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Joint Venture

Posted on Sun Nov 10th, 2019 @ 8:31am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Major Azhul Naxea

Mission: Masquerade Back posts
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD1

Phoenix summoned the Marine Commander and the Assistant chief of Security to her office after the XO and Security Chief had departed.

Naxea arrived at the captain's ready room dressed in her standard duty uniform. She wondered what the captain wanted. She was about to press the chime when she noticed a younger man that she recognized as the ship's assistant chief of security step next to her. She nodded to him. "Lieutenant," she greeted as she pressed the door chime.

Jason nodded at the Marine officer."Captain, how are you." He asked as he stood next to her.

"I'm well, thank you," Naxea replied.

Phoenix called out "Come" and the door opened for the two officers. "Ah good, come in and sit down the both of you." Phoenix said from where she stood behind her desk.

Naxea entered, walking briskly, heading for the indicated chair. "Aye, ma'am."

Jason walked towards the desk and sat after he was told to.

Phoenix studied them for a moment. "Its going to be over the ship shortly, Commanders Taylor and Holmes are departing shortly for DS9. It is a private Medical matter which I am not at liberty to discuss. Lieutenant Morris, you will be acting Chief of Security, a position, I am told you handled well during the last mission. Captain Naxea, I requested your presence as I feel that both Marines and Security should have a closer working relationship. Until Commander Holmes returns, I am making you the Lieutenant's assistant Chief. Consider it a secondment."

Jason looked at the Captain with widening eyes." Captain, is there a estimated time the Commanders will return." Jason said looking at the marine next to him and wondering if she will be an issue with his new duties.

"Your guess is as good as mine Lieutenant." Phoenix admitted. "Could be weeks, could be months. I have not been informed."

Jason nodded to the Captain. "Is there anything else for me Captain?" Jason asked.

Naxea was at a loss for words. She was the Assistant Chief of Security? Security tactics and training, she knew but she had no idea how to operate the ship's tactical console on the bridge that normally fell to Security officers as part of their duties. She sighed internally as this appointment would double her work load during the day.

Phoenix studied them both. "I want youboth to work together and learn from each other. I will leave you both to go work out the details. Dismissed."


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