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Toasty Buns

Posted on Fri Aug 31st, 2018 @ 9:51am by Petty Officer 1st Class Anya Neeze & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Eclipse Sickbay
Timeline: after the battle

Now that the Elysium had been secured, Anya excused herself from the team and beamed back to the Eclipse. She made right for sickbay and hoped there wasn't too much of a line to wait in for treatment. Her uniform had at least stopped smouldering but some of it had evaporated, and now her left butt cheek was exposed, also a mixture of black and dark red, the black parts being part of the uniform stuck to the burnt top layers of her skin. It hurt like hell, now that Anya's adrenaline rush from the fight was wearing off.

Sthilg had just finished off pulling parts of an exploded wall panel from an ensign's chest and had been able to take a breather after the flood of injured crew. He quickly sterilized the biobed before waving the next patient over. His eyes already could give a good guess at her injuries. With the help of one of the nurses, he helped the injured petty officer onto the bio bed. "Phassser hit?" He asked as he started the bed's scanners up to give him a complete picture.

"Yes, but from what I can tell I'm the only one who got hit. We captured them, nobody got killed." She wasn't sure if an announcement had been made on the Eclipse, but figured it couldn't hurt passing the information along to someone she figured would care a great deal about that.

Anya glanced over at the readouts that were appearing on Sthilg's monitor, though her lack of medical training meant she could make very little sense of it. "How much of me will you have to replace? Can you get all the pieces of uniform out?"

"We'll need to remove sssome of the burnt ssskin to remove all of your uniform. Don't worry, you won't feel a thing." the Gorn responded as he pulled on a pair of gloves.

"I'm already feeling quite a lot", Anya said, turning from her good side onto her stomach, wincing as she moved. "But I've had worse. At least this time, I've still got all my limbs."

"Well, thisss should help," the Gorn said as he injected her with a hypospray. "Pleassse count backwardsss from ten and we'll have you out and we can get to work."

"Hey! No, I wanted to see how..." and she was out. This hadn't gorn as planned.

It didn't take long for the Gorn and his medical team to get to work. It didn't take them long to carefully remove the burnt skin along with all of the burnt uniform. After sterilising and applying a cream a replicated skin graft was applied before a dermal regenerator was used to knit the skin together. By the end there was no sign that she'd even been hit.

Thankfully with the security officer being the last patient, the tired medical team was able to get off and get some food and drink. The Gorn stayed with Anya waiting for her to wake up.

When Anya woke up she noticed the pain was gone, and except for the burnt edges around the hole in her uniform she might have even passed for looking normal again. She grumbled. "You could have let me watch. Medical procedures are fascinating!"

"I apologissse, but we had ssseveral patientsss who may have needed additional sssurgery. I couldn't be ssslowly walking you through the procedure if that happened. I could provide you with a log of the operation if you'd like." The Gorn said the tiredness in voice being unmistakable. "Oh how are you feeling by the way?" he said jumping to his feet.

Anya stretched. "I feel like getting a new pair of trousers." She rolled over onto her back and set up, testing her body weight on the exposed butt cheek. "But this feels good. Thank you, doctor." She smiled and hopped off the bed, something she immediately regretted and she had to steady herself by grabbing the biobed. "Uh... as drunk as drunk can be. How long until this wears off?"

The Gorn had already reached out to grab her, before she was able to grab the bed. "It ssshould wear off in an hour or two. We have replicated some new trousersss for you." The Gorn said reaching for a freshly replicated pair of folder trousers.

"Thank you", she said, took the offered clothes and started changing. "Was the Eclipse hit hard? We heard them return fire, and I was worried that the Elysium's weapons would pulverise this little boat in a few blasts."

"I'm sssorry, but i don't know. That newsss hasssn't made it down to me in this little." the reptile replied as he looked around the small medbay.

"Hmm, well, most of us still seem to be in one piece. I suppose this could have gorn worse." Anya rolled up her old trousers and tucked them under her arm. "I'm going to wash them to get the stench of burnt flesh out, then keep them as a souvenir."

"One final thing." the reptile said as he picked up an inhaler before offering it to the woman. "Please take two sssprays of this for the next five hours. It contains a drug that will prevent your body from rejecting the replicated ssskin. If it ssstill itchesss after that pleassse come and sssee me ssstraight away."

"How often do I need to take it? And does it go straight in the butt?" Anya asked. She'd never self-medicated before, except with coffee.

"Two sssprays every hour for the next five hours. You jussst need to inhale it and your body will do the ressst. Just tap the top button twice." The medical doctor explained as he mimicked how to do it.

"Hmm, good. I think I'll manage now", Anya responded. "Thank you, doc. And when you find time, then yes, I would like a recording of that operation." She hadn't forgot about his earlier offer.

"Oh I'll make sssure you get it." The Gorn said as he sat back in his chair. He was tired and he wouldn't mind getting a shower and some rest in his own bed, but he knew there may still be more patients. Life was never quiet for a starfleet doctor.


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