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New Assignment

Posted on Sun Sep 1st, 2019 @ 7:51am by Ensign T'Kek

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Starfleet Academy; San Francisco; Earth

The dark-haired part vulcan, part human man tugged at his uniform jacket and sleeves. Around him were people celebrating and laughing at having finally completed Starfleet Medical Academy. The long days and nights of studying and undergoing countless simulations had finally paid off.

"T'Kek!" a blonde human woman's voice hollered excitedly as she rushed towards him with arms open.

She leaped into a hug as she squeezed T'Kek as tight as she could. "We did it! We're finally Starfleet doctors!"

T'Kek smiled at his close friend, Nina Litterest. "Yes, it's been a long journey," he confirmed.

"Did you receive your assignment yet?" Nina asked him as two more new graduates joined them--a male Andorian and a male Trill.

"No, not yet," T'Kek said as he turned and nodded at A'nar and Jorza as they joined them.

"I got the USS Mars," Jorza said disheartened.

"Ouch, that's a Miranda Class isn't it?" Nina asked.

Jorza simply nodded in return.

A'nar was more positive. "I've been assigned to the USS Asclepius, an Olympic Class Medical Vessel. At least I will have the chance to learn a lot."

"I got the USS Rabin, an Akira Class," Nina said, full of smiles.

A lieutenant commander wearing Medical Blue, holding a PaDD in his hand walked up to the group, looking at T'Kek. "Doctor T'Kek?"

"Yes sir," T'Kek replied as the rest of the group came to attention.

"I have your orders. I apologize for the delay--they just came through," the lieutenant commander said as he held out the PaDD.

"Thank you, sir," T'Kek replied as he accepted the PaDD and watched the lieutenant commander turn to leave.

"What does it say?" Nina asked excitedly as she watched T'Kek activate the PaDD.

T'Kek was silent for a moment, reading the orders over and over.

"What? Did you get a Miranda Class too?" Nina asked, snatching the PaDD out of T'Kek's hands. Her eyes widened as she read the order. "The Elysium? You got the Elysium?" she replied, dumbfounded.

"Ok, now I hate you," Jorza stated jokingly. "The Elysium Class is huge!"

"Compared to your ship, the Intrepid Class is huge," Nina laughed.

"Oh shove it, Nina!" Jorza shot back, causing T'Kek and the others to laugh.

"Come on! Let's go out and get some drinks before we head to our assignments tomorrow!" Nina offered.

"Sure, I'm in," T'Kek said.

"Yep, let's go," A'Nar agreed.

"Where should we go?" Jorza asked.

"How about The Saloon?" Nina offered.

"Well then, yee haw," T'Kek joked with a grin.

"Yee haw!" A'nar and Jorza replied in unison followed by laughter.


T'Kek moaned as he awoke, looking at the time on the chronometer on the nearby nightstand indicating it was 0700. Hangovers weren't as bad for Vulcans--even half Vulcans as it was with humans and most other species. Looking over, he saw the nude form of Nina Litterest lying next to him. "Great," he said as he sat up, needing to get dressed.

As he stood, Nina awoke and perched herself up on her elbow. "Leaving?"

"I must get my things together and report aboard the Elysium," T'Kek replied.

"Yeah...but what about us?" Nina asked. "Was this nothing?" she gestured to the bed they had shared.

"No, of course not. However with our separate duties, I feel it is best we remain friends," T'Kek said as he pulled his pants on.

"Really? Friends?" Nina questioned, disappointment present in her voice. "So I'm just another one of your girls," Nina said as she sat up. "You know, I stuck by you and all of your bullshit during the Academy, and in the end I'm really nothing but a piece of ass to you?"

"No! You are much more than that, Nina. But long distance relationships don't work--even in Starfleet," T'Kek said.

"Sure...just get your things and get out," Nina said.

T'Kek was unsure of what to say and simply slipped on his shoes, shirt, and his belongings and exited the room to be greeted by A'nar and Jorza in the hallway.

A'nar let out a sigh. "Don't worry T'Kek, she just needs time to cool off. You know how Nina is. So, are you heading for your assignment?"

T'Kek nodded. "Yeah. Live long and prosper," he said, giving the traditional Vulcan hand greeting.

"Yeah, yeah," A'nar said, chuckling. "You take care."

T'Kek nodded as he made his way down the hall and towards his new assignment.


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