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Below Decks: Tree Surgeon

Posted on Thu Aug 22nd, 2019 @ 9:41am by Crewman Samantha Justice & Lieutenant Tallia Strode MD

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: during the course

Sami had helped Dr. Strode into her harnesses and safety gear, "Okay, ready to go, Doc?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah, go, sure." Tallia replied; the truth was she was terrified and somewhat thankful that Sami had apparently tied her harnesses too tight to allow her to pee her pants, ~That'll save some embarrassment...~

"It'll be okay, Doc." Sami reminded her, "The safety protocols are still on. No matter how far we fall, we can't fall to our deaths. Worst case scenario is we land on our asses from about two feet."

"That is not as comforting as you might expect." Tallia laughed nervously, "But thanks for trying."

"Doc," Sami began, taking Tallia's trembling hand, "I'm not going to let you fall. I promise. You're totally safe with me."

Tallia simply nodded and smiled, figuring with all of Crewman Justice's muscles she could keep her from eating durasteel, ~Or we could skip this and I could make doughnuts...~

"Okay, ready?" Sami asked as she began her ascent, pulling the doctor's rope as she did; she'd already figured out it was going to be the only way to get Tallia to make like Tarzan.

"Yeah, sure." Tallia falsely boasted, locking up when she saw that she was already in motion, "Uh, Miss Justice...."

"Too late to turn back now, Doc." Sami shook her head, "Though you might want to start helping out a little before I get too worn down."

Down. Down was what she wanted, or rather where she had wanted to stay. At this height though, down had a terrifyingly sinister air to it, "No, don't want that. No down." Tallia shook her head so hard her ponytail came loose, a few strands flying into Sami's face. She turned to Sami and sheepishly said, "Sorry."

"No worries." Sami shrugged, "It's great hair." She noticed with a smile that the doctor had now become an active participant in the game and was going along at a good clip, ~Fear is a great motivator.~

"Umm, thanks." Tallia said before screwing up royally by looking down, "Oh, shit!"

"It's okay, Doc." Sami reassured her, pulling her a few feet closer to the top, "You're fine."

"Right. Fine." Tallia cosigned, even if she didn't believe it, trying to blow her hair out of her face and failing, "Crap..."

"Not an issue I have." Sami laughed, seeing the doctor trying to blow her hair out of her face like a cartoon quail was almost too much.

"Yeah, huh?" Tallia forced herself to laugh, unconsciously working the ropes to propel herself towards the top, "Me and my great hair."

Sami snickered, then apologized, "Sorry, Doc."

"It's okay." Tallia sighed, not realizing her next pull would bring her to the top, "Just one of those instances where I wish I could pull off your look."

"I suppose there are worse looks to emulate." Sami stated, pulling herself onto the platform and lowering a hand for Tallia.

"Ugh, no." Tallia shook her head, "Tried it when I was fifteen: me, Anje, and Tina Vincenso. They looked like models, I looked like a little fat boy... So gross."

"Really? Have a hard time picturing you looking like a boy, doc." Sami shrugged, "Harder still picturing Commander Brett with short hair."

"She looked so beautiful." Tallia gushed, "Kept it that way for years. Of course, she's basically perfect and..." Tallia froze, now realizing that, while distracted, Sami had helped her onto the platform, "Oh, my God! I'm here! I made it!"

"That's right, Doctor Great Hair, you made it." Sami smiled, "Congratulations."

"I can't believe it, I made it!!!" Tallia crowed happily, embracing the beautiful engineer tightly, "I actually made it! I didn't die!"

"Yeah, you made it." Sami smiled, turning her partner to the next challenge, "Now for the rope bridge."

"Crap." Tallia sighed, she might not have survived this day after all.


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