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Posted on Mon Nov 25th, 2019 @ 8:00am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Quinn & Commander Aurelia Holmes & Envoy Anje Brett & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Commander Gallia Norris & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Major Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant Nevada McKay & Lieutenant Commander Turak & Lieutenant Carter Smith & Lieutenant S'hib

Mission: Casperia Prime - A lesson in relaxation
Location: USS Elysium - Various
Timeline: MD1


Phoenix was laying under the console for Operations trying to get the system back fully under her control. She didn't see the flash of light off to her left but she definitely felt the foot kick her leg. Shoving clear she sat up and stared at the red head sitting in her Chair.

"Well. you are looking well" the red head said calmly, almost idly examining her perfect nails.

Phoenix stared and slowly got to her feet. "Quinn?" She got out half stunned. "What...?"

"Yes Me, I just dropped by, looks like you have an problem Pene."

Gaining back the use of her voice, Phoenix took a breath. "What are you doing here?"

"As I said i am just dropping by. And now I see you have a major issue. You and your crew could use a break." She smirked. "How about I send these Jem Hadar and their Changeling to Starfleet Command, with your compliments, and then" she snapped her fingers and there was a bright white light. The woman known as Quinn, was still there, this time, the casual clothes were gone and her starfleet uniform was in place. She wore Lt. Commander Pips.

"How... fitting" Phoenix growled out.

"All of your enemies are gone now Captain... lets bring your senior staff to the bridge... I have a gift for you all!"

Before Phoenix could lunge and stop her, she snapped her fingers again. "QUINN!"

All around her, members of her senior staff (Excepting those who were on leave) appeared. Across the ship, people were returned to their cabins or duty stations.

Anje appeared on the bridge, her pistol still on point as she had just been about to shoot a Jem-Ha'dar soldier who was no longer there... "What the Hell?" She muttered, turning to Phoenix, "Are you okay?" ~She better be or my aunt's going to kill me...~

"Am fine" Phoenix said her gaze still on the woman in her chair.

Reassured her Captain and friend was okay, Anje holstered her sidearm, turning slightly to take in the image of a stunning redhead, ~Oh my God! Who is she?~ She wondered, though she approached cautiously for fear that the flame haired beauty might be a changeling, "Uh, hi, I'm Anje, don't believe we've met before." She extended her right hand, her left remained near her gun just in case; fun fact, Anje is ambidextrous.

Phoenix shot out a hand and dragged Anje back. "I wouldn't" She advised.

"Aw now now Captain, let the Ambassador have some fun." Quinn grinned. "I am Quinn."

"She is a Q" Phoenix said softly.

"Ublyodok..." Anje swore in the mother tongue as she lowered her head, "Seriously, what is it with me? Every time I meet a woman either she's a user, she's a twin, she's a Q..."

Jason popped onto the bridge still only wearing his pajama pants and holding his phaser rifle. "Captain, what's happening." He said looking at the Captain.

Phoenix had a migraine on the boil, she could feel it. "Everyone, this is Quinn, once know as Lieutenant Quinn Henderson. She is a member of the Q continuum and a pain the arse."

"Aww come on Pene. You don't need to be so harsh." The red head stood from the center chair straightening up her uniform. "My,my you have some wonderful specimens here Phoenix. I do think you have some very nice ones indeed." She let her gaze sweep Anje and Jason and then let her gaze roam the rest.

"Quinn." Phoenix's tone was resigned. "Thank you for disposing of the JemHadar and the so-called Ambassador. But what do you want?"

Quinn smiled. "To have fun." She said brightly slipping past Phoenix to stand before Anje and smile.

~Oh, yeah, I know where this is going. This is the part of the show where Anje does something stupid and everyone is mad at her...~ Anje thought, realizing if her life was a horror movie, ~Wait, it isn't?~ that she would be that character, "Um, hi..." she managed, the redhead was charming almost beyond her capacity to grasp.

Quinn smiled back "Hi" she looked at Phoenix. "Cutie she is."

