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Maybe She's Right

Posted on Tue Sep 10th, 2019 @ 2:21pm by Lieutenant Commander Gallia Norris

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Gallia and Kara's Quarters
Timeline: one hour after Play Date

Gallia's head throbbed from all the stress she was currently under, having never expected to be insulted so severely by someone she was hoping would be a friend for her, along with having a friend for her child, now all those dreams were up in smoke. She poured herself a glass of orange juice, not about to hit the Scotch until Kara was home or, at the very least, Milla was available, and began reviewing the incident in her mind, "Audassti uff thot woman." She began, "This hoose is e'ry bit os clane as hers. Think's I cape a filthy hoose, let mah child ate boogs, whot'n hell is thot?"

She looked over her surroundings, ok, maybe the place wasn't perfect, but she'd opened her home in a gesture of kindness and friendship to that woman and had been dressed down and humiliated in front of her child... In front of her child... that was the part that hurt the worst. Losing Feyth as a friend, that hurt, sure, realizing she could never open herself up to anyone here ever again, that was worse, but basically being told that she was a terrible mother in front of Taylas, that was the worst. Aside from someone being torn from her life, this was the worst pain she could remember.

"Mebbe shay's raht though." Gallia said aloud without realizing it, "Mebbe Ah railey am a shite mum an' dunnae deserve Tay." Gallia rolled her eyes towards the ceiling, realizing that Feyth would now, in all likelihood, go to the Cardilles and tell them that she was a racist who fed her child bugs, she was probably going to lose custody now, "Thot's whot Ah get Ah guess."

She looked over again to the playpen where Tay had cried herself to sleep, moaning for Sedi to come back; An' Ah joost last mah daughter's only l'il friend, too. Gret job, ye doom bitch. She stopped for a second, wondering how else she would manage to ruin her daughter's life, standing up to look out the window into the stars.

"Ah cannae do this." Gallia concluded, "Ah shouldnae trahd, aither. Shoulda let Charles tek over when 'e wanted ta. Bayin' with meh, that sprog'll only know mis-ree." She would call Charles in the morning, he could take in Tay and raise her with his coming child, it would be best for everyone, maybe the Cardilles would leave them alone if it wasn't her.

"Kara'll probably lave meh far that bostard Lovejoy." She said to nobody, bringing more tears to her eyes as she realized that, but she wasn't going to cause Tay misery so she could keep a girlfriend, it wasn't fair to her...

She leaned into the playpen and kissed Tay's head, "Dinnae worry, mah love. Yer Auntie Vayanla's gonna be a bonny mum ta ye." You'll do better with her than with me, I'm apparently shite...



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