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And now... we go forth

Posted on Thu Sep 6th, 2018 @ 7:33am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Lieutenant Commander Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley & Commander Gary Taylor & Lieutenant Commander Matias Grronkil & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris & Chief Petty Officer Liorga

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Various
Timeline: Current - After taking back the Elysium

Phoenix settled back in her chair, calmly letting her gaze sweep the area as her away team took up their posts on the bridge of the Elysium.

She took a breath. "Contact the Eclipse" She said. "Lets speak with Commander Taylor"

Arri nodded and brought up the Eclipse.

Gary answered the hail instantly as it came through. "Captain." He acknowledged as he looked at her sitting in the command chair aboard the Elysium.

"Commander, The Elysium is now fully back under our control. What is your status?"

"Oh, we've got some minor bumps and bruises but nothing too serious. We're still ticking."

"We have the co-ordinates for our next stop. I am bringing Avalon back on line shortly. Do you need time to affect repairs?"

He shook his head, "I don't believe so. Damage control parties are working on affecting repairs while we speak. What about you?" He asked as he thought he saw some faint wisps of smoke crossing behind Phoenix.

"We lost a tactical console... Lia is gonna be peeved.. and don't even tell Matias.." she gave a slight smile. "I would suggest we give our crew the next 30 or so to get into position in both ships then." She waved a hand to Arri. "Arri is sending you the co-ordinates from our computer."

Gary nodded his head in agreement. "Mums the word. They won't hear anything about it from me." He assured her. A slight grin on his face. "I concur in your suggestion in giving both crews some time."

"We will need to fix some things over here." She looked at Arri.

"I had to temporarily disable the weapon systems in order to prevent the hijackers from destroying the Eclipse. Though I cannot say, this is the cleanest operation. There are more effective ways to attend to a so-called 'criminal mastermind.'" Arri mentioned. "Even Sherlock Holmes was romanticized."

Nodding Phoenix smirked. "I always liked Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock. Anyway, lieutenant commence repairs. Commander Taylor, keep in touch, and send a few engineers please."

Leaning back in his seat Gary nodded, "Will do Captain. I'll have some engineers headed over in a few minutes." He promised as he hit the arm console calling down to engineering to send some engineers to the Elysium.

Gallia, literally just out of sickbay, heard the call for engineers to go to the Elysium, "Well, I'm n'bout ta miss that!" She smiled, walking rapidly towards the transporter room where Liorga, Justice, Dorso, and the others were waiting, "Hey, great, you're all here! Who's got ma gear?"

"She can't be serious can she, Petty Officer?" Dorso asked, the Ensign's hand had quite literally been ablaze less than an hour ago.

"I think she's serious, Dory." Justice interjected, like Liorga she was starting to wonder if the new Ensign was nuts.

"Yeah, she's serious." Liorga sighed, she admired, hell, she loved the younger woman's enthusiasm, but this was not a good move. She stepped quickly to Ensign Norris, "Sir, you're just out of sickbay, do you really think..."

"What? This?" Gallia laughed, showing the new pink flesh, "Got me some new skin and my tendons reattached, good to go. So, who has ma gear?"

"Sir, with all due respect, I don't think this is wise." Liorga began, genuinely concerned, "You should take time to recover."

"And miss my chance to go to the Elysium?" Gallia laughed, "No worries, mum, I promise to take it easy. So, who's got my gear?"

"Justice has your bag, Sir." Liorga sighed, this argument was clearly falling on deaf ears. She watched with a mixture of admiration and dread as Ens. Norris bounced onto the transporter pad, following behind slowly.

"What are we going to do with her?" Justice asked as Liorga passed by.

"I don't know. Maybe we can get her to grow her hair out." Liorga shrugged, "If she had a nice, long ponytail I could grab her and hold on before she rushes headlong into a warp core breach or something."

"Unless she'll wear a collar." Justice suggested.

Matias called up from Engineering. "The engineers are on their way. If you like, I will go with them. And if they wrecked my Engineering, they're going to pay dearly."

On the bridge Gary smiled at the CEO's impassioned comment. Tapping his combadge he replied, "I'm sorry Mr. Mathias but you are needed here to oversee the repairs to the Eclipse. Perhaps once those are taken care of you can transport to the Elysium and see how your Engineering fared."

"Aye, sir. You're right, I may do something drastic if I went there now and saw it like I imagine it would be." said Matias.

Kara sighed a long heavy sigh as the call came in for an engineering team to head over to the Elysium. She walked over to where here chief was, and smiled. "Sir, will I head over to the Elysium or stay here and give you a hand with the repairs? I'm quite happy to do either, just tell me where i'm needed the most."

"You go to the Elysium and lead the team. I am ordered to stay here to help with the Eclipse. Report to me when you are done."

Kara nodded with enthusiasm. "Aye sir, I'll take charge until you are finished up here. i'll head to the Elysium Immediately." She about turned and headed straight out of engineering, to the Turbolift. As she entered a few other engineering crew also joined her. "Transporter room" She said, as the Turbolift whizzed off and arrived within moments. Her colleagues and Kara proceeded into the transporter room, and were transported over to the Elysium. After re-materialising, she tapped her comm-badge as the rest of the crew filtered out off the transporter pad. =A= Ensign Hoffman to Lieutenant Commander Grronkil. I and the final team of engineering crew have arrived on the Elysium, I'll keep you updated if anything comes up. Out. =A=

Having just rematerialized on the Elysium, Gallia had to stop for a second and take it all in; sure, there was damage, lots of it, but this was one big, bad, beautiful ship, "Now tha's what I'm talkin' aboot!" She said with a cheesy grin, "This is what I've been waitin' for."


OOC: You have 30 minutes IN GAME to get your characters settled into which ever vessel they are going to be traveling on.


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