"Great. Can't Omnipotent beings show up when they're actually wanted and needed?" Naxea grumbled, cradling her phaser rifle as she leaned against the bulk head, keeping her eyes on this Quinn. She hated the Q Continium because they were undisciplined--children with too much power, always interfering. 'Why couldn't the fucking Prophets had been as active?' she added as an afterthought.

Phoenix reached out, took Quinn by the shoulder. "QUINN" she groused. "Enough. Now, what can we do to amuse you in the shortest time possible."

"Gee Pene, you have grown boring!" The Red Haired whined.

"Yes, comes with the rank pips!"

Quinn rolled her eyes. "Fine, I dropped by found you guys had a problem, so I fixed it. And now I figure, I could help you and your crew have some fun."

"Your definition of FUN and ours might differ greatly." Phoenix retorted.

"maybe" The Q smirked "Why don't you all take a seat and we shall see what I can do."

"Don't you dare" Phoenix stated.

"With respect, Captain, indulging her might be our most logical move." Anje began, "If her intent was malicious she would've already done something and even if she hadn't done it yet there would be nothing we could do about it anyway, so playing whatever game she's got in mind might be the only safe option we possess."

"Cute and smart. Good combination." Quinn smiled.

"I went with my skills." Anje shrugged playfully.

Phoenix rolled her eyes. "What do you have planned Quinn?"

Quinn grinned now "Vacation."

Gallia popped onto the bridge, furiously searching for Tayalas, "Ah, fer fooks sake! This shite again?" She snarled, "Ah'm aboot bloody tard of bayin' snopped inta an' outtsa places 'genst mah fray will!" Her eyes next fell upon the site of Anje turning into a puddle of goo at the feet of a beautiful redhead who definitely did not belong, "Ohnd spakin' a' not this shite again.... Ah juander ooh's twin ar' woife this one is."

Phoenix didn't understand a word her Chief of Operations said but she had a feeling she agreed with the sentiment.
She took a breath."Quinn, we just had a vacation."

"So? I have the perfect place." Quinn grinned. She waltzed up to the helm and studied it. "Configuration is different."

"Duh." Phoenix muttered.

Quinn gave her a look. "Now now Pene, no sarcasm. It will give you lines."

Phoenix gritted her teeth. "Quinn, we do not need a vacation and we need to go back to Starbase 1 to report what you just snapped into Starfleet HQ"

"No, you need to go to Casperia Prime." Quinn brushed past Anje with an impish smile. "Trust me Pene!" And she snapped her fingers.


The crew blinked the light from their eyes. Quinn was gone from the bridge. And Proximity alarms began to sound.

"Ah, what fresh hell's this then?" Gallia moaned, dashing to her position at ops and reading her screen, "Ye cannae bay sairyus! Cap'n, we're way away from whar we jus' were. Yar friend mussa blinked us away or somethin'.... Right pain in the arse that un."

Anje looked around for a second and noticed Quinn gone, "Hope she comes back." She said to Gallia, figuring her friend would understand.

"Are ye daft, lass?" Gallia shook her head, "Ah'm gonna 'ave ye spayed."

"Are you that desperate?" Naxea asked Anje, pushing herself off of the bulkhead and approaching Gallia's Ops Station. "Where did that crazy woman send us?"

"Not desperate at all, merely curious." Anje replied to the woman she had never met with the classic Vulcan expression of stoicism, one raised eyebrow, "And, as I'm sure Lt. Norris will shortly confirm, the smart money would say she brought us to Casperia Prime just as she stated."

Jason moved over to the security terminal. "All decks report damage and casualties." He said tapping a few commands. "Captain who was that Q?" Jason asked.

Carter suddenly found himself back in main engineering. He looked around, looking for any damage. "+Bridge+ Looks like no damage to main engineering, bridge."

Phoenix acknowledged the call from Engineering.

Gallia, having finished her scan of the planets and pinged any nearby communication relays, took a deep breath and said, "Aye, the Ambass-durs roight, shay took us ta Cas-pair-ya Prime."

