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Getting Acquanited

Posted on Sun Sep 1st, 2019 @ 3:10am by Consul Imik S'Niohun & Commander Gary Taylor

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Gary's Ready Room
Timeline: Current

Gary sat in his office and looked at the PaDD once again. The Elysium was taking on an exchange officer, a female Onjas named Imik S'Niohun. A Lieutenant. All courtesy was to be extended to her. He sighed, rubbed his eyes and sat back in his chair. Onjas. He had heard Command had made contact and talks had started with the exchange of ideas and so it seemed officers. He waited for Lieutenant S'Niohun to arrive so he could meet her and talk about her actual duties as an exchange officer aboard the Elysium.

Imik stood outside the door of the Human Officer, so far she hadn't felt welcome here. She could feel some unrest within certain members of the crew, she knew of species 8472 and their impact on the Federation. It would appear the fact she resembled that species now made her dangerous in peoples eye's, as she had done nothing to warrant this fear it confused her. She now pressed the chime on the door and waited, as she did so she checked and rechecked her uniform. The dark navy blue jacket edged in silver showed her rank on it's shoulder boards, while the skirt with it's light green edging should her arm of service.

Hearing the door chime, Gary rose and stood behind his desk. "Enter" He said and waited to see who enter his office though he already knew.

Walking forward the doors opened and a Human stood behind a desk, *Why did this species like desks?*. She came to a halt in front of the desk and handed her PADD to the Human, "Kie-Rathshu Imik S'Niohun reporting". Imik spoke with a slight accent, she had listened to the Federation Envoy Sachzny. And without knowing, picked up her accent. She now checked herself as she went to reach out and touch the Humans mind, then remembered that it was forbidden.

"Please Lieutenant, have a seat may I get you anything?" Gary asked. "I was just reading Jonathan Grayson's report. he's First Officer on the Washington. Seems a Lt. Commander Sachzny serves as it's second officer. Jon's report is glowing in regard to Sachzny even if at times he says she is quite vexing. He considers her a good and close friend. He said he's introduced her to vanilla milkshakes which she loves. Would you like to try one?" Gary didn't add that Jon said that he and Sachzny shared a mental connection and he had first found it irritating but now he had come to like it.

Imik now looked at this Human, "Sachzny left us many directions to follow, milkshakes were not among them. And if you please, I would wish to remain standing". She watched Taylor closely, why would this Human talk so fondly of Sachzny? Imik had never met her, only seen and heard Holo images of her. "I am not Sachzny Commander, unlike her I had to fight in the war. Our fighters took the war to our enemies, my squadron fought many battles and we lost good friends". She now bit back the rest of her words, if only she could touch his mind find out how he really thought and felt.

" Of course, if makes you feel more comfortable.Which doesn't change the question of would you like one? War is a terrible thing Lieutenant. I am sorry for you loss of good friends." He decided to take a chance. "Jon that is Commander Grayson mentioned he and Sachzny shared a link, a mental connection. Where she could read his thoughts. Would you like to read my thoughts, see that I am sincere in welcoming you here?"

Gary's reaction caught Imik by surprise, "It has been found that a connection with another species, could prove dangerous if not fatal for the non Ojnas partner". She now looked fully at Gary, "We have been forbidden to make such a connection, your Federation placed certain conditions upon us. But if you permitted me to touch your mind, not create a link. Then we may move beyond this uncertainty, but be aware you will have a headache once I remove my touch". She began to unbutton her jacket, the light blue blouse underneath already creased by the jacket. "I await your choice in this matter Commander? Please choose wisely".

"Thank you for explaining the risks Lieutenant. As for having a headache, it is a small price to pay if it paves the way for understanding between us. I do not wish there to be any uncertainty between us. I wish you to see for yourself that I am being sincere in welcoming you here. You have my permission to touch my mind. See my thoughts and my sincerity. Please begin."

She moved forward and placed her hands lightly on Gary's forehead, she now gently push into his thoughts. *You are open Commander, that is good. And you are honest in your welcome, that to is good. Thank you for this touch, I will leave you now. Before a link can form, as this is forbidden*. She lifted her hands from Gary's head, "Are you well Commander? Or shall I call a Medically trained person?"

He shook his head, he had a headache but it was manageable. "No, no thank you Lieutenant. I am fine and you are welcome. I can see why Jon thinks so highly of Commander Sachzny. I hope we can be friends and in time have the same strength of relationship that Sachzny and Jon have." he smiled at her, "When you get a chance, try a vanilla milkshake. I think you will like it."

Imik now smiled, "I thankyou for trusting me Commander, Sachzny has told us of certain Humans that will do so. But she also warned us of being linked to species 8472, and I fear some here in this place are already doing so". She replaced her jacket and looked at Gary, "If you read those reports, then you should know how to correctly address me. We Ojnas have our way's Commander, but we are learning to bury them until those around us tell us to display them". She placed a finger on Gary's head between his eye's, "It is not a link, only a fleeting chance to help you read my mind. And allow me to know how you wish me to address you".

"Of course Imik." He had read Jon's report and how unique Sachzny was and it seemed Imik was cut from the same cloth. "Give the others time. They will come around." He assured her. His eyes closed as her finger rested between his eyes. he saw her uncertainty but also her fierce determination to make the exchange work. *You may call me Gary when we're alone or in social functions. On the bridge I think it only right to address me by my rank unless you really want to get my attention, then use my name.* He thought.

She stepped back and bowed, "I am honoured that you give me the privilege, and I will show you the respect your rank holds. I hope we can become friends, Sachzny has always held a special place in my heart. I wish to follow in her footsteps, help me do so Gary". She slowly rose to face him, she had used his name as he had used hers. Was this Human able to trust an Ojnas that far?

He rose and bowed in return "The privilege is mine Imik. Nothing would please me more than for us to be friends."

A wide grin now appeared on Imik's face, "I was afraid this exchange would not work, but this meeting gives me hope. Now I must meet the Sinkahue, and give her due Honour". She stopped and corrected herself, "I am sorry, I mean the Captain".

"It gives me hope as well Imik." Gary replied honestly.

Commander Gary Taylor
Executive Officer
USS Elysium.

Kie-Rathshu Imik S'Niohun
Ojnas Exchange Officer
USS Elysium


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