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The Old Poke and Prod

Posted on Sat Sep 8th, 2018 @ 1:56pm by Lieutenant Gallia Norris & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Sickbay

Unlike most officers Gallia didn't mind going to sickbay for her physical, it was never any trouble really and it was on the clock so it usually amounted to about an hour off shift; frankly she couldn't understand why others avoided it so. She pushed through the double doors, hoping it was that pretty blonde from when the crap had hit the fan earlier. Don't know about that, she thought, Sthilg didn't sound like the name she'd given, Hertz or something maybe? Not seeing anyone at the moment she spoke up, "Doctor, Ens. Norris, I'm here for my physical." She looked around for a second, not sure if she'd been heard or not, "Guess I'll find out directly."

The sound of a large reptile walking filled the entrance hall as Sthilg stepped through the doors. " Hello there you must be Gallia Norrisss. Here for you're physssical?" The gorn asked the human female politely.

"Yes, sir." Gallia nodded, not at all alarmed by the sight of a very large Gorn in front of her. Her father's top assistant, Bossk, had been a Gorn and they were very close right up until the day Bossk had died trying to save her mother in the explosion at Utopia Planetia.

"Well if you'll just follow me we'll get thisss over and done with. " The gorn said as he lead the way into one of the wards. He gently patted one of the biobeds that he wanted the human to use.

"Right behind you, Doc." Gallia said with a smile, this Doctor reminded her a little of Bossk, though she doubted he was anywhere near as brave, though, who was? She pushed the thought of her dead family, Bossk was family, from her mind and took a seat on the biobed as instructed, "So, where do ya wanna begin, Sir?"

" Jussst take a ssseat and....." The gorn began before a very nasty noise filled the room. A scowl spread over the gorn's face as he looked at his right arm. " Apologiesss give me a moment," he said to the woman as he rolled up the sleeve of his uniform. Tapping part of his arm a small panel opened up with the gorn began to fiddle with. The noise soon ended to which the gorn gave a sense of relief. " Sssorry about that. My sssouvenier from the dominion war. I'm needing to get it look at. " He said as he rolled down his sleeve and moved his fingers slightly making sure it was all working.

"Would ya like me ta give it the once over when we're done, Doc?" Gallia offered, "One good turn and all that?"

" If you wouldn't mind. It's a mixture of bren and Klingon parts put together in a hurry. Ssstill jussst take a ssseat and I'll ssstart the ssscaner. " The gorn said as he booted up the computer.

"That's good." Gallia smiled, "I love workin' on other people's tech. Some of the most fun I ever had was when Chief O'Brien gave us all broken Cardassian equipment to fix in the Academy. Oh, we spent hours goin' over it and over it until we were able to fix it. But, in the end, we had workin' Cardassian replicators to show for our efforts. Must be kinda what it feels like for you to fix a broken person, I guess."

" Indeed it isss. I've lossst track of how many people I've helped fix up and how many new lives I've brought into this world." Sthilg repsonded with a smile over his face as he started the computer scan.

"Aye, birth." Galllia smiled softly; in spite of the circumstances Tayalas' birth had been a soul saving experience for her, " 'Tis a beautiful thing indeed. My niece... my daughter, her birth probably saved my life."

" I noticed you have an andorian listed as your adopted daughter. If you need to bring her in jussst let me know. Despite my size two of my medical degreesss are in Pediatrics and Pediatric sssurgery. " The gorn said pride showing in his reptilian voice.

"That would be wonderful." Gallia smiled, "She's my sister's child, we were raised around Gorns, especially one named Bossk. He was me father's best friend, we called him Uncle, he gave his life tryin' ta save our mother..." She didn't know why she was opening up to this man she barely knew so much, maybe it was because he reminded her so much of Bossk, one way or another, she felt safe speaking to him about these things and it was something of a relief.

" it's been a long time sssince I've been around other gorn. Even when i was in the KDF most of the gorn mercsss avoided me. Apparently they though i was mad due to my large book collection. It'sss a pity i never got to meet Bossssssk. I hope the ancestors have guided him to the hunting ground. Sss'Yahazah would welcome him with open armsss. " The gorn replied his voice tone dipping slightly. It had been a long time since he'd thought of S'Yahazah and the hunting grounds.

"He used to speak of the hunting grounds to us." Gallia remembered happily, "S'Yahazah, too. It sounded so beautiful, told him I wished I could go there when I passed. He told me, 'I'll go first, Gallia, and get you in as long as you promise not to rush there.' He didn't have many family left, and none close, but he had us. Far as we were concerned, Uncle Bossk was my dad's brother, he was a Norris. Ya know, ya look like him a bit. Smaller, but not much."

" I just hope the great egg layer welcomesss me into the hunting ground when I finally passss from this realm. I hope the one hundred and twenty fiv.. sssix I've helped into thisss world will pleassse her. " Sthilg replied thinking of the one he had failed. The one he could never forget. He was brought out of his memories by the beeping from the computer.

"I'm sure she will." Gallia smiled, the more the Doctor talked, the more like Bossk he seemed, "A hundred and twenty six, that's a robust number even by engineering standards, you're right to be proud." The beeping of the computer caught her attention, "Well, hopin' that's a good beep there. That or I'm done on this side and need turnin' over."

" No it's jussst the ssscanner indicating it's ended. " The gorn said as he looked over the results. " It looksss like you're perfectly fine to be cleared for duty."

"Well, that's good news!" Gallia said happily, jumping off the biobed, "Doctor, if it's not too bold, please know you're welcome any time you'd like to stop by and regale the baby and I with some old Gorn stories, especially if you like Scottish food."

" That would be lovely my dear. Though in this job that may be a while. If it's not a cut or a break here it'sss a ...." The gorn began before a loud alarm went off. " Sssorry my dear have to go. Incoming casualtiesss." The doctor said as he hurried off his work calling.

"Aye." She nodded, knowing that if the doctor was busy it wouldn't be too long before engineering was as well.



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