"Standard orbit" Phoenix ordered. "And signal their space Traffic control that we are here." She moved to the center chair. She glanced at Anje. "Keep your head Anje" she said softly as she passed.

"Avalon!" She called out and the AI appeared. "Captain."

"Good you are back on line. Please bring up the file on One Lieutenant Quinn Leanna Henderson. Last duty post the USS Talons Wing."

"Of Course Captain." The AI Vanished and a Starfleet dossier appeared.

Phoenix looked at the crew on the bridge. "Lieutenant Quinn Leanna Henderson, Graduated 2386, Operations School. Assigned to the USS Ares and then to Chief of Operations, USS Talon's Wing." She recited. "On the Talon's wing, it was discovered that... certain things happened when Quinn was involved.. it led to a rather uncomfortable situation... more so for the other officer who was involved with Quinn at the time. And no, I was not one of them. I was a friend, purely platonic to Quinn, or Lieutenant Henderson as I knew her. Her revelation as a Q was a shock to all involved. Starfleet Intelligence wanted her captured.. well knowing Q's we all know how well that one went down. Quinn left the Talons Wing and I would like to say she was not seen again, but she was. She often shows up at odd places with former crew members."

Imik had reappeared in her cabin, she glanced around and waited for something to happen. Checking the cabin it's self, she now knew this wasn't another holodeck it was indeed her cabin. She now changed into a clean uniform and made for the bridge, on the way she picked up thoughts of confusion and anger mixed with a hint of fear. She entered the bridge as Phoenix finished talking, "Pardon my late arrival, but this day has began to wear on my sanity". She crossed to a clear spot close to the engineering console, and waited to be updated on just what was happening.

Jason had sent the message to the space control and was listening to the Captain. "So we are dealing with a crazy Q, shall I send a message to Starfleet explaining everything we know so far Captain?" He asked.

"Please Lieutenant." Phoenix said nodding at Jason. "Inform them we will hold for further notice."

As he hurried onto the bridge, Turak looked around at what appeared to be many senior members in various form of dress and some with weapons. He then told the Captain, "I was awoken by my tricorder picking up various people beaming to the bridge without the help of transporters. What happened?"

Naxea let out a sigh as she stepped away from Gallia's station, taking a glance at the planet displayed on the viewscreen. She then turned to look at the captain. "If you don't need anything from me, Captain. I'm going to check on my Marines and make sure the ship is secure."

"A Q Mr. Turak, that's what happened. I want you to start going deck by deck and find any casualties or wounded. Use all available security personal the Marines will secure the ship." Jason nodded to Naxea. He tapped out a short message to Starfleet quickly updating them on there situation. "Azhul send a team to the diplomatic quarters and to the academy asap. After that do as you see fit to protect what you can, once security finishes it's sweep use them." He nodded at both Turak and Naxea.

"Sounds good Lieutenant, I'll gather all security shifts right now and we'll sweep the entire ship." Turak said as he headed for the turbo lift.

"And do what, exactly?" Anje asked, reminding them, "Former Lt. Henderson is a Q, meaning there is literally nothing any of us or our technology can do to stop her from going anywhere she wants or doing anything she wants here. I mean, we don't even know where she snapped herself here from, but apparently she snapped away the opening parade for the Second Dominion War, and now has vanished again. We play her game, see whatever it is she wants us to see on Casperia Prime, and we can go back to normal operations, that's my analysis, Captain." She knew how it sounded, but the fact was it was totally logical.

"While you are complacent to trust your love interest," Naxea said, turning back to the woman. "I do not. I prefer to visually make sure all Jem'Hadar are off the ship and that no one is killed injured, and to make sure nothing is out of place aboard the ship." With that, Naxea turned and entered the turbolift.

Carter had the engineering staff start running diagnostics on every console and system in engineering.

