it was a mess, always was after she took it down once her shift ended, though a shower usually cured this, ~Not going to take one right now though, not when I feel another presence...~

Quinn gave it a moment then popped into view beside the lounge. "Legate."

Anje fought the urge to jump when Quinn reappeared, ~Russians don't jump.~ "Quinn, hello again." She replied, almost emotionless, "What brings you by? Want a drink?" She pointed her head towards a bottle of her Aunt's special reserve, "That's the kind of taste one can savor for eternity, especially if one is eternal."

The being known as Quinn, flipped her long red hair back. "No thanks, I was just wandering around the ship." She smiled. "Federation tech has changed since i went to the Academy and served."

"Same here." Anje laughed softly, she knew she shouldn't be, but something about Quinn put her at ease, "And you can only imagine the differences between this ship and the one I was born on." She paused and laughed at herself, "Actually, you can more than imagine..."

"Probably. " Quinn studied Anje closely. "Hmm you know, i find it hard to believe that you are single." She sauntered over to pause In front of Anje. "I thought humans were smarter than to let someone with your qualities slip through their fingers. I mean Penelope i can understand, she is fixated on that Ken guy, never could look beyond the person of the moment that girl, but others... strange.." as she spoke she idly reached out and ran a hand down Anjes hair.

"If it helps don't think of me as single, think of me as between dumpings." Anje joked, though she thoroughly enjoyed Quinn's touch, "Some people have relationships, I have relationshipwrecks. And, yeah, Ken, Nikita was not thrilled to learn about him." She stopped, realizing she was babbling, ~Oh, real cool, Anje.~

"Tell me, may i call you Anje?"

"Please." Anje smiled, not sure why she was eating this woman's attention up so much, ~Highly illogical...~

Quinns lips curved. Normally she wouldn't try to take advantage of the woman, and she mentally told herself to stop but, she couldn't help it. "You are very attractive Anje. Very" she drifted around Anje slowly, her hand running through Anje's hair. Occasionally she would curl a tendril around a finger but never tug. "I have always had a thing for brunettes, blondes too but brunettes more so."
She paused face to face with Anje. "What about you beautiful? Any preferences?"

"Really developing a thing for redheads." The Russian let it slip, blushing a little, "And Milla, my sister, she's the blondie, I've always been dark."

"And it suits you very well." Quinn said softly. "Dark hair, creamy soft skin, as I said, hard to believe that they leave you to sleep alone" her hand cupped Anjes cheek briefly before her fingertips skimmed Anje's lips and tge returned to tangle in her hair. "Are you interested Anje?"

"Very." Anje answered softly, almost as though she were still fighting to keep a secret. Alarms were going off in her head, but she was ignoring them, maybe she didn't even have the power to resist this woman... "Are you sure you are?"

"I wouldn't be here otherwise, sweet Anje." Quinn replied. "I am not the average Q. I allow myself to feel human emotions and enjoy those sensations. And I enjoy those things other Q's turn their noses up at. But only if the other is willing. I am not taking away free will." She coiled another tendril around a finger. "That is unless you like that sort of thing... " her lips curved and her hand tilted Anje's chin up.

"I'm willing." Anje replied with certainty, she felt safe with this woman even when everybody, literally, told her she wasn't.

Quinn didn't smile but gently brushed her lips across Anje's. "Tell me beautiful Anje,what you want, do you want me in your bed? Worshipping you?"

"You don't have to worship me, just be with me." Anje replied, "Though, I mean, I won't turn down your worship."

"You should be worshipped Anje. You are perfect and beautiful ." Then she lightly kissed her lips again.

~Perfect? Me? That's a rare one. Merella and now her...~ Anje thought, returning the kiss and gently stroking Quinn's face as she did, she'd never expected to feel this way again so soon after losing Merella, or at all for that matter...

Quinn drew back and smiled. "You don't believe me do you beautiful?"

"Of course, I do." Anje replied, "Just hard when you've been through what I have..." ~Should I be telling her this? Does she already know?~ The truth was Anje had little idea of the scope of a Q's powers...

Quinn studied Anje closely and then said softly "What have you been through beautiful? Who hurt you sweetie?" She gently drew her closer.

"Myself mainly." Anje sighed, sinking onto Quinn's lap, "I fell in love with a woman when I was an Ensign, she had no interest in me, I might as well have been dishwater. Never stopped wanting her though. Anyway, one day she comes to me and tells me she has always been in love with me, wants to be with me. Well, come to find out she just wanted the job as my aunt's chief of staff, when she didn't get it, she lost interest in me, but not before she changed... not before I changed everything about me to please her. So, yeah, me. I make terrible choices romantically..."

