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Psych Evals? Really?

Posted on Thu Aug 15th, 2019 @ 11:41am by Envoy Anje Brett & Lieutenant Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Savar's Office

Anje reported to Lt. Savar's office as instructed, though she was more than a little annoyed that the new Chief Counselor was being such a hardass about psych evals; she really didn't have the time for any of this right now. She walked in and sat on the couch, "Lt. Savar, I'm here for my psych." She sighed, really wanting to get this over with. It wasn't anything against Savar, she only briefly met him on Cortic but he seemed to be a decent person, she was just far too busy to have her brain poked right now...

"Commander Brett, thank you for coming so quickly." He replied as he picked up a PaDD. "I have some questions for you Commander. Are you ready for us to proceed?"

"Ummm, yeah, sure." Anje answered, truth was she was ready for this to be over with, "Where do you want to begin?"

"Patience, Commander." Savar intoned softly. "First have you had any trouble sleeping, Loss of appetite, mood swings , trouble concentrating?"

"Nope." Anje shrugged, then paused, "Well, I did recently lose a relationship, which I think will keep me from ever being able to be friends with another officer here, so that sucks."

Savar made a note on his PaDD. "I see. Do you wish to discuss your feelings both in the loss of the relationship as well as loss of friendship?"

"Oh, geez, it was one of those things that could've only happened to me." Anje began, now lying on her back on the couch, "It started in the gym...." With that she went into the story about how she thought she'd picked up Liselle, but Liselle was Merella, and now Merella was gone and she couldn't even attempt to speak to Liselle because it was awkward because now Liselle knew about Anje's feelings for her, "And the worst part is I can't really look her in the eye because now I know what she looks like naked..."

Savar listened intently as Anje told her story of mistaking Merella for Liselle and now feeling as she couldn't talk to Liselle for Liselle knew of Anje's feelings for her. After a moment he spoke. "I believe you are proceeding from a false assumption Commander. It would be best for you and Commander Qwyyn that you clear the air so to speak. Commander Qwyyn is not her sister and the feelings you had are for her sister not her. As for not looking her in the eye because you saw her twin naked, you are building the situation up, making more out of it then need be. Do not mention it or mention it in passing and move on."

"Problem is what if my feelings were for Liselle originally?" Anje asked, "I mean, I admit that there's always been an attraction, who wouldn't be? But then I fell for her so hard I didn't even care when I found out Liselle was Merella, then she left with that... douche freighter Taam Sor'el. I've never liked that guy. Guess I've got reason now other than how he walked around like he was God's gift to women of all species. Okay, yes, we get it, Magnum PU, you're hot. Now piss off and get your own women instead of stealing my girlfriend... Ass."

"You have just identified the problem Commander your own feelings were so intense. I believe the Terran term is head over heels for who you thought was Commander Qwyyn only to find out it was her sister. That when you found out you were understandably upset. Now the question before you is what are you going to do now?"

"What can I do?" She sighed, "I mean, Merella left with that jackass and she's gone for good now. Nothing I can do."

Savar put his PaDD aside. "Lieutenant do all Russians give up as easily as you do? if they did I believe the outcome of World War II would have been vastly different. You can move forward. Yes Merella is gone but there is love out there for you. You simply have to look and open your heart."

"While that might be true, Stalingrad and Berlin were a couple years apart." Anje reasoned, "All I've given up on is Merella. She's got too much to lose to stay here with me. It was hard, but I feel like I did the right thing for the woman I love. The fact I feel like I did the right thing doesn't make it hurt any less."

"Commander life is not easy nor is it fair. However it does offer endless opportunities to grow and try again. How we react to adversity defines one's character would you not agree?" Savar asked pointedly.

He was starting to get on her nerves, something few people here had managed to do, but she wouldn't show it because he wasn't trying to be a pain in the ass, "I do agree. And how I'm reacting to the adversity here is a little bit of self care and recovery time."

He nodded in agreement. "Yes. That is a start. I would also recommend a hobby or craft to immerse yourself in Commander."

"I already have those." Anje smiled, "I draw, paint, love to paint. Whole family does."

"Excellent Commander. My concerns is that you not shut yourself off from others or any opportunities that may come along no matter how unexpected." Savar answered coolly.

"Did that before." Anje replied, referencing her breakup with Cheline, "Found out I didn't like it, so I stopped."

"Very commendable Commander." Savar replied as he made another note on his PaDD. "I believe you are taking the right steps in your personal life. Remember not to isolate yourself. Continue to do what you are doing or perhaps find new activities that allow you to meet and mingle with more people."

"Well, I've got a tight group of friends here." Anje said, they were definitely tight, "And my little sister has just started the Academy here, one of my best friends just transferred to our medical department, I've definitely got a support system."

"Very good Commander. Be sure to avail yourself of it if the need should arise." He suggested.

"This is sort of a mandatory support system." Anje giggled, "If I don't avail myself of them, they do it for me."

"Much better," Savar observed, made another note on his PaDD. "I believe we are finished Commander. Thank you for both your time and openness. See you in a year."

"Thanks." Anje smiled, standing to leave, "Tell you what, a year is too long. Make it twelve months."

A very unVulcan smile came to his face. "Agreed 12 months."



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