"Just a minute, Captain." Anje, now furious, said to the Marine as she tried to leave, "Let's get one thing straight, I don't care what you think of me, your opinion means less than nothing. But I will remind you once, and only once, that you are still addressing a superior and as such you will speak to me respectfully. There won't be another reminder." She was seething with rage, but her voice never lifted above it's normal tone, she wouldn't give this woman, who she knew to be a virulent racist from her non-isolated instances of use of the slur 'Spoonhead', the satisfaction, ~This instant assumption the Quinn is involved in the attack by the changeling is just another example of her racism guiding her thoughts. Sad really.~

"Obviously, my opinion means a great deal to you, ma'am," Naxea said, gauging the woman's reaction and body language. "However, if I was mistaken in my observation of the obvious interaction between yourself and that damned Q, then I apologize, ma'am. Now, if you don't mind ma'am, I have a job to do." If there was one thing Naxea hated more than Cardassians, it was extra-dimensional and non-corporeal beings--all of that so-called power and they do nothing to aid others.

Arrianna spoke to Phoenix after observing this lifeform. She was a Q, but she kept quiet and watched her intently. "Captain. I may have an alternate suggestion. These Q appear to crave attention, I propose we ignore her no matter what she does. Placating her may just encourage this Quinn to remain here and annoy us further. However, I should note. There is more to these Q lifeforms than meets the eye, I do not believe for a moment their behavior is completely primitive. Q's always have an agenda with each of their contact."

"Arri, you maybe right, but there is always the possibility of Quinn just making us do it by making the ship uninhabitable or some such. I won't put my crew at risk, even though she has never been violent." Phoenix closed her eyes briefly. Of all times for Gary to be off ship.. "Announce shore leave to everyone. And I want all senior staff in the observation lounge at 08h00 tomorrow"

Carter started yelling at his staff. "I want everything here examined! I don't care what it does or where it is!! Or by god I'll starting kicking the lot of ya's off the ship!!!"

Anje just shook her head as Naxea walked away, ~Behind that beautiful face are some truly hideous ideas...~

Jason looked at Anje and as calmly as he could without showing any anger. "Ambassador, as the Chief of Security for this ship I will not have you publicly disagree with my orders. Until such time you are given my job you will withhold your negative remarks unless they are pissed as a harmless comment. Furthermore unless you have something important to say to my officers I'd be grateful if you refrain from upsetting them." Jason said over a few breathes then he looked at the Captain. "Message sent and awaiting reply from Starfleet, damage reports are still coming in. Orders Captain."

"And I would advise you, Mr. Morris, that you are also addressing a superior, Capt. Azhul is not one of your officers, and the fact that you do not like my analysis changes neither of these facts, nor does it give you the right to try to suppress it." Anje replied bluntly "Remember your place, Mr. Morris. Oh, and just for further edification, you are now on report. The statement about no further reminders applied to everyone. Save your mysoginistic John Wayne act for someone it might impress like a first year cadet."

Jason looked annoyed at Anje. "The Marines have been placed under my command by the Captain of this ship, and when this ship is under attack there is only one person who outranks me and you are not her. I know my place well and I'd advise you to remember your place Ambassador, or I'll have you escorted to it. Before we continue on this pissing match, how about we save it until the time and place are right as this is not one of those times."Jason said

"Welcome to the end of your career, Lieutenant." Was Anje's only reply, she wasn't going to take this man's abuse anymore and would now be pushing for a dishonorable discharge, ~What is wrong with this people? You say one thing they don't like, which is true, and they turn on you like rabid animals.~

"Ye should get ta yar own thing now, Morris." Gallia advised, as much as she hated.... whatever that was between Anje and that damned Q, Anje was right, there was nothing you could do but indulge them, even Admiral Picard didn't have a way around the Q. She walked to his side and sort of gently ushered him away, whispering, "Ah'm sorry, but she's right. Ware at this Quinn's marcy, and Ah'm not aboot to risk this ship or mah chald's life in a pissin' match with a bloody demi-god. If shay can get us in good with this Quinn, mar power to her."

