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Misery and Company

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 3:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Gallia Norris & Envoy Anje Brett

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Crow Bar- Port St. Lucie Florida, Earth
Timeline: During R&R

Shortly after leaving Sami at her family's deli, Gallia decided to find a nice place for a drink, remembering a place Anje had mentioned when they were rooming together on Cortic, "Whot was it shay called the place? It was the Bird Bar? Saygull Bar? Nay! Crow Bar! Thot's the place." Quickly consulting her PADD, she found the coordinates for the place and a convenient beam out point, seconds later she was walking into the 'World Famous' Crow Bar, her heels clicking on the wooden boardwalk below.

When the doors opened the place was a lot like what she'd expected, even if a little darker than Anje had described, "Sames nice enoof." She decided, walking inside and looking for a seat; or she was until her eyes fell on Anje, who looked to be knee deep in her second bottle of Vodka, "Anje, love, ye look a right mess." She said as she took a seat across from her friend in a dimly lit booth in the back of the place, "Whot in Hell hoppened, lass?"

"Oh, hi... Gallia." Anje greeted her friend, temporarily at a loss for her name, "You look pretty though, even if I'm a mess, I guess." She poured herself another drink, the second bottle was nearly gone and she was only feeling a slight buzz. She poured a drink for Gallia and slid it across the table, "Ya know what the... the worst problem about being part Vulcan is? It takes forever to get drunk. A full human would be passed out by now. A non-Russian human would be dead from this much vodka. Me? Barely buzzed."

"Any raison ye're sa pissed, Anje?" Gallia asked, she'd never seen Anje this way. Hell, she wasn't sure she could even imagine being this way.

"Oh, you know, got dumped again, gonna die alone, that ol' chestnut." Anje laughed, "Wha'bout you? What brings you to Crow Bar? Kara didn't dump you did she?"

"Nay, Kara didnae dump me." Gallia shook her head, "Jus' wanted a drink s'all. 'Ad ta go save Sami, family reunion gan' terrible wrong on 'er."

"Oh, that horrible brother of hers... Nicky? Dicky?" She struggled to remember, "Hey, you want a drink, let's have a drink." With that she poured even more Vodka into Gallia's glass and raised her own, "To relationships... family... the Titanic and other... disasters."

"Aye." Gallia nodded, lifting her glass, trying desperately not to spill the nearly overflowing vodka all over herself, taking a swig and remembering why she didn't really care for Vodka, especially not this brand that tasted like what would happen if good vodka did it with a can of paint thinner, "Ach! Tha's smooth."

"Right?" Anje giggled, "I knew you'd like it. Where's my little Blueberry, where's Tayalo...."

"Tayalas is at mah Ancestral Home, takin' a tar a the place since shay'll one day own it." Gallia replied, nursing the vodka and turning on her PADD, showing Anje a picture of Tayalas with a Highlands Calf, "Shay loves them big farries so mooch."

"She's adorbabul." Anje smiled, much drunker than she realized, "You're so lucky to have a child, Gallia, especially one that precious. And you had her young enough to get your body back."

"Aye, guess Ah got right lucky indade." Gallia agreed, now fully aware of what condition Anje was in, "Hey, here's an idea, why dinnae ye come wif us to the homestead far a cupola days?"

"Why don't we have another drink?" Anje offered, lifting the bottle to find to her dismay that it was empty, "Shit... I bet... better get another bottle, Gabrielle..."

"Ye know whot? Ah hard that bartender say thot he's flot outta that vodka." Gallia lied, she needed to get Anje out of there now, "So why dinnae we go find us a place thot has it?"

"Okay, good idea!" Anje agreed with alcohol fueled cheer, "That's a great idea..." She managed to get to her feet, realizing she was staring Gallia straight in the boobs and laughed, "May... maybe if I was tall and leggy like you I could finally keep one. I mean, who wants to screw a hobbit?"

"Ach, Anje, it isnae lock thot! Y'ar a beautiful garl ye own self." Gallia reassured her, "Here, lemme help ye wit yar hair, darlin'." Gallia said, tying Anje's hair out of the way of the inevitable rainbow wave that would no doubt debut itself soon as she led her out of the bar, "Aye, come on then, let's get ye home."

"Home?" Anje stopped, not that she was contributing much to the movement anyway, "I thought we were going to get another bottle because nobody wants to be with a tiny little hobbit.... filthy hobbitses...." Those would prove to be her last conscious words as her eyes slammed shut.

"Yar pretty head's goona hurt somethin' fierce when ye wake up, love." Gallia sighed, leading them both to the beam out point, vanishing in the blue wave back to Elysium, Sometimes friendship's hard.


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