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Handing over the reins

Posted on Sat Nov 9th, 2019 @ 8:07pm by Commander Aurelia Holmes & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris

Mission: Mission 3: Masquerade
Location: Security Chief's Office
Timeline: Current - Will adjust


Lia sat in the Office waiting for Morris to arrive, this was one interview she wasn't looking forwards to. How would Morris react? How would he look upon his Superior Officer? And would he protect both her name and reputation while she was away? Would he even want to protect her in any way? Only one way to find out, and as she waited her heartbeat rose with fear and dread.

Jason stood in front of the door wondering why he was called to the commanders office. He pressed the buzzer and waited to enter the office.

Hearing the buzzer, Lia called out. "Enter and grab a chair", she was sorting out a few things before she left. Looking up she noticed her second in charge had finally arrived, "Ah Lieutenant, we need to talk". She swallowed and took a deep breath, "First up is my departure for DS9 and then I need to officially handover to you. So please feel free to ask questions, things need to be clear and in the open". She waited for his response, not sure what he knew or would ask.

"Departure Ma'am, when will you be back?" Jason asked. "Are you okay?" Jason asked thinking this may be her way of getting help hopefully.

She looked at the man before her, "My return is as yet not confirmed, that is in the hands of other people. As for me being ok, I need to ask you a question". She stood up and waked around the desk to stand facing her deputy, "What rumours have you heard about me, and please be frank and open". Lia needed to know what was being said about her, she felt Morris would know.

Jason looked Aurelia in eyes. "Ma'am I cant speak for the crew and as for any rumors there may be they have done well to keep away from me. If the count my opinion as that of the crews I don't believe yourself or the others that were taken should be back in command." Jason said looking her in the face hoping the truth won't back fire on him. "No one can be okay with what happened to you and I doubt I even know a quarter of what happened." Jason said

Lia smiled and returned to her seat, "Thank you Lieutenant, I asked for honesty and I got it. Right so now I need to hand over to you". She picked up a PADD and then spoke, "Computer, as of this time and date. Lieutenant Jason Morris is hereby to assume command of the Security duties in regard of the USS Elysium". She handed the PADD over, "Transfer all command codes and authority to him, until further notice". She held out her hand, and waited for his response.

Jason looked down for a second then looked back up." Computer, as of this time and date. I assume command of security." Jason reached across and took Aurelias hand. "Ma'am I understand the reason I have to take this post, but I was a aide-de-camp before this, are you sure you don't want a more senior officer to take over instead?" Jason asked the question that has been on his mind for sometime.

"If I wanted someone else, then I would be talking to someone else. I'm talking to you Jason, because I want you. Now if you think you can't do it, that's another question. Can you do it?" She looked at her second in command, he seemed unsure of himself. "Now I'm going to ask a stupid question, but your going to answer it truthfully. Are you sure you know why I'm handing over command to you? Because now is the time for you to tell me exactly if you do, last chance Jason".

"I will do what is required of me, its that I worry i'm not ready to do it." Jason looked down again."I don't really know why you are handing over the command to me besides that i'm your second." He sighed.

Shaking her head, Lia now placed her hands on the table. "You picked this department to work in, this department needed a competent second in command. The Captain and myself chose you to fill that requirement, I might make mistakes but the Captain does not. You have the qualifications and the rank to complete this task, I understand you reluctance to step forward but I believe your more than able to do the job". She now move slightly rearward and glanced at the desk between them, "Jason, both the Captain and myself know you can do this job. And in answer to your question, don't worry your more than ready".

Jason looked up and his eyes widened a bit. "Yes Ma'am." He said shifting nervously in his seat. " I will do my best to fill your expectation Commander. I promise I won't let you down."

Lia reached out and placed her hand on Jason's shoulder, "I would say, don't let yourself down. You seem to have high expectations, as of now this is your department. So just do your best, that's all I can ask of you". She glanced at another PADD on the desk, "I have to go, look after the place".

Jason nodded. "Aye Ma'am, Ill take care of her if you ever want to come back, you will be welcomed with open arms." he said.

"Oh I intend to come back Jason, just don't you get to comfortable in my chair". Lia smiled as she spoke, as she reached to door she turned one last time. "I've been here two years, I lost a month through injury. Now I'm leaving again, this time because my brain is misfiring. I'm coming back, and it'll take a fleet of Romulans to stop me. Take care and listen to those around you, sometimes they know what their talking about.

Commander Lia Holmes
Chief of Security/Tactical Officer
USS Elysium

Lieutenant Jason Morris
Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical Officer
USS Elysium


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