Phoenix had given orders and now they were fighting. "Oh for the love of the gods" She muttered. "Legate Brett, please calm down. Lieutenant Morris, have your teams secure the ship please as you have stated. Lieutenant Norris, have you contacted the planetary Spaceport? I do not want us in breach of their standards. The rest of you are dismissed. And as for the fact that Lieutenant Morris is on Report, I will address that after this has ended, maybe by then cooler heads will have prevailed."

Anje simply raised her hands in a gesture of surrender, she wasn't going to push the obviously upset Phoenix about something as petty as a cro-magnon like Morris.

"Aye, Captain, they know we're here now." Gallia replied as calmly as she could, knowing Capt. Lalor had a hard time with the accent, "We've scared the shite outta few people down there, though. Havin' a big garl like Elysium jus' suddenly appear outta nowhere doesna happen every day."

Phoenix nodded. "Thank you Lieutenant." she then repeated her order. "Announce shore leave to everyone. And I want all senior staff in the observation lounge at 08h00 tomorrow"

Imik stood watching as this Federation crew first ripped it's self apart, then came together to solve the next problem. Ojnas vessels would never operate like this, once the Sinkahue gave his orders. Nobody would contradict them, nor would they argue in front of the Sinkahue. She would have to talk with the Captain, and see if this was normal for Federation vessels.

With a bright flash of gut wrenching light Nevada found herself in free fall For several Agonizingly long seconds as her mind raced to try and rationalize where she was, and where her patient had gone and why she was now falling with the Scent of Chlorinated water Assaulting her nose. Moments after she'd appeared she slammed into the water with a mighty splash, Roaring water rushing into her open mouth and nose before she was able to Get a handle on her surroundings. Panic set in and she started to paddle, trying to give herself some bouncy. After several heart pounding moments she managed to breach the surface her Dark blue eye stinging with chemicals as she struggled to the surface.

The threat of drowning cast aside She Finally took a moment to take in her surroundings, the Slate grey walls of the ships pool making her blink and chuckle in confusion. "W...what the...fuck," she said in the midst of a chuckled as she started to swim towards the edge of the pool, Glad she wasn't dressed in her uniform and that her Workout clothes were easy enough to swim in.

The flash of light was blinding, it felt like he'd been shot again. "What now..." S'hib snorted as he started to drift to one side, suddenly aware Captain Naxea was no longer supporting his weight. "Oh for crying out-" He stammered before hitting the floor hard, dragging a medical table down with him. "Fr'uth!" S'hib growled in his native tongue, cursing out loud as he rolled onto his back. "Computer... activate emergency medical hologram..."

"Please state the nature of th-" Remarked the overly chirpy hologram as it shimmered into existence. "Oh, nevermind." It added, looking down to see S'hib on the floor clutching his side once more.

"Let's get you onto the biobed, and then perhaps you can tell me where everyone else is." The EMH remarked, effortlessly lifting S'hib onto his hooves.

"I wish I knew myself..." S'hib grunted as his wounds began to bleed again, the fall having torn open his cauterised flesh. "The ship was boarded, I got hit... there was a bright light... and then I ended up here." He finished, finally laying down on something more comfortable than Elysiums carpets.

"I see someone has already tried to treat the hole in your side." The EMH frowned, running his tricorder over the bloodied mess. "Not that it did any good, you're still bleeding internally." He added with a raised eyebrow. "You need surgery and you need it now." He finished, flipping the tricorder closed before moving over to a hypospray stand.

"Surgery? for how long?" S'hib asked with wide eyes, sitting up slightly in protest before a firm hand pushed him back down.

"How long is a piece of string? I'm a doctor, not a veterinarian... Your... anatomy isn't on my database, You're lucky I'm not complaining." The EMH barked as he pressed the hypospray against S'hib neck.

"You sound..." S'hib muttered before falling unconscious, his thoughts replaced by the void.


Below decks, rumours ran like the wind around the events and none were true.

Then over the comm came: "ATTENTION ALL CREW: We have arrived at Casperia Prime - Shore leave is authorized."


"Shore leave?" Carter was in disbelief at the announcement. "After everything that's happened, now it's announced we get shore leave?'
The other people in engineering were whopping and hollering about shore leave.



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