Quinn turned Anjes face to hers and kissed her again. "Somehow, I doubt you were the only one at fault. She planned what she did to you darling, she knew and she used your feelings for her own gain. She made you doubt yourself. Oh Anje, you are worth a hundred of that person." Deftly, Quinn ran her fingers through Anje's hair again soothing her. "You have, beauty, brains, attitude and a killer body beautiful. Don't ever change yourself for anyone." Quinn smiled. "Except for yourself. Make changes for you." Quinn nuzzled Anje's neck and kissed along the smooth column of skin. "Believe me Anje. Don't change yourself."

"I'd love to make some changes." Anje laughed, "Find the old pre-Cheline me in here somewhere. Don't think she exists anymore, honestly." She nuzzled against Quinn, putting her arms around the other woman's waist and hoping she wasn't leaving anytime soon, ~Can a human and a Q have a successful relationship? Can an Anje have a successful relationship with anyone?~

"And just what did the old Anje look like? Not much different I am sure." Quinn replied and then she added. "What else does Anje want I wonder?"

"There's pictures on my padd." Anje shrugged, "And, I mean, I guess the same things everyone else does: to be loved, so have a happy home, career success. You know, just the basics." Without thinking she handed Quinn her padd and even unlocked it for her, ~Wow, never done that before...~

But Quinn handed it back. "Show me what you want to show me." She would not pry into Anje's private stuff.

"There's a file in there marked Anje pics." Anje smiled, handing it back to Quinn, "There's a lot of images in there since I started it at fifteen. Me, my friends, my family, my first vehicle, all in there, all of the things important to me. It's an open book for you. In fact, hold on..." She began the process of syncing the technologically speaking ancient padd to her viewer, once done she handed the padd back to Quinn again, "Swipe left or right, ask me anything." ~Auntie would flip if she heard me say that...~ She thought, giggling naughtily.

Quinn did a quick perusal of the images and considered. Then she placed it beside them on the couch. "Anything? Ah I think you might blush."

"I'll take my chances." Anje said, leaning up and kissing Quinn delicately, her eyes open so she could enjoy the view.

The Q's lips quirked with an impish smile. "Ah Anje, do you have an adventurous streak?"

~I used to.~ Anje thought, though she tried to remind herself that her adventurous streak had gotten her hurt pretty bad with Merella, ~Ah, what the Hell...~ "Sure." She replied, "Let's adventure."

"Are you sure?" Quinn gently helped Anje stand. "Because I am going to show you something amazing."

Every impulse in her mind screamed stop, but she wasn't listening. Taking Quinn's hands in her own she smiled, "Show me."

Quinn winked and snapped her fingers. Next thing Anje knew, they were standing outside the ship on the hull. "Are you still sure?" Quinn asked. They could breathe as if they were inside the ship, and Anje did not feel the cold.

Anje's logical, Vulcan mind informed her that she should be dead, but she knew she wasn't. She tucked herself under Quinn's arm, not for warmth but for closeness, and replied, "Yes." ~It's so beautiful out here.~

"Ready?" Quinn placed her own arm around Anje and pushed off of the hull, so they floated just above the ship. "No one can see us out here. Sensors will not detect us."

"You really know how to show a girl a good time." Anje giggled, wrapping her arms around Quinn and pulling her close, "Best first date ever..."

"Better than sex on a first date, Anje. While kissing you is delightful, you deserve more than a roll between sheets." Quinn kissed her and used her powers to push them further from the ship. "You can see the rings really well from here."

She turned her eyes to the approaching Casperia Prime, this view really was like no other, "It's so beautiful..." Was all she could manage, enraptured in the view around them and the woman holding her.

"Matches you" Quinn whispered. "Shall we have a bit of a look around the system?"

"Absolutely." Anje grinned, "Take me anywhere."

Several hours later, they returned to the Elysium, having seen all the planets in the system and a distant comet for fun. Quinn gently released Anje as they appeared in Anje's quarters.

"That.... was.... magical." Anje stated, happy tears in her eyes, "I've never enjoyed anything more, I mean, I can't even..." She took a deep breath, steadying herself, before kissing Quinn deeply and simply stating, "Thank you."

Quinn smiled. "You are very welcome. Can I interest you in another date? Tomorrow? Planet side?"

"Any time you want." Anje smiled, "I can't wait."


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